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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / TRT and heart issues
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:51:03 pm »
wondering if anyone can advise me on this one, suggest reading, or website. my feeling is that the heart issues with TRT are downplayed.

brief history: long time sufferer of depression. low-ish sex drive. some ED. lack of energy and motivation. Testosterone has been around 300 for last 4 years. Free T also low but i don't have numbers in front of me.

6 months ago i go on clomid (50mg?) every 3rd day. after 3 months T has increased (strangely this doc got an initial T of 140 and the clomid moved it to around 350). there were various supps around this protocol as well.

strange thing, i didn't feel any better. the only thing i could sort of notice was better erections.

next was injections of T. subcutaneous. .2ml (40mg cyp/prop) every 3rd day with a reduced amount of clomid (25mg). this i have been doing for 6 weeks.

again. i don't feel better but this time my erections are noticeably improved. but in the last 2 weeks (weeks 5 and 6 since injections) i've had a few strange experiences. the last of which was while i was watching a movie in a theater. my chest felt tight as if my shirt was on too tight. my heartbeat was elevated. this was a new one for me. my cardiovascular health was assessed as 2.9 where <4.4 is the range. basically good. this is from my current doctor. i've never had any heart issues. was athletic when younger and i'm still in decent shape. not a heavy drinker, overweight...none of the risk factors.

i told my doc and he said it could be a coincidence. it could be. and he wants me to get a Holter monitor. but wouldn't that have to capture one of these events to be useful? i very well may not capture one.

anyway, i made a decision during this last event to stop with the injections and clomid. my doctor may protest but he doesn't have to live in my body.

anyone else have similar experience? thx

I've been at this health thing for a while. i'm 46. Before starting clomid my theory was I had secondary hypothyroidism caused by mercury. i started on 50mg 3x a week for a month. my blood was drawn before starting. the only things that were flagged was T (300) and free T ( 5.8 ). there were half a dozen other things tested (cortisol, estradiol, prolactin, FSH, LH, DHEA-sulfate, PSA, DihydroT) which i can provide if you think relevant. oh, should say estrodiol was 9.6 and LH was 2.3

was going to be a month trial of clomid. at week 3 i had blood drawn again.

T (756), Free T (16.9), estrodiol (28.9), LH (8.5)

so my take is i respond fast to clomid. my T had been taken 2 other times before this and was always around 300 so i think the pre-cloimd test was accurate.

i talked with my doctor and we decided to get off the clomid and see what happens. my major concern was my nipples got sensitive and swollen. it was like someone put a vacuum on them or i was prepping for breast feeding. very erct and swollen but just the nipple. not areola. no mass forming. doc examined me.  i have never had anything like this happens to my nipples in my life. basically they are normal and male looking. we decided to get off the clomid and re-test T in a month. perhaps i'm restarted? doc says there should be no withdrawal.

effect on mood. unfortunately i can't say much about it effecting my low mood, depression, drive, etc. So maybe getting my T in range isn't the real issue.

sexual effect: perhaps my testicles are slightly bigger. would stand to reason. erections are a bit better but not night and day. libido is slightly up i'd say. but no huge changes.

i asked my doc what he recommended. he's been very good about listening to me and letting me lead this thing. he wanted to try wellbutrin. he thinks it's all about depression for me. i asked "why wellbutrin". he said it had the least sexual side effects.

ok, that's a lot to digest. what do you guys think about this? anything i haven't mentioned i should? suggestions?


long story short i am doing a vegan trial for 2 months. is there any evidence that veganism would effect T levels? thx.

I have now heard that testosterone has declined over the last 50 years in American men. ditto for fertility in japan and america. both down.

what's the theory/theories on this one? my hunch is it's environmental. food. accumulated toxins. epigonomic damage.

i mean, is everyone going to be on HRT in 40 years?

[MODERATOR SPLIT FROM HERE: http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=10443.0 ]

Many studies have shown that moderate drinking is good for the cardiovascular system in men and, of course, anothing that is good for the cardiovascular system will generally be good for erections and libido.

