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With the sad news of Dr Crisler's passing, it brought back memories of one of Dr Crisler's good friends from Australia, Dr Bill Anton who also took his own life last year. Dr Anton was also involved in anti aging medicine and hormone therapy and had been on hormone therapy himself for a long time.
Although I don't know that TRT played a part in both suicides, I suspect it may have and I know of a number of guys who did take their own life because they were just unable to feel good on any TRT protocol.
How many guys here are struggling more mentally on TRT than before you started and wish you never went on TRT in the first place?

I've found that my libido is really only good after I eat lots of junk food, specifically high sugar foods like cakes, donuts and especially chocolate.
When I was on the keto and carnivore diet, my libido was non existent. Does anyone know why this would be the case? Could it be that some people require a good insulin spike to trigger libido?

I'm wondering if would be beneficial to take a break from hCG from time to time or even take it every second or third week? Can it lose its subjective benefits if it is taken every day for months and months or years on end? When I was taking it every day, it lost its subjective benefits fairly quickly and my balls even began to shrink on 100iu ED. When I switched to 500iu twice a week, the balls came back nice and big very quickly. Still, I have reservations about taking 500iu twice a week for the rest of my life. Perhaps it would be better to take it every 2nd or 3rd week?

I've been on TRT for 3 months now and even though my T level is near top of the reference range, I have not experienced faster recovery from workouts or an increase in muscle strength or endurance. What's been bothering me the most is severe DOMS. It is worse than before TRT. Apart from TRT, the only things I have changed is taking a multi vitamin/mineral supplement (Enzymedica Enzyme Nutrition Men's multi) daily and drinking home made milk kefir daily. Could any of these things be contributing to my severe DOMS? Is there anything that can be done to reduce DOMS?

For those who have achieved supraphysiological DHT levels, did you notice that you were a lot stronger than when your DHT was within the normal reference range?

I've been using a 10% compounded testosterone cream at a dose of just 0.5g applied every morning to the inside of my forearms.
After I was on the cream for 5 weeks, I had a blood test done 24 hours after application. Just this very small amount of cream got me to 700 ng/dl, but my estradiol was only 11 pg/ml. This is exactly the same estradiol level that I had when my TT was less than 300 ng/dl.
Why do you think my estradiol has not increased at all? How do I increase my estradiol?
I've also been having a lot of anxiety. Any idea why?

Supposing a man on 12.5mg/day of clomid for the last several months was able to achieve a TT level of around 700ng/dl.
If he was to begin applying test cream on 2 days each week with 2-3 days gap between each application  e.g Mon & Fri whilst continuing his daily clomid, how much do you think his TT would fall on the days between test cream applications?

I was reading a post from a guy on another forum who said he had tried every single HRT method at all kinds of different doses and has finally settled on a protocol that makes him feel far better than any other he has tried. It is 40mg testosterone enanthate every 3 days for 3 weeks, followed by one week of either 500iu hCG eod or 750iu hCG twice a week. He said he was unable to tolerate testosterone and hCG together, even when the hCG dose was very small. He also noticed testicular atrophy when he was taking 100iu hCG every day along with testosterone.

I noticed that this guy hasn't been active on that forum for over a year, so I'd like to ask the forum members here a question.
As far as I know, hCG does not increase serum testosterone levels to any significant degree when one is taking testosterone, due to suppression from testosterone.
During the 4th week when he is not taking testosterone, he is still suppressed from the 3 weeks of testosterone. Therefore, how can hCG maintain the same level of testosterone he had during those 3 weeks? His testosterone level must be lower during the 4th week when he is using just hCG, right?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Are my doctors morons?
« on: November 06, 2017, 02:39:15 pm »
I've consulted with 2 doctors, who supposedly have many years experience in the field of andrology. One of the them was an endo and the other a GP who specializes in male hormones.
When the GP tested my E2, it was well below the bottom of the normal reference range for an adult male. When I asked him if this is a concern, he said "we only worry about estradiol that is too high".
The endo did not test estradiol at all. When I asked him why, he said he only tests for it if he suspects it is too high. He also did not think having estradiol that is too low to be a matter of concern.
When I asked the "male hormone specialist" GP why he does not test for DHT, he said "that's a pro hormone. It's a hormone that eventually gets converted to testosterone. I can test for it if you like, but normally I only test for testosterone". I even said "dihydrotestosterone", just so he didn't confuse it with DHEA, which he obviously did lol.
Finally, when I suggested adding hCG as a way of increasing my estradiol level, he said "no that won't work. Generally hCG doesn't increase estradiol".
Are both doctors wrong about everything?

I read that some of Dr Crisler's patients take a low dose of clomid such as 12.5mg twice a week whilst on TRT.
What is the reason for this?
My understanding is that clomid cannot raise LH when someone is taking exogenous testosterone.

Does DHT lower estradiol levels or just reduce some of its effects?
If DHT levels go too high, like it does with some guys who use testosterone gel, can it cause joint or muscle pain?

I've been taking Clomid at a dose of 12.5mg eod for the past 3 weeks to treat secondary hypogonadism. I'm ready to quit, because I'm convinced that it is causing major inflammation in my body. During the first week, after not doing any exercise other than gentle walking, my right hip began to feel very painful. I also developed rotator cuff pain in my right shoulder, which made lifting my arm above shoulder level very difficult.
 During the second week, I woke up with bursitis in my right knee knee. The very next day, I had bursitis in my left knee. Two days later, I had bursitis in a different part of my left knee.
 I've never had any of these things before! Clomid must be responsible because I'm not taking any other drugs or any supplements and I'm not doing any type of physical activity to have brought these things on.
 Has anyone else experienced similar inflammatory side effects from Clomid?

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