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This is more of a rant than anything else but allow me to take you on my 6 year long journey thru hell with trt.

6 years ago I ended up having low T which I'm pretty sure was the result of taking dhea for several months (which actually helped me by the way) then quitting it cold turkey. The first 3 months being on TRT was like magic. I literally felt like I was 18 again. I lost 25 lbs not even trying, had a hint of a six pack, had energy like crazy, horny like a teenager and my dick would stand straight up if the wind blew. But sadly that came to an abrupt halt just 3 months into it and I have felt like complete garbage ever since.

This is what trt has done to my body so far, besides the usual feeling like a complete pile of shit that has laid out in the sun, dried out, been trampled on then sucked up by a lawnmower and shot across the yard. It started with high BP around 150/100. Mind you my BP was ALWAYS 120/70 no matter what until trt came along. That started 3 months into it, possibly sooner but this is when the nurse first checked it the day I went in for a shot and told her trt was no longer working. I started having depression and extreme anger at this point.

It took two months to get in to see an endocrinologist which ended up being a huge waste of time. He took me off of trt for 2 months to check my LH and FSH levels. At the end of that two months they were high......well duh. My brain was screaming at my balls to make T but they wouldn't cooperate. My T was a whooping 370 2 months off of T. By this time I had already gained all of the weight that I had lost plus some, I had zero energy, zero ambition, zero libido and had no interest in anything. I'm still at that point right now 6 years later. I finally talked the endo into letting me do the shots myself (he wasn't even going to put me back on T even with a T level of 370) and started doing them every other day and the anger and depression subsided. This was due to high E. If my e gets above 30 it gets very very bad for me in multiple ways.

About a month into being back on T I started having severe heart palpitations, they just showed up out of the blue one day. I'm talking about all day long, 24/7 my heart felt like it would pound out of my chest. After a meal it would get even worse. For 2 hours after a meal my heart rate would be 120+ while I was kicked backed in the recliner and would pound even harder. I dealt with this for probably 2+ years then all of the sudden it fixed itself. I never did figure out what caused it. I still have minor palps from time to time but nothing like it use to be. About this same time my feet started burning like the pits of hell 24/7. You talk about misery, that will cause it. I was to the point that I thought I had become a bad diabetic so I started keeping a check on my sugar level. Guess what? It was just fine. Fasting glucose was just a tad high and after a meal I never saw it go above 140 so yeah, no diabetes wasn't causing it. Several months later, just like with the heart palpitations, the burning feet just disappeared. I have no clue.

After I got fed up with the endo because he was a complete moron I started doing my own labs and noticed that my sodium had jumped 6-8 numbers from pre trt levels, my CO2 had dropped 6-8 numbers and my potassium had went up. So I began a 3 year long journey on researching kidneys and acidosis trying multiple things along the way to get my kidneys back to normal. Nothing helped. I pee maybe twice a day now and I retain water like a woman on her period. I wake up every morning with my hands and feet swollen so bad that some times I can barely close my fist. Gee, I wonder why my BP is so much higher? I'll get back to the kidneys in a minute.

Somewhere along the way I started feeling extremely bloated 24/7 to the point where if I eat just a sandwich I feel like I have eaten a huge Thanksgiving meal. It is absolutely miserable. By the way, I have no appetite anymore. I eat because I know I have to. I use to love food but now I crave nothing. I eat a small breakfast and then supper later at night and my stomach never growls and I don't crave food but I always feel completely full. Misery.

What's next? Let's see, as I mentioned I get no enjoyment from anything, I don't want to do anything and if I could sleep 24/7 I would. I have to force myself to do my daily chores much less work on any hobbies. I don't enjoy them anymore which is the complete opposite of what I use to be. I was always planning, thinking about or working on some project, I lived for my projects and hobbies. I couldn't care less about any of them now. Oh yeah, almost forgot, I haven't had sex since I've been on TRT, that's 6 years, and you know what? I don't care. I have absolutely no desire for a woman and that is the weirdest feeling considering I use to be horny 24/7, literally.

We can't forget the fact that I had to give blood every 2 months because trt caused my hematocrit and hemoglobin to go high. I was actually told by one doctor that trt doesn't cause that.  ;D That's weird because every time I've come off trt they both would drop back to normal.

