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A 250 mg is sufficient to produce the desired result. Anymore of the amount is not required. This i tell from the little bit research i have been doing and plus the experience i have from the usage. Though it has been used for many centuries and is proven non toxic, the possible side effect from over dose would be some sort of allergic reaction.

Anybody use ashwagandha?  I've wanted to try it for kicks and grins but have just never done it.  For those of you have, is 5 grams a lot?


I have been using Ashwagandha for some time. A dose of 250mg is just about enough. More could a waste in my opinion. I read somewhere that about 10-20% reduction of cortisol reduction results from its consumption. Better to take it at somewhere in the evening as that's the time where your cortisol levels are high. Could possibly make you relaxed and sleepy. I use powdered ashwagandha in capsule form. But sometimes it leaves a really bad taste in your mouth and make you wanna puke. A liquid extract (a little expensive that the powder version) mixed in fruit juice would be way much better. Hope this helps.

The standard dose you see thrown around is too high in my opinion.  No point boosting T so far yet experiencing bad sides.

Best protocol i've seen is to start at 12.5mg per day, get labs after 3 or 4 weeks, see if there has been a response.  If there has, maybe bump down to 12.5mg every other day (it has a long half life).  IF no response, try 25mg per day, then get labs again after 3-4 weeks.

In my case, 12.5mg boosted my generally low level around the 400s, up to the 1100s, which was way too much.  If I try it again, i'm going to start really low, 12.5mg sunday and thursday, to see if that boosts me to a mid normal level.

How long have you been taking clomid ?. And did u just stop taking it once your goal was achieved or did you taper off ?. I have been reading on other sites that clomid should be tapered off and stopped abruptly or it could cause problems.


Took anastrazole 1mg/week. Took my forth pill yesterday.

So you took 2 1/2 mg dosages, dosages right?  How many days post-injection did you take those?

Took one 1 mg tab (undivided dose) once every week. I started taking anastrazole 1 week after my shot of TU. Also had a shot of 250 IU HCG when i took 1st and 2nd pill of anastrazole. Third and fourth pills were without hcg.

Had my E2 level checked yesterday. Result came in today. E2 rose to. 51.22 pg/ml. Seems to me anastrazole is not working for me.

Wait though.  What about the twice per week issue.  Are you taking it two times per week?

Took anastrazole 1mg/week. Took my forth pill yesterday.

Had my E2 level checked yesterday. Result came in today. E2 rose to. 51.22 pg/ml. Seems to me anastrazole is not working for me.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: My lab results
« on: April 27, 2013, 11:14:31 am »
E2 was 44.83 pg/ml prior to taking anastrazole. A week later after i took my first 1 mg tab , i had my blood tested and E2 came down to 38.14 pg/ml. So i took another pill and a week later blood work done. My E2 level have swung up to 45.62 pg/ml. What is going on here ?.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: My lab results
« on: April 19, 2013, 03:37:15 am »
I had my bloodwork done a week later after injesting 1 pill of 1 mg anastrazole. The results :-

Estradiol.    38.14pg/ml
prolactin.      6.72ng/ml
progesterone 0.45ng/ml

Have not yet tested for dihydrotestosterone. E2 came down from 44.83 pg /ml to 38.14 pg /ml
with just 1pill of 1mg anastrazole. 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: My lab results
« on: April 13, 2013, 09:33:55 am »
Estradiol is just one part of my problem. What puzzles me that my free testosterone level going down even while being on TRT.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: My lab results
« on: April 12, 2013, 03:09:24 pm »
I had taken 1 mg of anastrazole yesterday.  How much reduction of estradiol can i expect and just how long does 1 mg of anastrazole take to clear from the system ?.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: My lab results
« on: April 11, 2013, 11:19:27 am »
I am using testosterone undecanoate 1000 mg with 90 days interval between each shot. 

I do not understand why my free test is going down. And even after 5 shots my total t has only gone up by 123 points.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / My lab results
« on: April 11, 2013, 10:24:56 am »
Hi peak.  I had blood test done on 8th April 2013, just 3 hours before my 6th shot of testosterone undecanoate. Results came in yesterday :-

Total testosterone 384.28 ng/dl
Free testosterone 8.30 pg/ml
Estradiol                44.83 pg/ml

My lab work before starting trt ( last year ) :-

Total Testosterone 261.21 ng/dl
Free Testosterone  8.94 pg/ml
Estradiol was not measured.

After being on trt for 1 year, results are not satisfactory. What do make of the above results ?

Also i recieved a shot of 250 IU of HCG and took 1 mg of Anastrazole today. Next week i would be getting further blood work done.

Hi peak. I had a few tests done two years before starting TRT. I had misplaced those reports but fortunately my current doctor had a copy of those reports. Received them today by email from my doc.
These are some of the results of the tests taken on 8-6-2010 : -

TESTOSTERONE – 12.1  ( Free T )

I do not know what units these were measured in ( doc just emailed me the numbers ), but i assume that LH and FSH are measured in mIU/mL and prolactin  in ng/mL.

My Free T level on 8-6-2010 was 12.1 and went down to 8.94 on 27 of Feb 2012. I had  semen analysis done 3-4 times prior to HRT and was found to be infertile. Each time the tests were done the number of sperms and their motility kept coming down. Also ultrasound revealed microlithaisis in both testis ( I am unaware of what that means).

What do you make of the above ?. Could i be primary or secondary?

ok, so i'll post this in my other thread as well regarding all my issues :)...but here goes:

yep, seems like i "passed" the Clomid challenge. February i had a reading of total T at 270 ng/dl. Today's results, after 5 1/2 weeks on Clomid:

627 ng/dl!!

wow, so that was really good news...i'll put my other panel results on my other thread, but wanted to put this in for you nysportsman - Clomid really can (and does) - at least in my case - raise T levels significantly.

That's really good. But, starry, did u stop clomid all at once or tapered off ?.

Hello peak. I will be having my 6th shot of testosterone undecanoate April 8. I would get a few blood tests before then. Two years before starting HRT i had my LH and FSH tests taken. I do not have results of that test now, but i do remember faintly of them being on the lower side of the normal range. Could i be having secondary hypogonadism ?. Also thinking of using clomid 25 mg/day and anastrozole 0.5 once a week along with HRT. I do not know yet what my estradiol numbers are, but i suspect it to up as there is no improvement to my condition. Libido is almost zero and four months back i had a really bad period of being mentally like a women. I would literally cry watching sad movies. Fortunately it was a brief episode.

How does one use clomid ? And does it need tapering off ? I been reading on various sites that clomid needs tapering off or it could cause problems.

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