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Does anyone have any studies or information on the long term consequences of htpa shut down from trt ?

Over the years on the forums we do hear of people becoming more depressed or lack of joy in activity's and such. Do we know if that's from the suppression of up stream hormones effecting neurotransmitters or can it be many men use too much t and keep levels too high?  Any info would be great thanks

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Pituitary microadenoma
« on: February 10, 2019, 08:39:04 pm »

Hey guys itís really hard to find any clear answers about micro adenomas online. I have a 3mm microadenoma on my adenohypophysis. It also says my pituitary is of normal size and contour. Could that be causing low hormones since that is the part of the pituitary that controls lh-fsh-tsh-atch. Or would only macro adenomas cause low hormones.?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Tinnitus on trt
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:01:35 am »
Since starting trt I noticed minor tinnitus. Itís slowly getting worse. I read that low thyroid can cause tinnitus. I have really good thyroid numbers however I have low body temp and cold hands and feet. I know trt can mess with thyroid to some degree in some men but my numbers really look good. Can this all be related.

I have a question. I always get the same free t test from quest but when I was natural with lower free t. What would be considered optimal on thiis test for. 35 year old male

The one I was lower on was 35-155pg/ml I was 56 with no trt
And the ones when on trt are 46-224pg/ml

Just curious what optimal would be on first test.

Hey guys Iím just curious if these numbers are of any concern

Total iron 70. Range 50-180mcg/dL
Iron binding capacity 313 range 250-425mcg/dL
Saturation 22% range 15-60%

Ferritin 65 range 20-345ng/ml

Hemoglobin 15. Range 13.2-17.1
Rbc 5.22 range 4.20-5.80
Hematocrit 44.5 range 38-50.

Also about a month before this test my ferritin was 75
Back in 2011 was the last time I even tested it it was 169

Do you guys think this could cause any symptoms ? Thanks

Iím injecting 20units/40mg sub q into my belly fat. Iíve used 29x1/2 and 25x1/2 my last few injections and oil keeps coming back out after I inject. I inject slow and last one even tried holding needle in longer after. Anyone else have this ?

Iím 8 weeks into trt. It having major pain in my elbows with playing hockey. It doesnít happen right away about half way through the game it starts and then kills me till I wake up the next morning and itís completly gone. It feels like tendon pain and swollen. But itís not swollen. And doesnít hurt anymore or any less from moving it they just feel like full and tendon like pain. Never had this in my life. I did notice all the sudden I am having burning nipples so maybe itís e2 related but itís annoying. Last set of labs my e2 came back high but at the time I wasnít having any symptoms of high e. I get labs in a couple weeks again to see whatís going on.

My question is how good is it to be on trt long term if one has trouble backfilling with hcg,preg,DHEA or any other hormones we lose from the shutdown.

 I know for me in the past trt has lowered my cortisol and itís starting to feel like itís happening again. Iím only 6 weeks in but Iím starting to get intermittent fatigue,tight muscles and tons of muscle twitching. Symptoms I used to have a lot back when my cortisol was real bad. Iím waiting on blood work and hoping that itís not cortisol. But we shall see

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Muscle twitching.
« on: November 06, 2017, 12:17:12 pm »
Hey guys. Since starting trt again Iíve noticed a lot of muscle twitching. They are small twitches and they are all over the body. The most annoying ones are in eye lids and my lips. Back when I did trt 5 years ago according to blood work and saliva testing trt lowered cortisol or so I belive. Now looking back at labs I also noticed my potassium and sodium are lower while on trt vs not. Iím wondering if itís causing low aldosterone also. In the past I have tried Florinef and hc At  separate times  and neither did much for my symptoms. My bp off trt and on lexapro it was perfect 120/80. So far on trt and off lexapro Im like 110/75. I looked up some of the symptoms of low aldosterone and I do have  quite a few  of them. I also noticed some of the out right ones like teeth indentation on the sides of the tongue. And pupil fluctuation. Any of you guys have similar isssues. And how can we combat this.  These are the things that discourage me about trt. For me personally it seems like any medical intervention only adds to my list of symptoms. Rather then shorten it

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / trouble posting labs
« on: January 22, 2016, 01:30:49 am »
hey guys im new here. im having trouble with posting my labs.I tried using the attachment button.I have labs on PDF file but i tried to upload as an image. im really bad with computers and i just got a mac and having trouble figuring it out

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