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Peak T- I have finally found a good endo who is getting me straightened out with the T and E2

I addressed him with my prolactin concerns, its been tested at 11.9 , and 11.7, he didnt think it was an issue. Do you think i should further pursue this?

Are any of the non rx methods of lowering prolactin such as vitex, Vit B6, or Mucuna Pruriens actually effective?? Or are only rx drugs such as dostinex actually effective in reducing prolactin?

Also do you now anything about iodine deficiencies and how they relate to poor thyroid function and low body temps?? Is iodine deficiency really common now a days? How about supplementing with something like Iodoral?


Ya i read that article and realized you were suggesting that it was too low. i will look into this aswell.

Also Im not trying to bragg but my doc is not responsible for any of this. I had to twist his arm to prescribe me Armour Thyroid, he of course insisted on syntheroid, and didn't even think my TSH was at all high. I really think He only did it because he knows i Have low Test but refuses to treat that.

As for the low T issue i am currently being treated by a Mens health clinic, while i am waiting to see the top Urologist in my state so that should be promising.

Do you think the Estradiol is too high? i was under the impression that my number was actually pretty decent.

What do you suggest for lowering prolactin? mine is high and i have had a long refractory period so that makes sense.
- the natural way... being high doses of B6 or does it require Rx drugs To lower?

Also i will check out that article.. Also do you have any input pertaining to adrenals?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: New to the board.
« on: October 17, 2012, 05:28:13 am »
Have you explored the mens clinic/anti aging clinic route?

This is your next step if you don't receive the treatment you need from a traditional health care provider.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: New to the board.
« on: October 17, 2012, 04:59:06 am »
Dude, As you probably already know you cannot accept the SSRI BS. Im 21, refused to take the Anti's and just recently started TRT and feeling a ton better already.

If you have an HMO insurance like i do your going to have to seek outside help man, i can almost say this with 100% certainty. Look up capitation payment system and you will be able to figure why they won't treat you or treat you adequately. Don't let them continue to give you the run around. In an HMO system no matter what doctor you see its almost impossible for guys as young as us to get TRT, they all have their "hands tied behind their backs" when it comes to testosterone replacement.

I am speculating you have HMO insurance but could be off point. If you don't have HMO disregard my post.

Quick Update:

Testicular MRI came back, and everything was fine. Have yet to get a pituitary MRI but will be soon, and still trying to get at the root cause of my low T.

I have started a Test+HCG TRT protocol and it will be two weeks tomorrow from when i started. Libido and over all wellbeing are remarkably better. I really think im on the right track with this TRT thing, I'm having these thoughts that i haven't had since i was young, in a good way but its hard to explain. The only symptom that i haven't noticed any improvement at all is fatigue. So I'm currently waiting for my 24 hour saliva kit to get here so i can check out the adrenals.

Also i know TRT is not just an overnight fix and the best is yet to come

Some recent tests of relevance:
Igf - 1  250 ng/ml (83-344)
Estradiol 11.9 pg/ml (7.6-42.6)
Prolactin 11.9ng/ml

Current concerns that i think need to be addressed are the high prolactin value, chronic Low body temperature, always sweating from underarms and possible adrenal fatigue/insufficiency.

Here are my body temp readings taken from doctor visits. They are alarmingly low, and i guess my doctor never picked up on it. Idk if these temps could be from thyroid (latest TSH of 1.99, I managed to get a therapeutic trial of Armour Thyroid 1/2 grain to see if this helps, who knows I'm guessing the dosage is too low but currently on week 3). Im thinking these temps and persistent sweating could also be from adrenal fatigue which like i said i will be getting checked soon.

   Date                   Time       Temp  (F)
09/17/21012      11: 40 AM          95.2
06/11/2012      11: 20 AM            95.0
07/14/2011       2: 20 PM         95.5
07/12/2011       9: 30 AM         95.1
05/03/2010       2: 00 PM         95.5

Let me know what you guys think....

No worries, your completely correct.

I have been doing a little more digging and i think Varicocele (varicose veins of the testicles) may be contributing to my Low T problem. I don't so much have the soft mass associated with Varicocele, but over the last year or so i have had the dull aches in my testicles, my right testicle hangs lower than my left and always has ( varicocele most commonly affects the left testicle), and lower back pain that really acts up when my testicles start to ache. My only doubt about the Varicocele is that the location of the vein is right in the leftish- middle of my scrotum, not really that big, and not a "worm like" growth on the side of the scrotum like most commonly reported.

