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Have there been any recent updates on this and if the Gel is available?

I have some of this in the sub lingual spray form, I may experiment.


Been on Clomid protocol for about 6 weeks taking 25mg eod and modified by taking an AI Anastrozole at 0.25 mg twice a week and cabergoline at 0.125 mg twice a week.

Total T 11.9 nmol/L Ref Range 9-38
Free T ( measured) 366 pmol/L RR 250 to 800
SHBG 13 nmol/L RR 9-60
Calculated Free T 0.412 nmol/L or 3.46 %
Calculated Bio Available T 8.15 nmol/L or 68.4%

FSH 4.7 IU/L RR 2.0- 12.00
LH 6.8 IU/L RR 2.0- 9.0
Prolactin (Roche Method) 110 mIU/L RR 90-400
Albumin 36 g/L RR 32-48

Some good results though the Total T could be higher especially with that SHBG
The addition of the AI and the cabergoline have made a significant difference to mood and other performance criteria though nocturnal erections and libido are very low.

Not bothering to do a sperm count check at this point as the Testes are now massive and previous tests on 1/2 the Clomid protocol have demonstrated upper range and over range with excellent morphology, motility etc.

The above results suggest I can cut back on the cabergoline a little

Just got lab results back for a Prolactin test, dont know why I have never checked it before  :(

392 mIU/L Range 90-400

Could well explain persistent low libido and ED issues.

What should I use to get this lowered?

I have noted over the last few weeks of intermittent use of Melatonin seems to have a strong effect on nighttime erections.
Most notably for me the dosage seem best at 1mg taken before bed with effects starting to occur at around 1.5 hours but lasting up to 4 or more hours. Possibly should take it earlier to see if effects are at a more useful time.
Currently my T levels are mid range but erections and especially night time erections are few and far between, melatonin in my case seems to be having a positive effect in addressing this issue, one that many on TRT experience.

Reading thru the studies that trialled sublingual application I see that the dosages could be as low a 3 mg for an efficacious result when in a sublingual formulation.

The thought occurs to me that as I have 50 or 60 100 mg pills that if I divide them (1/8th or smaller) to suitably small sizes and use sublingually that the cost per application would drop dramatically.

Any one tried this?

Been thinking I might delve into multi vitamins tablets remembering Peaks often stated advice that a good multi vitamin never goes astray.

Looking into whats available there seems to be huge variety of brands and formulations so I want to stand on the shoulders of others and seek the collective wisdom of the forum to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

Currently I take D3 5000 iu and B complex 50 mg plus magnesium daily but nothing much in the minerals and trace elements other than the occasional zinc.

So what works for you and is affordable?

Hi just received my Sustanon 250 but it comes in glass sealed ampoules rather than rubber sealed tops, any suggestions on how to proceed in use with a divided dose schedule?

May change to injections, I have very low SHBG . My choice of T will be Sustanon 250 quiche has a long half life.
Whats a sensible start dose and frequency ?

Came across this video from a friend who had suffered a skin melanoma which they cured using this medication.

I know this sounds like a click bait topic but it does have a lot of elements that many of us guys go thru when we deal with the established medical and Pharmacological organisations of today.
Ignoring all the conspiracy theory stuff its still a damned good video.


Currently I am using an AI but quartering the pills is quite imprecise and the resulting approx 0.25 mg dose is still too high so I am thinking to try dissolving a 1mg pill into a 10 ML syringe filled with Vodka oran appropriate alcohol.

My one concern is that the resultant preparation might suffer from reduced efficacy due to the common effect of pickling that can occur to organic compounds dissolved in alcohol.

Looks like I may have jumped the gun on this as a little more research tells me I need to couple this with alpha-lipoic acid  ALC + ALA, oh well will give it a go for a week whilst I wait for the ALA to arrive.

Any one have experience with these 2? and the best ratio to use for them?

After being on Compounded T cream for a about 2 years I am switching to Clomid.

In the last 3 months I had noticed that my Cream protocol was starting to fail significantly in a number of areas, notably I put on almost 10 pounds in the belly for no apparent reason, my elbow joints were becoming sore and nightly or morning erections pretty much evaporated. I suspect androgen receptor overload or lack of sensitivity.

So about a week and a half ago I stopped the cream, after a week of being off it I started Clomid, in the last 4 days I have dropped 4 pounds and my joints are no longer as sore, still feeling fairly dead down below after stopping the cream and my libido is very very low but I feel mentally fine, in fact improved as I had been feeling a little irritable the last month or 2.

Will see if I can continue the Clomid for a month ( 2 would be better) then get some blood tests done and Fertility, hopefully The extreme headaches I had got previously on Clomid wont reappear like last time.

My dose is 12.5mg for every day of the week that has a T in it. (Tue, Thur, Sat).

Will see how it all goes.

Another reason for the change is that I have been on CPAP for the last 6 months or more and I want to see if this has provided any benefit to the HPTA loop, though pretty sure thats a pipe dream  but what the hey nothing ventured nothing gained and if fertility returns it maybe a new baby next year as well.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / D3 observations
« on: August 02, 2018, 03:58:30 pm »
Have been on D3 supplements for about 2 and a half years now. With my D3 I also take B complex at 50mg daily.

Ran out of D3 last week, for the first day all was normal but by the second day I noticed my urine was a bright green in the first hours after taking the B complex as the days wore on the bright green was no longer confined to the first few hours but pretty much throughout the entire day. Normally this is considered a common indicator that the excess Vit B is being excreted.

When I first started D3 (5000 iu daily) and B complex I noted that my urine was bright green for the first few hours after taking my D3 B complex in the morning but as the day wore on it returned to normal. After a few months of usage this phenomenon stopped ie I was no longer excreting the excess vit B and conversely take the conclusion that my body was now completely using all the B complex, a very good sign that body is deriving benefits from the B complex.

I find all this very interesting especially in relation to the debate as to the efficacy of D3 supplementation that goes on, to me this is a very good example that D3 is providing me with a very real bodily benefit that would not be there if I didn't take the D3. YMMV.

I must say in conclusion that taking this combo has given me more feeling of vitality and a much happier outlook on life.

Cant see this happening in a hurry unless the drug companies can cripple the efficacy in some way....am I being too cynical :) all those Billions lost from their bottom line,,,,,


but it also is a door for other difficult cures as well.

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