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I run a EOD protocol @ 38mg Test C, 350ui hCG also EOD (non T days), I was also taking AI of .125 twice a week.
I was doing fairly well on this protocol, only my E2 was slightly low for me. I do better with E2 around 25. My results at this protocol are below.

TT 1100
FT 27.4
E2 19.7

We discussed lowering my T shot during my consult and coming off the AI. So I dropped T shot down to 34mg EOD, kept hCG the same 350ui and removed the AI. I just got my results from this back, and I am a little confused. How does me FT stay almost exactly the same after dropping my T dose. To me this tells me that my T dose is still too high. I also tested Free E

TT 875
FT 27.1
E2 54.8
Estradiol Serum  range of 8 - 35
Free E percentage 3.4  range 1.7 - 5.4
Free Estradiol Serum 2.9  range 0.2 - 1.5
didnt test SHBG but has always been 22-28

I have Edema, and I'm fairly certain it comes from T being too high. The Edema doesnt really onset until later in the afternoon though. After work, when its time to pull the socks off, I'll have huge sock indentations! You can also see it in my face, puffy checks and so on. I am not bloated, and overall I actually feel fine. I do however have less libido, am also a tad bit more moody, as to be expected. But this was just a experiment to try and ditch the AI. I really dont want another consult, as I can go back to previous protocol. Anyone else had Edema and gotten it to subside, if so how did you do it?

Thoughts about LabCorps FT test being accurate are welcome too.


February 1st of this year I had done a Sleep Study, a home study is all my insurance wanted to pay for (cheap bastards). Anyway, it seems I have 12.9 episodes per hours, with the lowest blood oxygen level of 82%. This is bad I guess, anything below 90% will set off alarms at hospitals. I went into this thinking I had no sort of apnea, though I knew I did have some sort of sleeping issues. My follow up appointment I had to cancel due too work, I wish I had gone to it now. If someone averages 13 episodes per hour, is this really bad enough to prevent me from getting good sleep, and effect my quality of life? The past 5 years or so I've really deteriorated when it comes to quality of life. TRT has helped tremendously, but hasnt been the "cure all" I had hoped for. I am curious about quality of life after getting on a CPAP machine. Did you actually sleep better, did the sleep help your over all being, weight loss, any sort of benefits I would love to hear about. Can/will better sleep result in less anxiety ad or depression?


I recently had my Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (IGF-1) tested and the result were low enough to get sermorelin (below 200). Anyone have any experience with using sermorelin, what it did for you, or didnt do? My IGF-1 level is not extremely low, so I dont think I really need it (yet), cost is a factor in this decision though. If IGF-1 tests below 200, then one is a candidate.

IGF-1  =  189
reference range  =  75 - 216 ng/ml


edit...wanted to add I do have Adrenal Fatigue due to a opiate medication.


Hello, I wanted to get a little feedback on my latest labs, and describe some Low E2 feelings I have been getting. About 4 months ago I switch to a EOD type protocol, with every day having a injection of either Test C or hCG. Almost instantly I felt better with the EOD schedule, things finally began to work for me, where the previous 8 months of TRT were mediocre at best. I had went to a EOD schedule due to a lower SHBG that was 22 at the time, SHBG has increase slightly since beginning EOD to 28.

Test C  @  38mg EOD
hCG  @  300 to 400ui EOD  The variable is due to the age of hCG, towards end of vial it feels weaker.
AI  @ .22mg e3.5d  (mon morning - wed evening)

this protocol produced these labs

TT 1131 range 264-916 ng/dl
FT 27.2 range 6.8-21.5 pg/ml
E2 sensitive 19.7 this was 4 weeks following a crash/rebound
DHT 118 no range given, just says High
SHBG 28 this has risen from 22, the rise is from EOD vs e3.5d ?

Let me start back 4 months, Ill keep it short as I can. When I was a e3.5d T injector I took my AI three times per week. I kept my AI the same when I went to the EOD protocol, after 4 weeks or so the AI caught up to me and I felt my first Low E symptoms. My whole body had this bone chilling coldness to it, even though I was not cold. My face got dry patches of skin all over, I have mild eczema as well so it doesnt take much to set it off. I lost all libido, and my libido was off the charts once I began the EOD injections, strange thing was I felt my libido slipping away day by day. I then stopped AI for about a week and began to get better, all Low E symptoms went away and libido returned. I started my AI again @ 2 times per week Sun and Wed. Again, for a few weeks I felt pretty dang good, then I could feel libido slip away and before you know I was getting the cold bone chills again. I stuck to my AI and noticed this feeling would occur the day of my AI and the following day or so. By the time I was due for my AI again, I was feeling better and could even feel libido starting to return. 1 week later after the same symptoms I stopped AI again for 1 week, and BOOM! Like before I was back to normal, no Low E type symptoms and a full libido was back.