Oh I forgot another thing, I developed a thyroid nodule that was discovered 3 months into trt by the idiot endo. That's about the only thing he accomplished was finding that. My thyroid levels are where they were pre trt but the nodule is big enough that the otolaryngologist says that it's over the size that he would normally remove BOTH sides of my thyroid. I said unless you can prove it's cancerous HELL NO. I've got enough trouble with what trt has done to my body much less having to regulate thyroid along with it.

A year and a half ago I discovered that I have "sleep apnea". Now this is where things get interesting. I live alone so I have no one to tell me if I actually quit breathing so I set up a camera and recorded myself sleeping for about 2 months. I would also wear a pulse oximeter that records, I would look at the data and see where my o2 would drop, then I'd go to the video and see if I had in fact quit breathing. Nope, didn't quit breathing, no snoring, no struggling to breathe either. Here's what's going on with that, for whatever reason I have become an extremely shallow breather. My o2 levels whilst awake and moving are usually 95-97. If I sit down it will drop to 92-94. When I lay down, not even about to go to sleep, it will drop to 90, sometimes 89 and that's when I'm wide awake. While I'm sleeping it will hover around 91-92 but then dip into the 80's ever so often. Ever since I discovered this I've paid attention to my breathing and I breathe very very shallow most of the time. I can take a "normal" breath and my o2 jumps to 99+. I have a theory about this and here it is, remember my CO2 has dropped 6-8 numbers? Well from what I have gathered from research is that CO2 levels control your breathing rate. If your co2 is high you will breath more rapidly and deeper trying to blow off the co2. So I figure since my co2 is low I am breathing less and shallower therefore I have "sleep apnea", but not from obstruction. I also have a touch of central sleep apnea because sometimes as I am falling asleep I wake up and take a huge breath because I am just not even attempting to breathe. Never before have I ever had that happen until trt. Ain't it wonderful???

Did I mention my eyesight? Part of that could be my age, I am 47, but I do know that when I'm on T it gets a lot worse. Driving at night I see three road signs instead of one and looking at my phone for more than ten minutes makes my left eye watery and they both start getting goop in them and I have to lay the phone down for awhile.

Next, about 14 months ago I decided I was done with trt so I quit the t shots altogether. About 5 days later out of the blue just like with the heart palps and burning feet I all of the sudden acquired asthma. I'm not talking about an asthma attack every once in awhile. This stays with me all day and all night. It feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest or somebody has me in a bear hug all of the time. I thought maybe low T was causing it so I got back on T a few months later and stayed on it for 2-3 months with no change to the asthma. I still have it severely to this day. Primatene mist inhalers do nothing, albuterol inhalers do nothing. The only relief I get is from mucinex nasal spray with oxymetazoline in it (yes a nasal spray will make my asthma vanish for a few hours and it feels wonderful) or a double dose of diphenhydramine and sometimes nyquil. Of course those two knock me out so I don't actually get to enjoy being able to breathe for very long. I usually will fight the sleepiness until I can't take it anymore just so I can enjoy the relief for just a little while.

This leads me to the next thing that has happened. My nose stays stopped up quite a bit now. I have had to become a mouth breather because of it. Allergy meds do absolutely nothing for this either. The only relief I get from that is with the mucinex nasal spray I mentioned earlier. Mind you, I've had allergies for 20 years but my nose NEVER stopped up from them, NEVER. The worst that would happen would be sinus pressure around my eyes and forehead and antihistamines would take care of that. They do nothing now. That reminds me, it seems like no meds at all have any affect on me. It's like all of my receptors are dead and nothing works on me with the exception of mucinex and diphenhydramine helping my breathing. But here's what sucks, if I use the mucinex for more than a couple of days the rebound effect from it is unbearable so I try to only use it when I must have some relief from the asthma. I hope the asthma goes away on its own just like the heart palps and burning feet did but I'm doubting it will. My father died from a lung disease a year ago, he lasted 2.5 years with it, so yeah I'm a wee bit worried about my lungs right now. It's like all of the sudden my body is overflowing with histamine. I've done some reading on this but my mind just won't let me focus on things anymore.