I am going to get a testicular ultrasound hopefully tomorrow.

Do you know anything about this condition?

Trust me training and Diet are on point and have been for a long time. I feel like  i am some sort of freak case. This has not come about by leading a sedentary lifestyle. Played Basketball, Football, and baseball my entire life. Have weight trained and dieted all through college and drank less alcohol than anybody at my College of 30,000 kids.

Can anybody chime in on the reluctance of Doctors in general to acknowledge this as a real problem??

I mean i can understand the stigma around "steroids", but are doctors informed by the Government to do whatever possible to avoid hormone replacement??

It just makes me angry that i have basically done my endo/gp's job for them and feel that they have straight up lied to me, or are they truly this naive, i mean they did make it through medical school so you would expect the highest competance...

Also an update, i have requested that my doctor work with Dr. Crisler, the supposed leading Dr. in this area, so i should hear back tomorrow... Also i have found a mens health clinic that will consider treating me in the meantime, its up to the directors discretion and should hear back from that clinic within the next few days.

Yes your right, I know this.

I will update periodically on how things are going..

Thanks for sharing your story.

So heres where i am going from here:
I am going to self administer Testosterone and HCG and possibly Arimidex to my self while waiting to either 1) see Dr. Crisler in MI or 2) Convince my Doctor to work with Dr. Crisler like it says can be done on Dr. Crisler's website, so i don't have to make the trip out there.

I know it may be best to not self administer in the meantime but i Have to feel better i am dead set on doing it.

Can anybody provide with with an exact protocol to get my T level's in the 900-1000 range, and fairly stable. I am not afraid to inject 2 times a week... I know there is a lot of information regarding Self administered TRT on the web but a lot of it is very conflicting, can anybody chime in with some experience??

Thank You

Ok thank you for your input, it has been very valuable to me. I will seek outside help.

My doctor just does not seem concerned even after conveying all of my symptoms. I have pretty much self diagnosed myself, researched this topic heavily for a while now, and gotten my labs done. My parents are starting to realize this is actually a problem and see that it makes sense for me and they feel absolutely horrible and are willing to do anything. I had a panic attack last night, i feel so cold right now like i always do (hands/ feet/ penis) (TSH??), along with constant underarm sweating, feel like i have no test running through my body. My parents came to my college town and picked me up early this morning and my father is literally willing to get me Testosterone in the meantime while waiting to get back in with my doctors.  I would go in to the ER but were afraid they might think this is all in my head, because they really don't seem to understand hormone deficiencies and how this stuff can happen from low T, Its not this depression BS that they want to diagnose everyone as having. My symptoms are literally that bad right now and have just been so bad the last week once i realized that i actually am facing the problem of Low Test which in turn makes it even worse, i had the feeling i was suffering from this since my first blood test over a year ago, but now i know that i am for sure.

I haven't had BF levels measured ever, but i have outline of abdominals so I'm thinking I'm around 14% - 15%,  I'm 6'1" 190lbs was leaner literally a few months ago with no change in diet or energy expenditure. Its as if I've had these symptoms for a long time now but in literally the last 3 weeks they have hit me even harder. I was never overweight, puberty took me forever though and just always seemed to be the "late bloomer", had gyno during puberty (maybe not full blown but definitely had the painful lumps), but never again since i was like 14  or 15. I was really skinny at the beginning of HS and then grew in height but never really filled out until i started lifting and eating. I don't have any other medical conditions. Diet right now includes a lot of chicken, eggs, veggies, 1% Milk, Muscle Milk, Low fat cottage cheese, Walnuts, Coachs Oats, Albacore tuna, . I eat out at places like Chipolte and Noodles & Company, but i don't snack on garbage chips and processed food. I consider myself pretty knowledgable in regards to nutrition and do not feel as if that is a contributing factor.

Where do you suggest i go from here help wise? Clearly HMO's are not cutting it for issues like this.I know it is absolutely imperative that we get to the root cause but at the same time i feel like i need some exogenous test for relief. With school and everything i cannot feel this way for another few weeks while waiting in limbo.

Thanks again for your insight, i really believe this forum and your website will change my life forever.

Never, i also never experience those random erections or sexual thoughts throughout the day like I would in high school

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