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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Problem with acne
« on: November 24, 2018, 08:27:24 am »
Iíve been on trt nearly 9 years and have had my fair share of struggles trying to find balance. I have elevated shbg and have tried most forms of trt other than pellets. Most of the time Iíve been on higher doses in the 100-120mg per week range and as high as 200mg per week. I never felt good on higher doses and have always did better on once weekly injections. For the last several months Iíve been doing 68mg once weekly and feeling pretty well overall. This puts my total trough at 600ng and free t at 10-12ng. The problem Iím having is a substantial amount of acne on top and the sides of my head. I canít seem to figure out why this is happening especially since my t levels are much lower now. Any thoughts appreciated.

I've did lots of reading over the years regarding hormones and been on TRT close to 9 years with mediocre results. There's theories out there regarding backfilling pathways with these three compounds, but positive results from these seem to be very evasive at best. I have tried all three at times, either alone or in combination with only side effects. I know for certain, at least for me, that HCG doesn't budge pregnenolone, DHEA or progesterone, verified by labs. It seems HCG causes more problems in general than positive results for a good number of men including myself and the same with DHEA and pregnenolone. To my knowledge anyone on TRT will be deficient in these upstream hormones, but is that just the way for the human body to attain homeostasis with the introduction of exogenous testosterone. I'm a firm believer that the less medications {hormones} the better and for me that certainly holds true. I wonder if more men were started on TRT with testosterone only, if there would be more success. The same with anastrozole, why on earth would a physician start a patient on this with our seeing a symptomatic response and labs after several weeks. For me testosterone only seems to be the ticket. Any thoughts appreciated.

Just wondering if thereís been any testing that anyone is aware of regarding use of Cypionate beyond itís expiration date?

Iíve recently started taking K2 which contains both forms of K2. Ive read over the years how it helps with calcium distribution and wanted to start taking it. Lately Iíve read some articles stating not to use with any type of blood thinners or anticoagulants. Itís not real clear about itís effect on hematocrit or hemoglobin. Just wondering if anyone is taking it, and if thereís been an increase in either?


Iíd like to get some input on my recent thyroid panel.
TSH-2.150 range .450-4.500
Free T4-6.8ug/dl range 4.5-12
T3 uptake ratio-26% range 24-39
Free thyroxine index-1.8 range 1.2-4.9
T3 total-84ng/dl range 71.180

I started with Defy after the first of the year and started with 40mg twice weekly, then moved to 60mg twice weekly. I've been at this dose a little over 6 weeks. Libido has improved and morning erections are everyday. The only other ancillary medication I'm taking is 10mg of dhea which has nicely elevated my levels. I just don't feel very well in general. I started out with all kinds of energy and now feel sort of blah and detached. These levels are at trough and I'm thinking they're too high personally. I can't schedule my followup until the E2 test gets back, but I've never had E2 out of the 20s even with higher doses. Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.


I realize this isnít hormone related, but wanted to see if someone has experienced the symptoms Iím having. Last Wednesday I had a hip injection for bursitis, which is my second injection in that hip. The first one last November went well and I really had no side effects. This last one within 24 hours I felt like my face was on fire. Itís now been over 4 days and my face, neck and upper chest are still beat red. I fell extremely anxious, hot and just overall not well, along with mildly elevated blood pressure. Iíve had injections in the past a few times in my elbow and had some mild flushing but nothing like this. Iíve called and left a message for my doc and hopefully heíll call this morning. I just wanted to see if anyone on here has experienced anything like this.

I wanted to get some clarification on the low dose Cialis sold by Defy. I ordered some, but the
instructions say to use 30-60 minutes prior to activity. I was under the assumption this was
comparable to the brand name daily medication. My insurance wonít cover the 2.5 or 5mg daily
Cialis, so I wanted to try the 3mg compounded. Perhaps the instruction on the bottle are wrong.
Too late to call now, just wanted to see if anyone on here is using this, thanks.

I just wanted to get an idea of a good timeframe to see if my LH levels are starting to rise. I can't really find any information out there stating timeframe. This upcoming Thursday will be 3 weeks since last injection and also 3 weeks on Clomid 25mg per day. I realize its totally subjective, but I wanted to check it soon to see if it has starting rising.