So here I am today, I have adjusted AI again to .11mg (split my AI in half) and am taking it Mon-Wed-Fri. So far so good, though I have only taken it twice thus far, monday will be the third time. Is it safe to say I am not aromatasing as much due to fat loss and the EOD protocol? I guess I am just looking for some feedback on my labs, and the new AI schedule. I have a feeling I am about to be told my T level is too high, and I agree with that 100% In fact I almost think I can go without any AI if I were to low my T dose. I am awaiting my consult with Defy and this will be a topic of discussion.

Thanks for reading.


As many of you may already know I have issues with my sleep. I wake many times in the night, at times I feel myself drawing in huge breathes while awaking. After starting TRT my snoring has gotten worse, it is louder, more frequent, and becoming a problem in the bedroom. The poor sleep has me feeling fatigued from about 11 am onward. I can doze off at red lights, while sitting in a office, any time that allows my body to relax is a recipe for dozing off.

I finally got to the Sleep Dr, who did some common breathing tests, a few measurements, and a ton of questions. My wife came along as many of the questions I wouldnt really now the answers too. In fact when some of the questions were asked, the Dr seemed more in tune to my wifes response, makes sense as the wife is the one who is seeing and hearing the suspected apnea.

So the Dr submits a Prior Auth for the sleep study. I have already met my deductible and the year is near its end, it would be great to have it done before January. Two days later I got a email from my Insurance that read "DENIED" and states that only those with Heart/Lung/Nerve/Muscle Disease, can get assisted Sleep Studies. The document goes on to say that my Dr may order a "Home Sleep Study". I understand a Home Study may be OK to determine if one does have apena, but if it shows signs of apnea how does the whole mask and air pressure get dialed in from the home?

Anyone been through this sort of Home Sleep Study, either for insurance reasons or just convenience? If yes, or maybe have some info on these home studies, please share. Thanks.

This same insurance company denied my Low T cream meds, though I am thankful for that denial. Had they not denied that, I may be on T cream fighting my Low T.

A little back story about myself, then onto my son. As a teen I was late in hitting puberty, all my friends and other kids in school were well upon their way. By the time I was 16 I still had no hair on the scrotum, voice never changed, and I was still short and skinny. I soon got into drugs for various reasons, and I suppose this delayed my puberty even more. It wasnt until the age of 17 that I began to get sprouts of hair, though no facial hair, and my voice never really changed. At the age of 18 I got into trouble, wound up in the county jail, began to hit the weights hard. I didnt make much for muscle gains, I was still skinny, but I had a growth spurt. I assumed the drugs had delayed my puberty.

Fast Forward...My son is soon to be 15 in July. He is still short, hasn't hit that growth spurt, no hair on the scrotum (asked the other day due to my concerns) or under the arms. He still has the same voice, and like I was he is not making any real gains when working out. He wants me to buy him Protein Shakes and a drink called G-Fuel (Energy Drink Mix - a definite NO from me), and I am trying to explain that the Protein is not going to help just yet. At what age do I seek medical attention for him? A forum search shows a study where giving vitamin A and Iron may jump start puberty but I wouldnt know the correct dosage for a teenager. Has anyone had this experience with their son , I know many of us had it ourselves growing up. If your house was like mine, we didnt talk of such things.

source for Vitamin A and Iron Information


Hello, I am looking for feedback on Pregnenolone. I recently began taking DHEA 25mg / Pregnenolone 30mg capsules that are compounded by my pharmacy. I was told I should take these at night, as they may cause drowsiness, but after some research more people seem to take pregnenolone in the morning time. So far I have split the capsule and taken half in the AM and the other half at noon, today will be my 3rd day. The first day I thought I felt slightly more energetic, but this was prob Placebo. On day two I dont think I felt anything at all.

I am a little confused at why the two medications are mixed together, from my understanding DHEA is a anti-cortisol, and Pregnenolone is a precursor to cortisol. The whole idea for my Pregnenolone supplementing is to help with Adrenal Fatigue. I am on a medication that has shut down my HPA Axis (the reason I am on TRT) and even though I am "dialed in" I am still fatigued all the time.

DISCLAIMER...Even though I am still fatigued, I feel 1000 times better than PRE-TRT. TRT has eased so many sides I had from my 101 Total T level and has made a HUGE positive impact on my life and those around me.

With all that out the way, I just want to hear your Pregnenolone stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly!
Thanks for sharing


Has anyone besides me used this yet? I placed a order for Empower and for Hallendale a week ago, haven't really got much info other than they have received my order. The old call in method or emailing Sam seemed much faster.

So a little over a month ago my protocol went from 70mg e3.5d to 19mg EOD. My HCG also change to 250ui EOD as well, taken on the days I dont take my Test CYP, so every day I have a injection. My AI of .22mg Anastozole was Mon-Wed-Fri so I went ahead and kept the same dosage with this. The first week of EOD I have some anxiety, after this passed I began to feel great! This lasted for 5 weeks or so and I was about to order blood work for a follow up. Just last week I began to lose libido, I felt it decline over the course of 3 days. Then by the 4th day it was gone and I began to have real dry brittle feeling facial hair, and small spots of dry flaky skin on my face. I also began to urinate more often, only the streams were weak, not strong streams like one is used too. Ive been on TRT long enough to feel a change, and this one has a lowered E2 written all over it. I havent felt any anxiety from the dip, but did have headaches yesterday.

