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My testosterone undecanoate (Nebido) Protocol is 250mg(1ml)@14Days. Just came out of the Docs office and he would be ok with 125mg(0.5ml)@7Days. Given the half life of 21days from Test U what benefits could I "expect" ? If any since half life is 21 days?

Through TT is 555ng/dl on the day of the next shot.

Main Thread including blood work (last page I believe) here:

Plus I read a thread here about andriol test caps? How is the bioavailability of those? On first sight it seems like an alternative to Gel plus I will be getting T on a daily basis.


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Nebido - Testoviron
« on: October 04, 2018, 02:57:23 pm »
Hello Guys,

been reading here for a long time, basicly  since I have been battleling ED. I more less came over night, erection got softer during the intercourse - worry - worked off and on.
I decided to see a urologist, well probably wrong pic since he measured total T which came back 380ng/dl. So he sent me away with Sildenafil and told me to reduce stress. Since I told him I also battle Insomnia ans low to no libido (came pretty much same time)

Fast forward a year:  Endocrinologist - Total T 350ng/dl don't remember the rest but Free T and DHT in refference Tyroid and so also - no further help....
Another Year - Another Urologist actually because of something else but I told him about the Problem so here it goes - Total T 330ng/dl - Prolactin 10.9 - LH 8.3 and FSH 4.44. No help...
2 months later another Urologist (because of the "something else" which was swolen foreskin). Told him about the ED and that I have difficulty staying mentally on sex etc....

Next Total T came in 270ng/dl - so he gave me the option for gel / Testosterone Enanthat / Nebido. After some thinking (but not reading here first lol) I decided Nebido.
Got the first shot on June 28th and the booster 7 weeks later on august 15th due to vacation in Vegas and Frisco. 1 - 2 weeks after booster libido was coming back but then it started to wear off again...Now i have my results back for Total T which is 300ng/dl, 7 weeks after the booster shot ? Kinda disappointing. E2 (wanted them to check it) came back 27pg/ml and SHBG 25nmol/l.

Currently supplementing 1 or 2 x 15mg Zinc / Vitamin D / DIM (discontinue?) and Magnesium. I also have CDG but discontinued since I read of a case flushing also Test out?!

My Urologist is kinda open so our plan is to talk per phone and decide on what to do next (he preffers gels and would even give me one pack to test out) and I am leaning towards Testoviron 250mg Test E and maby 2 week intervals?  AI or after labs ? He is on vacation and I will talk to him in about 2 weeks.

Kinda tired of reading postings and trail and error (more error lol) without posting my case and hope to get some help or directions on what way to go. Since my head is full and what not from google.

I am 5"11 at 198lbs


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