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I am currently taking Tamoxifen, does this affect a blood test with regard to the Estradiol measurement?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Dr Rand Mcclain at Defy
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:18:08 pm »
Iv'e seen a recent post that Dr Mcclain is at Defy. Iv'e watched all his youtube videos back here in the UK to help me gain as much TRT/Hormone knowledge as possible. His basic strategy seemed to be 200mg p/week Test and 1mg Anastrazole EOD which was quite at odds with most TRT docs in the USA. Do any of you guys use him? Has his approach changed? I just wondered as before I started TRT I self medicated using this protocol and felt great but there is no way my Dr would entertain this.

Hi Everyone, posted this on other forums with very little response,

Been on a new protocol for eight weeks now and started to feel like Estrogen was getting low,I stopped taking Arimidex and two weeks later I am seeing definate improvements BUT I have a lump forming under both my nipples.

Iv'e been in this situation before and took Tamoxifen but I don't think my estrogen is high

Does anyone out there just live with a lump under their nipple without it progressing further or has anyone experienced this and it has gradually subsided? Does anyone have nipple issues with their Estrogen seemingly in check?

Any response would be greatly appreciated!

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