The sheer fatigue that I feel every single day just wears me down. I have no strength, no physical stamina at all and I hurt all over all of the time. My memory is non existent now and my mind is a jumbled mess most of the time now. I use to have a memory like an elephant and could reason and think with the best of them. Now sometimes I feel like just your average everyday moron because I can't even think half the time.

This is my latest theory on while I feel like a big pile of shit. Like I said earlier I've studied on the kidneys for several years thinking the acidosis was causing most if not all of my trouble and it could be but nothing I have tried has fixed it. In all of my reading on the kidneys dopamine was never mentioned. Well I started researching dopamine a few months ago and guess what I discovered? Dopamine plays a huge role in sodium excretion. In fact, dopamine affects a lot of different things in the body. Anyway, here's the theory, if my dopamine is low or receptors are dead for whatever reason then the low dopa is causing me to retain sodium, hence my sodium level jumping up. This in turn causes my aldosterone to be low, did I mention my aldosterone is non existent? From what I've read sodium levels can directly affect aldosterone so if my sodium jumps up then my aldosterone drops. Aldosterone basically supercharges the kidneys to get rid of acids in the urine. If my aldo is low then I'm not getting rid of acids which will in turn cause low co2 (which is mostly bicarb on a lab test which helps buffer acids) and low co2 equals acidosis, Acidosis wreaks havoc on lots of things in the body. I don't know f any of this is actually what's happening but it's all I have to go on right now.

Low dopamine can also cause asthma. We also know what low dopamine does for energy, stamina, libido, drive, ambition etc, in other words all the crappiness I'm feeling right now.

I'm sure I've left out some small things but you get the point and that point is trt has wreaked havoc on my body and I'm afraid it's not done yet. I'm at a dead end road now because I have no clue what to do next. If dopamine or dopamine receptors are my issue then I'm probably screwed for life. If you are new here I beg of you to try everything possible before going on trt, go down every avenue, exhaust every option before you start playing with hormones because it can ruin your entire life. If this is how I have to live for the rest of my life then i don't think I'm going to make it much longer. I would give up everything I own if I could back up and never take that first shot of T and try everything else first. It is wreaking havoc on my body and I'm not even a resemblance of the man I once was.

I've recently been diagnosed with barely moderate sleep apnea, an AHI of 15.4. I think it's actually in the mild category but I won't go into why. I'm having a hard time using that evil cpap so I started really studying sleep apnea. It appears that sodium/water retention can play a large role in sleep apnea. I found a study that shows a low sodium diet cut the AHI in half. TRT is know to cause or worsen sleep apnea and also know to cause sodium/water retention. Coincidence? Doubtful.

Here's my dilemma and thoughts on said dilemma. TRT worked wonderfully for 3 months then all the sudden it quit having any affect at all. I've been searching for four years trying to understand what happened. I THINK I have it narrowed down but don't really know how to solve the issue and I can't get doctors to listen to me about it.

My sodium level jumped 6-8 numbers just months after going on TRT and I've seen it be 11 numbers higher than my pre TRT level on occasion. I am retaining fluid like crazy. My BP has jumped tremendously as a result of the sodium/water retention. If it weren't for getting on lasix my hands and feet would swell terribly, to the point of not being able to make a fist from the swelling and my BP would be thru the roof.

I've been trying to get any doctor to pay attention to my kidneys to no avail. As I said my sodium has jumped, my potassium has jumped and my CO2 level has dropped 8 numbers from pre TRT levels. I won't go into all of the details but my aldosterone is at the bottom of the range, most likely due to higher sodium, and the low aldosterone is most likely causing the low CO2 and higher potassium.

