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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / How to increase SHBG
« on: March 04, 2018, 04:37:44 am »
So here is what I've been able to gather throughout my research. I think most of them are based on some kind of research, but I haven't kept the sources. (Probably found easily through Google Scholar). Most of them have something to do with lowering inflammation.

1. olive oil
2. ‎exercise
3. ‎monounsaturated fatty acids
4. ‎(prolonged) fasting
5. ‎calorie restriction
6. ‎walnuts
7. ‎almonds
8. ‎omega-3
9. ‎fiber
10. ‎berberin
11. ‎proper sleep
12. ‎Vitamin D
13. ‎red wine
14. ‎coffee

Avoid these:

1. (animal) protein (especially milk)
2. body fat
3. carbohydrates
4. saturated fatty acids
5. ‎zinc (shame, since you need this)

So I have this weird problem.  ::) My libido is pretty much non-existent. Sometimes i might be a tiny bit horny, but when you compare that to this, it's nothing. Occasionally, maybe a few times a year, I wake up to ripping the clothes off my wife, talking dirty and being horny as hell. I can never feel anything like that when I'm awake. What is that part of my brain that blocks me from having these emotions? I've been thinking that maybe something like hypnosis or therapeutic LSD could help me free my "true self".

We use something called "Anderson's formula" in my country. It's supposed to give more accurate calculations when SHBG is low. (There was some study I can't find).

Choose "Sukupuoli: mies" (Sex: male)

Why does it matter? Well, if your SHBG is low like 10 and TT is 300 your free testosterone calculated  237.12 pmol/l on this new method and 300 pmol/l on the Nebido. This could make a huge difference in diagnosis. Many pre-TRT low SHBG guys think that they have normal or even high-normal free T when in reality they probably have it rather low.


Among older men, low free DHT is associated with an increased risk of both prevalent and incident atrial fibrillation, and high SHBG is associated with decreased risk of incident AF.

Like everyone knows SHBG tends to rise with age. But what about us with low SHBG? Probably no one has been around long enough to know?

If it does rise with age, I'd imagine there has been someone with untreated low T (due to low SHBG) suddenly regain their libido with older age.  ::)

So I've done numerous blood tests with similar results. Here are my latest ones:

E2: 0.12 (nmol/l) <0.15 [about 33 pg/ml] - Stupid range, but this is actually quite sensitive test
Free T: 194 (pmol/l) 155-800
SHBG: 10 (nmol/l) 15-95
T: 8.5 (nmol/l) 8.0-29.0 [about 245 ng/d]

These were don't after trying to do everything to fix low SHBG. I've done most of the blood tests to find the possible culprit to my low SHBG to no avail. Thyroid, cortisol, insulin etc.

28-years-old. Normal weight.

What kind of protocol would you suggest for me? I guess I'd probably need AI with E2 already that high.

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