It seems over the years of researching TRT and following this site, and others, that none of the providers ever treat with once weekly injections. Understand this is what most guys say on these forums. I don't recall anyone saying they were prescribed weekly shots by any of the large providers. I seemed to do better with once weekly and have talked to several men over the years that state the same. I'm just curious as to why most of the larger HRT clinics nearly always split the dose, especially when the half life is so long. Speaking for myself, I was always above 900ng day 7 prior to injection, even with just 100mg of cypionate. I've also read that in some men more frequent dosing actually starts an accumulation or building effect causing levels to climb higher than the same dose injected weekly. It seems, just from the half life of the drug, in most men there would be no benefit to this. I briefly tried every two week dosing for a couple months at 200mg e14 days and even then my levels on day 14 were in the high 700s to mid 800ng range. The second week was always better than the first. The first week levels caused severe anxiety, insomnia and killed libido. Just curious if the men successfully injecting weekly are in the minority.

I've never felt well in any respect in the 8 years on TRT for any extended period of time, and have tried restarting a couple times myself. I'm working with Defy this time and hoping I can finally be off TRT and feel well. One thing I've noticed since my last shot is on day 9 I started feeling fantastic in every way. I have no idea what my numbers would have been then, but on 80mg per week my trough was 715ng after dosing 7 weeks at this dose. At no time in the last 8 years or even prior to that, felt this good. I'm assuming my levels are only 400-500ng at this time, which makes me wonder, if all along I've been overdosing cypionate. I've always felt worse the higher my levels got, but have always had very high SHBG. This certainly doesn't fit the normal protocol for someone in my situation. I'm wondering if the restart fails, should I only be dosing 50-60mg per week total? I've watched every video I can find of Dr. Gordons, and he always states the vast majority of his patients are at 60mg and an occasional 80mg. One thing I know for sure is, this is the best I've felt in years, including libido, energy and mood. I hope, if nothing else, I've learned I need much lower levels if I have to return to TRT.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Question about DHEA
« on: February 11, 2018, 02:41:17 pm »
If you look at hormonal pathway charts from different sources, and read various articles on its actions, something is quiet unclear to me. If DHEA only converts to sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone, how could it possibly benefit someone on TRT to take it? It seems there’s no logic to this, due to exogenous testosterone already converting to estrogen in the body. Perhaps this is the reason a good number of men don’t feel well supplementing DHEA. It seems to me it would only be beneficial to someone extremely deficient in aromatase enzyme. Any clarification appreciated.

First of all, I want to preface what I'm about to ask, is in now way asking for patient specific medical advice for myself or anyone else. With that being said, I'm going to present some hypothetical scenarios with a patient. The patient has been on TRT for an extended period of time. The patient has had less than stellar results, and has been prescribed nearly every modality of treatment. The questions for you, the physician is, have any of the following scenarios ever been a reality for someone in your patient base?

Scenario 1: You direct the patient to stop all forms of TRT, patient returns to baseline and is good as ever.

Scenario 2: You direct the patient to stop all forms of TRT, and recommend the patient take a serm. Again patient is good as ever long term with no complaints.

Scenario 3: You direct the patient to stop all forms of TRT, and neither of the first two scenarios come to fruition, patient permanently symptomatic with no known resolution.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

I've been reading several posts on Excel Male over the last week or so, and stumbled across some information Nelson had written in a post. He states ones E2 should have a ratio of 14-20, and that the numbers on a test really aren't that important without symptoms. I started doing some work with my old labs before TRT, which were 440ng total, 7.4ng free and E2 at 21, which puts my T to E ratio at just over 20. Fast forward years on TRT, a typical level at 100mg of Cypionate had my levels at, 916ng total, 16ng free and E2 at 24, which puts my T to E ratio at 38.1. So could this be all along whats causing my total loss of libido? It makes sense that even at 440ng, I still had very decent libido, but had minor erectile disfunction. Could this be the reason so many guys struggle with libido on TRT, especially ones needlessly put on aromatase inhibitors? Could this be the reason, that the higher my T levels, the worse I feel overall? My E2 levels have never been out of the 20s except once when I tried 200mg weekly, which put my total T levels over 1900ng. I'm a thin person, so most likely don't have much aromatase enzyme to convert the extra T, then throw in the fact that my shbg is 60-70. E2 has a strong impact on libido, mine is low already and the remaining is mostly locked up by SHBG. I've had 10-12 doctors over the years, and NOT ONE has addressed this, and I've told every damn one of them that whenever I consume soy or drink alcohol, I have a decent libido for a day or so. Both of those indirectly raise all forms of estrogen, including E2. My question is, what the hell can I do to correct this.

I wanted to see if anyone with elevated SHBG, in the 50-70 range has ever had success with clomid?

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