The top part of this page on the site has some of these studies as well as some of the risks if you are interested:


my overall cholesterol is high. 234. but my HDL is 82 so my doctor said don't worry. i don't trust doctors. it's not personal. it's institutional. : ) what i believe is cholesterol is a defense. these high ratios only mean you are able to protect yourself. they aren't good.

as far as low fat diet goes...well, i think that is BS. my position right now is there are 2 ways to extend life. calorie restriction and higher fat. calorie restriction has a lot of data behind it. not sure about high fat. but they do have something in common. they reduce spikes in blood sugar. look into the diet of long lived people. it's not what you might expect. but those are people born a very long time ago. not sure fats today are as healthy. sad.

the best advice i can give about diet is from a cancer researcher. eat what you crave. obviously eliminate all the crap we know is bad for us....lots of sugars, trans fats, processed. when that's off the table...crave what you want.

there is an issue with science these days. this should probably be a separate post.  there is a lot of money in it.  science is the new religion and getting scientific approval is worth a lot. lately i hear reports of how difficult it is to get funding for a repeat study. in other words no one wants to confirm someone else's brainchild. so repeat..confirmation studies...do not occur. it's a known thing in the scientific community. I've read lots of first studies...but where are the 20 independent  studies confirming it? that's how science should work. : (

i have read that alcohol can lower T many times. but i have a different experience. moderate drinking increases my energy. and my libido is always higher the next day with a hangover after heavy drinking. i'm 45 and this is a consistent pattern. i have even quit drinking as an experiment for usually about 3 months. done this 3 times and each time felt my libido was lower. in fact, aside from the hangovers, my quality of life is better while drinking.

So maybe T and libido are not so linked with me?

but now that i am reading through this site i'm seeing alcohol can slow the breakdown of estrogen. if true is it possible the body boosts T to maintain a good ratio?

does anyone else have this happen?

has anyone seen this movie? it's basically about mercury poising. but toward the end he talks about how testosterone makes Hg poisoning worse. anyone catch that?

it's an interesting idea since so many more boys end up with learning disabilities then girls. and it made me wonder if the body would ever reduce T levels as damage control for Hg exposure. Also, could HRT actually hurt some people like myself who believe they are mercury poisoned.

i want to put forward a theory i have. i know quite a bit about mercury poisoning because i've read up on it for a few years, know what tests work, and have been chelating for 2 years. about 3 years ago i had my testosterone checked and it was flagged as low, 241. i'm 45. i didn't pay it much mind because i was interested in sex. about a month ago i had a mercury expert (same guy that wrote my reference book) consult on my case. he immediately said much of my "misery" might be from low T. So i had it tested again along with LHFSH. total was 365, free 3.7, LH 2.5, FSH 4.4.

all this points to secondary hypogonadism. my higher endocrine glands (pituitary, hypothalamus) are not stimulating my testes. i started reading about this and apparently lesions...tumors on the pituitary and hypothalamus are commonly cited as causes.

i already know mercury concentrates in the brain and is one of the reasons it's so problematic. i know it's an endocrine disrupter. and i believe i've read about autopsies confirming it concentrates in the pituitary.

so my current theory is mercury is to blame for my low T by disrupting pituitary/hypothalamus function.

i had 12 fillings for a very long time. most of them went in before i was 12. i also suspect i've had low T for a very long time. but i never associated low T with some of the issues i've had. poor mood, low energy, lack of drive, bad memory, depression. i've had performance anxiety my whole life and my erections have always been here one minute gone the next. it's always taken me a long time to orgasm. but since i've managed to have a decent amount of sex i figured everything was alright. my wife got pregnant after 1-3 tries. and i'm pretty strong. so you can see how that might be confusing.

right now i am seeing a specialist doctor that prescribes clomid. knowing what i know about biofeedback i don't want to start off with testosterone. i'm trying to jump start my system if possible. please tell me it is! im 45 and in generally good health. no drugs, no meds.

thought i'd bounce my theory off you guys and see what comes back. i also think mercury is probably a larger casue of low T then is accepted. hypogonadism is a know condition of mercury poisoning. the trouble with mercury is most doctors don't know a thing about it. neither of mine did. and i belong to a large mercury poisoning community and i see it again and again. they don's know how to test for it, how to treat it, what the sources are, or what the symptoms are.


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