The first thing I noticed when TRT quit working is that it seemed to be a lot harder for me to breathe and I would get out of breath quickly. It feels like somebody is sitting on my chest most of the time. This is what's causing my sleep apnea. I do not have obstructive sleep apnea. I've videoed myself and wore a pulse oximeter that records while I sleep for 2 weeks straight (I'm single so no woman to tell me I'm gasping for breath or snoring) and I've watched hours of me sleeping. I do not snore even slightly nor do I gasp or gurgle for air. I recently noticed that just a few minutes after I lay down my O2 level drops to 90-92, sometimes 89. Long before I'm ever even sleepy. It can get difficult for me to breathe while laying down and this is what's causing my "apnea". The study I mentioned earlier says that the fluid being retained in the lower extremities moves to the neck and chest area when laying down and this causes sleep apnea or makes it worse. My breathing is just too shallow. I believe this is due to sodium/water retention pushing on my lungs. In other words my breathing "rate" or effort I've had for 46 years will no longer pull in enough oxygen because my lungs are being squished and this causes my 02 to drop and wakes me up so I never get restful sleep. My O2 level while standing or moving around is 97-98 and goes to 99 when I'm out of breath from exerting myself so there's nothing wrong with my lungs.

It's this damn sodium retention caused by TRT that's causing my issues but I can't get a doctor to listen!! I've been studying on the kidneys for well over a year now because of the low CO2 and higher sodium/potassium and this has finally led me to this conclusion.

I'm now studying on HOW TRT causes sodium retention (other than high E) but I've yet to remedy the problem. So far I've found three possible ways TRT causes sodium retention, one is an enzyme gets downregulated due to higher T causing cortisol to act on mineralicorticoid receptors, like aldosterone does. I don't think this is my issue due to low CO2 and higher potassium (aldosterone regulates these two things). Another way is a hormone like enzyme called 20 HETE gets upregulated due to higher T and acts directly to cause sodium retention. To possibly remedy that you can take sesamin and fish oil as they compete for 20 HETE receptors or something like that. I tried it and saw no difference in the way I felt or in labs. The third way I have found is growth hormone and IGF-1 can act directly on the kidneys to cause sodium absorption. I've checked my IGF-1 levels 3 times in 4 years and it always close to the top of the range. I don't know what my pre TRT IGF-1 level was but it is known that TRT can cause a rise in both GH and IGF-1. Is this why I'm retaining water like a bitchy woman in the middle of her period? I have no clue anymore but I strongly believe that the sodium retention is responsible for the low CO2, which in and of itself can cause issues, low aldosterone, higher potasium and most likely the reason I can't breathe like I use to and why I have acquired sleep apnea.

Did anybody else's sodium level jump a bunch when going on TRT? Mine went from pre TRT 136 with a BP of 120/70 to as high as 147 with a BP of 150/100 while on TRT. Right now my sodium hangs around 142-144 and my BP on lasix is usually around 130/80. Yes that's still in lab range but ALOT higher than what my body was use to for 42 years prior to all this crap.

I've got to find a way to get my sodium level back down to my normal. I tried a low sodium diet for a week and could tell a big difference in the swelling in my hands and feet but I'm a southern boy that loves southern cooking and it's dang near impossible to follow a low sodium diet! In the meantime I'm going to try to get use to the evil cpap and hope that it starts making me feel better but does anybody have other ideas on what might cause so much sodium retention and how to remedy it?

Does fish oil cause anybody else severe joint pain? This is the second time in two years I've tried to take it and I can't. I'm taking about 2000mg a day. This is the third brand I've tried too. Every joint on my body feels like it's in a vise. From what I understand it's suppose to help joint pain but it definitely doesn't for me!

Just curious if anybody has ever checked their pregnenolone levels, I would like to know what everybody's is. Pre and during trt would be great, with and/or without supplementation.

The reason why is I checked mine a year or so ago and it was 28. I've read in several places that the optimal levels for a man is 180 which is odd because labcorp range is <151. I'm not a big fan of lab ranges anyway but they do help to determine a ballpark figure.

I tried to get mine up to that level and couldn't quite get their. I was taking 600-900 mg a day of pregnenolone and I finally got it to 154 but my progesterone skyrocketed to 2.7.

What I found strange was that it brought my Co2 (bicarb) levels up from 18 to 23. I've been suffering from low Co2 (mild acidosis) for quite some time now and I believe this is why trt quit working for me. It makes me think that I need more or at least a normal level of pregnenolone in order to make the amount of aldosterone I need to bring my Co2 up. That's a really long story I've been working on for quite some time now with a little bit of success.

