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How long can dry unconstituted HCG powder remain good at room temperature??
Any ideas?

After failure of TRT and HCG, I am excited about the prospects of micro dose GnRH agonists like Triptorelin or Leuprorelin etc.

However I found Buserelin Acetate. There is one case study for hypogonadism for this drug.


Another thing making me very happy is that it is very cheap equivalent to 2 US dollars. Less than one third the price of an HCG injection here.
One injection is 2.5 ml
Each ml contains Buserelin acetate 0.0042 mg equivalent to 0.004 mg Buserelin

There is one little problem.

Its made for Animals.
It says only for veterinary use.

Could the same inject-able drug that is made for animals be dangerous for humans even though the same formula is also used in Humans?

Would you try it?

Surely T's effects on brain and sexual function are realized through its metabolites (E, DHT)? So what is T itself (not E, DHT) responsible for? Muscle building? Strength? Fat burning?

If you look at this study on the libido enhancing effects of Allium Tubersome (ATB) they compared it against Viagra. Only the highest doses of ATB come close to Viagras effect on T/FSH/DHT.


So how does V raise T?



how about T synthesis? Is there any study about vitamin C for testosterone?

On Friday I took a pill that had 100 mg micronised  progesterone and experienced a real boost in libido for the next two days.
Did a little research and found this page.


"Exogenous testosterone in sexually naive male rats frequently does not cause a uniform
response as some androgen-treated males will not exhibit sexual behavior when presented
with an estrous female. In our study, T alone was insufficient in restoring normal sexual
responses in all males unless P levels were elevated. Indeed, we found that P initiated
sexual behavior even in the absence of T"


Good for brain
Good for heart
Good for liver

and Good for testosterone too.


Instead of AI's which don't work has any one tried this?


"..In contrast, DHT reduced by 50% (p < 0.01) the E2 peak in response to hCG"

"..DHT directly reduces testicular aromatase activity that combined with its antigonadotropic effect leads to the gain in the symptomatic treatment of gynaecomastia"

Has any one tried it? Google it.

Has any one tried to only partially mix the HCG powder instead of the whole with BAC water. In case you don't have access to or your refrigerator is not cooling enough can you do this? I don't care about measuring exact quantities. The real problem seems to be how to get that thing out of the vial/ampule in dry form.

If you have pretty good nocturnal erections can you safely say that your ED is not because of clogged arteries even though your cholesterol maybe high and heart disease runs in your family?

If you plan to do an HCG stimulation test what is the best time to get blood work done. How many hours after shot?

In the groups receiving walnut oil in the pre-puberty period, testosterone levels significantly increased (P <0.05). In the groups receiving walnut oil post puberty, testosterone levels significantly increased, too (P <0.01).A significant difference between pre puberty and post puberty groups was observed. (P <0.001) Conclusion:
This study showed that walnut oil had stimulating effects on the male reproductive system and could increase plasma testosterone levels by influencing the pituitary - testicular axis.


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