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Got the clomid approval!! 25mg a day hopefully thisnstuff has a good
Strike rate! Do u think it mY take a couple weeks to see some sort of difference?

and also is there any other off shelf drug you could possibly reccomend? i need sometttthinggg!! its gotten beyond a joke!!
thanks peak and co

I spoke to my gp and endo, and they "have never heard of using clomophine citrate in a man"its an off the shelf product" i dunno
Wot this means lol

Hey guys ill be as breif as possible, very low T, dont want TRT due to infertillaty, clomid hardl used in Australia, anyone have any tips how i can get this IVF specialist to prescribe me with clomid or something in this  direction and if you have any tips pleaseeeeeeee help me so i can arm myself with some good info,

i have had T as low as 52, and im more then over it, its been over 1.5 years.

much appreciated


p.s if this helps, im 5'9 150lbs fit

Well my friends i can only hope, because this is looking like my last chance, he is calling my endo which shows he may be taking some interest in my case ( more then others anyways) are you still taking full doses actforT??

yeah he then went on to say he is going to call my endo to further discuss, i gave him my sob story and he is kinds being more helpfull, he read my results and he goes "yes your T is a Little bit low!! wowee

Went to my doc today asking if
He could prescribe, he said it was only for females and he hasnt heardnif any cases where a male would use it? Any tips on getting my doc
To prescribe?

peak do you know much about this? if so could you please help me in the way of pros/cons i tryed googling it but it looks like its more aimed at women?

hey guys this sounds like a wonder drug lol, i have 2.8mmol Total and 50 something free test, how do u get prescribeed this also what are side effects etc, I NEED SOMETHING!! :)

wow i would hate to think how bad my overtraining was when i was doing 6 days per week and being in a caloric deficit! yeah this thurs is my colonoscopy so im stopping cold turkey for a month here on in see how that goes!

sorry peak i came across this too tonight if u have a chance would you be able to see if this has any benifit what so ever or is it placebo??
thank you soo much for all your support you have been more help then any doc i have come across!!

Yeah just hoping things will get better i am wondering what its like to be normal!! Can u still build muscle even with minimal T or am i just wastig my time?

I did it for years.  But it's slow and you have to be careful not to overtrain.  The Low T made it harder for me to sleep and increased my general anxiety levels as well - all of which is a recipe for catabolism as I'm sure you know...

That i do my friend! Its a very very fine line! At the moment im training strength an boxing 3 days a week but not really get any muscular gains like muscles dont look like their increasing and my lifts are gradually raising, short term memory loss is
Kicking in but do you think it will be benificial to give a month break orr??

Yeah just hoping things will get better i am wondering what its like to be normal!! Can u still build muscle even with minimal T or am i just wastig my time?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Low T count
« on: July 31, 2012, 04:54:48 am »
The weird thing is you are still considered "normal" to docs mot trying to hijack your post but try only having 2.8mmol i feel your pain my friend

when im higher carb weight gain is inevitable, higher good fats and im sluggish and leaner, my protein has always stayed the same, i been thinking these past few days over and over and over and thinking back, has my T always been low? i have really never been able to get that defined muscle or built look, its always just chubbby and look big or skinny and be a midget/ripped, is there any way to see if i have had low T in the past?driving me crazy

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