Anyway, if you have checked your preg levels then I'd love to what that level is.

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How does it work? I just filled out the intake form with my name and email and then got an email a few minutes later. Will they contact me to get the ball rolling or how does this work?

Also, I have a ton of labs so will they make me get all new labs or will they look at my existing labs? I'm just about labbed out money wise.

Just thought I'd put this out there in case anybody else ever experiences this. Just a recap, TRT worked great for about 3 months then just quit having any effect. I've spent 3 years chasing my tail. I've had low Co2 ever since it quit working and haven't found anything that would bring it up. Finally tested aldosterone, which affects the kidneys ability to balance electrolytes, Co2 is an electrolyte, and it was bottomed out. Started on 100 mcg a day of florinef for a week then went to 200 mcg a day for the next week then had labs done. My Co2 came up from 18 to 22, needs to be around 26-28. The only improvements I've seen is that my heart palpitations are almost completely gone. I feel them faintly from time to time but theyre pretty much gone. It has also brought my BP down which is the opposite of which it should do. From what I understand potassium should have went down also but it hasn't budged. I've noticed my pee stream is much stronger, don't understand that one either. Other than that there's no change in sex drive or energy or drive to get up and do stuff. That's most likely due to my Co2 still being low.

I decided to up the dose to 300 mcg for the last 3 days and I feel as if it's causing some anger and depression, just like if my e was up, so I decided to go back down to 200 mcg for now and hope that my body just needs time to work everything out.

This is the first time I've actually seen my Co2 come up other than when I megadosed pregnenolone. So I think I'm on the right track I just don't know if I need a bigger dose or more time or maybe something else is going on too.

So I've been fighting a low Co2 issue for 2.5 years now and have not been able to figure it out. I believe this is why I feel like utter shit because when your body is in an acidic state it screws up all metabolic processes.

I thought it was a liver issue because I've been taking supps for the liver and felt some improvement but then plateaued after a couple weeks and my latest labs shows no improvement in my Co2 levels. The liver supps took me from feeling like I was at 30-40% to about 60-70%. It gave me more energy and a little more desire to get off my butt and do things and the crushing fatigue disappeared but if I get too busy doing things I'll pay for it for the next couple of days with tiredness and just general feeling like I was hit by a train. I'm feeling it today by the way from being too active yesterday.

By the way labcorp has just changed the low end of the range to 20 for Co2 and I'm now officially low in Co2 according to them. Other labs have the bottom of the range at 22 and I've been at 18-20 for most of the last 2.5 years.

Anyway, I was looking thru some old labs this week and saw where my Co2 jumped up to 23 on two different sets of labs at the beginning of this year. This was the same time I was megadosing oral preg. My preg was at 28 and I wanted to get it up quite a bit just to see what happened. The only thing that happened was I got to the top of the range on preg, my prog levels went way over range at 2.7 and I had completely forgotten that it raised my Co2 from 18 to 23.

Long story short I've been studying specifically on low co2/acidosis again this week and saw addison's disease mentioned which lead me to aldosterone. Apparently aldosterone helps the kidneys get rid of acid and if you are low on aldosterone then this can make for an acidic blood ph. Co2, which is mostly bicarbonate in the blood, buffers against acids to keep the blood at a certain ph and when it does this because of an acid overload your Co2 levels will drop.

I already know that without supplements my cortisol and dhea are at the lower end of the range so I'm thinking it's possible that aldosterone could be low too since it is produced in the adrenals also and when I megadosed preg it could have brought my aldosterone levels up which would have made my kidneys get rid of more acids which would bring up my Co2 levels. Mind you, trt did wonders for me for about 3 months and then like a switch that somebody turned off it completely quit having any benefit for me at all. I hear all the time that trt can shut down or partially shut down other hormone systems and it appears that it did so to my adrenals. I don't completely understand how trt can shut down other hormones but I do know that some doctors, including Crisler, believe that we have to backfill the pathways with preg and other supps because of this. Also, trt should be called hrt because it seems we have to manage a lot more than just T!

I'm curious if anybody else has had low or lowish aldosterone levels, what were your symptoms, what did you do to bring them up and did you feel any benefits from raising your levels.

