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Question for those using daily injections of testosterone cypionate:

I know thereís going to be very little variation in blood levels on a daily injection protocol. Iím curious though about the peak on a daily protocol. Would it be 12 hours post injection? If so, I could possibly see a small benefit to injecting in the evening so one would have a peak the following morning. Does anyone know or have an idea how many hours post injection it would peak on a daily protocol? Thanks

Anyone using testosterone cream daily applied to the scrotum as their primary delivery method for TRT? Can you share some details such as dosage amount and how you are feeling including mood, libido, and energy? Also, are there any negative sides you are experiencing? Thanks

Once weekly, twice weekly, and daily injection protocols....Which of these injection schedules do you think yields the highest DHT levels? Thanks

SHBG is talked about a lot as a good predictor of how fast one clears testosterone out of their body. Low SHBG frequently necessitates the need for more frequent injections per week. Do factors such as EGFR and hypothyroidism also factor into how fast an individual processes testosterone? On the surface, it would appear to make sense that EGFR and thyroid health could possibly also be factors in the speed at which one processes through testosterone. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Once Weekly Injections?
« on: September 12, 2018, 02:11:52 pm »
I know this is going against the grain a bit, but Iím curious. Is there anyone out there who has tried both once weekly injections as well as multiple smaller injections per week and felt better on once weekly injections? If you have tried both and like once weekly better, can you explain why? Thanks

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Thyroid Optimization...
« on: September 06, 2018, 02:48:18 pm »
For those that are also on thyroid medication, can you describe your journey in getting your thyroid levels optimized including type of medication, dosage, pitfalls or mistakes you made along the way, and the noticeable positive impact thyroid meds have had on your life? Thanks

For someone not on TRT, does pregnenolone supplementation have any effect on the HPA axis? Iíve been off of TRT for over 6 months and was thinking about trying low dose pregnenolone(10 mg once or twice daily). Iím curious if anyone has any insight on whether pregnenolone would have any effect on LH/FSH and testosterone levels. Thanks

I have been taking creatine for a few months now. I recently got back some labs that are a little concerning.

GFR: 48.9 (>60.0)
Creatinine: 1.6 (0.7-1.3)

My past GFRís have normally ranged between 70-90. Should I stop taking the creatine? Thanks

This question is for the guys who backfill syringes. How many do you normally backfill at one time? Do you think thereís any concern with the testosterone oil interacting with or eating away at the rubber stopper? Thanks

I know many times testosterone is not the only hormone we are deficient in. For those of you with thyroid issues, is anyone taking a specifically compounded T4/T3 thyroid med other than NDT? Iíve noticed Empower Pharmacy offers specifically compounded ratios of T4/T3. Iím currently taking NDT(Natural Desiccated Thyroid) but have heard of people taking slow release T3 with NDT or taking a specifically compounded T4/T3 formulation. If you are taking a thyroid med other than a NDT formulation or Levothyroxine, can you elaborate on what specifically you are taking, how it makes you feel, and what led you to take it? Thanks for any info you can provide.

Do more frequent injections lead to lower DHT blood levels?

Empower Pharmacy has a new 160/40 cyp/prop blend. Is anyone using this form of testosterone blend? If you are, how do you feel? Also, is anyone else using just propionate? Iíd be interested to see anyoneís experiences using either of these formulations. Thanks

Iím curious as to how TRT affects lipid values. Has anyone had any experience with HDL and LDL values being affected positively or negatively after being on TRT for a while? Thanks

Anyone else experience cold hands/feet and brain fog the first few hours post injection? Iíve always experienced this phenomenon no matter what dose Iím injecting. Iím currently injecting 14mg shallow IM daily and taking 2 grains of natural desiccated thyroid. Who knows why. Iím just curious if thereís anyone else who deals with the same issues following injections. Thanks

Backfilling Insulin Syringe Question...
For those of you that are backfilling syringes and injecting testosterone daily, how do you store the syringes after backfilling them? Is it ok to lay them down flat? Is there a concern of the oil leaking out? Any other tips about how to backfill would be great. Thanks for your help.

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