Being at 70mg e3.5d my E2 was around 40, I know I dont get paid to think, nut it does seem possible that the switch to EOD has taken a while to clear my existing estrogens, and the 3 times a week AI has finally caught up to me. I know...I know...blood work is needed, I am only curious if what I describe is that of a lowered E2. My E2 has always ran on the higher side, dipping too low is new too me. I can tell exactly when my E2 is raised by sweats at night, anxiety, moody/bitchy and not urinating enough.


Interesting, I just read in another thread that a Low E2 lags behind by a couple weeks. I had also recently started taking DIM 2 pills twice per day as well. Before I would take one DIM in the morning and one at night.

If Low E2 lags behind a couple weeks, when getting the E2 sweet spot by raising ones E2, how long behind is that lag?


So like many of you here, I am getting my TRT treatment through Defy. We all know our meds are delivered from the UPS guy, but we never really know from where until we open that box. For Testosterone I prefer Empower, but HCG I seem to like Hallendale better. I just dont respond to Empowers HCG, I have no clue as to why, I am sure they are both the same exact thing, manufactured the same exact way too. The only thing I can come up with is the vial sizes. Hallendale are split into 2 vials, one with 6000ui and the other with 5000ui, Empowers is one big vial of 11000ui. Perhaps towards the middle of the Empower vial the HCG is degrading and losing its effectiveness? I wish it were all in my head, but it isnt, anyone else notice anything remotely like this?


Been seeing quite a few members asking for or about Insulin Syringes for Shallow IM and SubQ injections. Many Dr's are prescribing us harpoons for syringes, and we now know that these are not necessary. These harpoons of syringes tend to waste a lot of our Testosterone in the "Dead Space" of the syringe as well. Personally I've been ordering my syringes online, 27 gauge .5cc 1/2 Inch Insulin Syringes from a company called OTC. They are the Easy Touch syringes, and work just fine for the shallow IM injection I am doing in the shoulders. I also use them for HCG as SubQ in the stomach fat. As far as I know, this is a good deal, if you happen to have a cheaper place feel free to share with us.

https://www.otcwholesale.com/easytouch-75501.html   <---These are the ones I use, they also have a HUGE selection of different gauges and what not. You can search below for other sizes.


I am not affiliated with OTC at all. I am only sharing what was shared with me over at Reddit a while back. I have ordered from OTC 4 times now and have had zero issues with the process. I live in Texas, check the laws of your state as syringes may require a prescription there. In these cases I do not know how OTC will handle the order, as they are a US based company out of Macon, GA. The worse that can happen is a cancelled order.


I had ordered my AI on Oct 6th, first thing in the morning. Got the tracking info on Oct 11th, shipped by UPS from APS pharmacy. On the 12th I went to the UPS website, paid to have my delivery window pushed up to 1:30pm Monday afternoon. I am set to take AI on this day, in the AM hours. No big deal, a few hours late wont hurt anything. This morning I get a UPS email stating that my delivery is now set for Tuesday, by end of the day. UPS took my money to move my shipment up, then two days later delayed the shipment. I really wish my AI would come from Empower like the rest of my meds. Now I will be 1.5 days behind in taking my AI, still not a huge deal but I get irritated when schedules are not met. /endrant

I have been taking SolaRay DopaBean, one in the AM and one in the PM. I recently read that L-theanine can also help produce Dopeamine, and increase libido. I found some L-theanine 100mg Capsules, but not exactly sure when to take them. Anyone have a idea when, and the dosage? Bottle say 1 per day, but doesnt really give much more info than that.

edit...want to add that I took one 100mg last night around 6pm. This morning I am crazy tired, not sure if related or not.


OK, hear me out on this. I may have mistakenly discovered a penial sensitivity enhancer.

I was given Clindamycin Pledgets for my face, I get oily and blackheads around my nose. The Clindamycin has worked great for this, and helped my chest area as well. A few weeks ago I applied the Pledget, then instantly had to take a leak, doing so I had forgotten to wash my hands between this. The next morning I had crazy sensitivity to my penis! This last for about two days of so then sadly went away. I didnt think much of it at the time until the other day, I was in a rush and skipped the washing of my hands again. The next two days I was again with crazy sensitivity! Either there is some huge consistence, or the Clindamycin has somehow played a roll in this. I dont want to try it again, even though I enjoyed the extra sensations. This has to be bad in the long term, like if one was to apply Clindamycin twice a week or so. It really didnt take much... please tell me I am not crazy here, LOL.


My SHBG seems to be dropping, this is after being on TRT for nearly 1 year. In April I tested SHBG at 26.9 and a few months later (August) my SHBG has dipped down to 22.5

At 22.5 I am only a few points above the "normal" with the range at 16.5-55.9 nmol/L

Do we really know a optimum number for SHBG, or is this one of them "Everyone is different" things?

Is there anything I can do to raise my SHBG back up a tad, or am I just making mountains out of mole hills here?

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