I'll be getting aldosterone tested tomorrow and should have the results by the end of the week. I'm at the end of my rope here so I've never hoped for a low reading on a test more than I am now!! Lol

I'm reading up on the liver and keep seeing that rapid weight loss can cause damage to the liver but I can't anything specific that tells why it causes it other than free fatty acids. Has anybody come across an article that explains this?

I did a double red donation Monday and my ass has been dragging badly all week long! This is the third time I've donated double red and I don't remember being this tired before. Trying to figure out if it's the donation or something else going on. Has anybody else become extremely fatigued after a double red donation?

Upped my dose to 170 mg a week then to 200 mg a week for the last couple of weeks. My SHBG has always been in the 40s whether my T was in the 300s or 800s. It dropped to 32 but my TT was at 1376 and I can't keep it that high. I'm going to drop it back down and try to hit around 900-1000 and hold it there and see if my SHBG will continue to come down.

This has made my heart palps almost completely disappear. I usually only get small ones now after a meal. It has also brought back some morning wood. Still no libido or drive to get up and do things tho. What's odd is, and I mentioned this in another thread, it's like there's a threshold for the heart palps. When I'm coming up to that threshold by increasing T my heart starts skipping beats badly until I cross that threshold then the skipping stops, and when I'm coming down to that threshold from T dropping it starts skipping beats badly until I go below the threshold and they stop and then the regular ol pounding all the time comes back. While I'm above it my heart palps are pretty much gone. I'm doing EOD shots and every day around 3pm of the shot day my heart will start skipping. I do a shot that night and by the morning the skipping is gone again until the next shot day. This makes me wonder if the T I'm using is actually cypionate or more of an enanthate or propionate or does my body just clear this shit out that quickly.

My BP is still up. I blamed that on the winstrol but I'm not sure about that now because it's been three weeks since I used any. It could possibly be high hematocrit because I was borderline a month ago. Gonna give double red monday.

I think I'm on the right track now mainly because the heart palps subside doing this experiment and some morning wood has came back. but it almost seems like my body needs lots of free T to feel normal. My goal is to get my SHBG around 20 with T around 900-1000 and see how I feel.

I've upped my T dose from about 115 to 175 in the hopes that it will raise my free T. I haven't had to use any AI since I went to EOD injections but I know, from past experience,  I'll need one going this high. I have to keep my e in the low low 20s or lower to keep from having terrible side effects from it. I started this new regimen Monday and took .1 mg of liquidex with that dose and so far no bad side effects. I know it can be highly individual and  I won't use anymore AI until I feel some sides but was wondering what dose of AI is everybody on?

I decided to try a trial of Winstrol (stanozolol) and in 4 days at 10 mg a day it made my BP go from 120/70 to 148/88. There's no telling what my lipids and liver numbers were or still are. This stuff is bad. On the other hand I tried proviron before the winstrol and it did not negatively affect these numbers at all. My ALP actually dropped some (it is always high) but I doubt it was from the proviron. It also basically did nothing for me other than raise my direct free t number slightly. It may have helped the heart palps slightly but that's about it.

I'm convinced that there is no accurate free T measurement out there. It's obvious the direct free t from labcorp is way off and comparing the one time I had free and weakly bound measured to these online calculators one of those is way off. The calculator has the bio available t at twice the amount the actual free and weakly bound test has it. It seems most (at least from my readings)  trust the free and weakly bound test more and it correlates to my symptoms better than any other measurement but who knows for sure.

Been having some bad neck and upper back issues so I got a cortisone shot last Thursday. I've gotten cortisone shots before and I had zero side effects other than stopping the pain. I have gotten about 2-3 hours of sleep a night for the last 3 nights. I even took a muscle relaxer and then an hour or so later 2 sleep aid pills last night and I barely fell asleep. Anybody else experienced this with a cortisone shot? This really sucks not getting any sleep.

I'm in the research phase on danazol and was wondering if anybody had any experience with it. Did it lower SHBG and if so how much? What dose were you on? How long did it take to lower it? How did you feel on it? Have any side effects? Did it affect liver or lipid labs?

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