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It is really frustrating when you are doing so well and then the bottom drops.  I don't understand why that happens.  Perhaps Arimidex is in order for you?  Personally, I have been trying different combinations of Cypionate and Arimidex dosages.  My brain fog is much better now, but my energy/motivation is still in the toilet.  I have gone to 50mg of T every 4 days and .125 mg Arimidex every 4 days.  I think this will level out the peaks and valleys of my hormone levels.  This makes sense to me, that the levels need to be more steady, because I cycle between feeling good and terrible.  The problem now is my mind is messing with me regarding the injections.  It is getting harder to do the injections myself because of this mental block.  I will keep going though.  I hope you get things figured out very soon!

My trough at 120mg/week was 996.  I don't seem to need as much cypionate as the norm.  That reading was taken the morning of my injection day, and I had been at 120mg for at least a month.  So I believe this is a good reading.  At 150mg my trough was about 1050.

Yeah, I may be overthinking this.  I just seem to be so close and I don't have any big changes to make that I can figure out.  I took 40mg cypionate Thursday night.  Then I felt bad Friday morning.  I took .25mg Arimidex Friday morning, and felt worse in the afternoon.  I took 40mg cypionate Monday night, and felt a little better afterwards (I was feeling increaseingly hypo during Monday).  I felt bad Tuesday morning and took as close to .125mg Arimidex as I could measure.  I am feeling much better today so far.  I am wondering if 40mg cypionatae every 4 days will work better, and taking .125mg Arimidex with the cypionate, or within half a day anyhow.

Yeah,  I don't any intention of taking more Arimidex than I am now.  I made that one .25mg section of a pill last from Monday to Today, and I am scheduled for another dose this evening.  I am just curious what taking a lower dose more often will do.  My wifes doctor, who views himself as a TRT expert, says that his patients do better taking cypionate twice weekly.  I may try this, but my gut says that E2 is the real issue.  Of course, maybe going to twice weekly will help with my E2 as well by reducing aromitization?

With all the trouble I seem to be having with E2, I have been thinking about what to do with my Arimidex dosing.  If I take no Arimidex, I feel bad because my E2 goes too high.  If I take 0.25mg twice weekly I feel bad because my E2 is too low (I think).  Certainly, .5mg twice weekly does push my E2 too low, and .25mg seems to do the same.  If I don't take Arimidex for awhile, then I tend to feel better the next day after taking Arimidex again, but then worse again after that.  My thought is that maybe taking .25mg will push my E2 down and I'll feel better the first day.  Then my E2 continues to go down for a couple more days, and I feel bad again from too low E2.  I wonder if taking a smaller dose more often would be better?  The problem is the pill is getting hard to split any smaller then to .25mg.  Perhaps I should look into a compounding pharmacy to get tiny doses?  I guess I could grind the pill and weigh the dust out, but compounding probably would be cheaper.  Not sure my doctor would help though, as he already thinks I am nutty even taking Arimidex at all.

I tried something last night, and I bit the tiniest amount of Arimidex off of a .25mg section of pill.  I am sure the dose was less than .05mg.  I felt better within an hour, does Arimidex work that quickly?  I felt bad again this morning and did the same thing.  It worked again.  I felt worse again later, bit off a tiny sliver, and I felt better once again.  I am concerned this won't keep working like that, as the Arimidex is likely building up in my system, and my E2 is likely to go low again.  But could I possibly be onto something?  Does anyone know why Arimidex is taken only every 3 to 4 days?  Does this relate to the half life?  Or does it coincide with the T shots and the related aromatization?

Thank you

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« on: August 20, 2013, 03:03:00 am »
No problem peak, yes the gp thought there was a problem with my adrenals, but the endo said no.  The only issue left was the T.  The gp did a very thorough set of blood work.  Right now, I am convinced it is T, but I'll look at other options later if need be.  Thanks,henn

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« on: August 20, 2013, 01:51:55 am »
The off feeling for me is that my brain stops working, it is hard to think, words don't come to mind like they should.  I also get stiff muscles in my face.  It comes and goes, but is there more often than not.

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« on: August 19, 2013, 06:43:48 pm »

I feel for you, as my treatment is not producing good results now.  At least for me though,  I have had some good days that provide me with hope.  So I can understand your frustration if you have had no results at all.  I still suspect my issue is E2, but I can't seem to get it modulated.  I was at 42 taking nothing, 15 taking 1mg/week, and now I am taking .5mg/week but still feel bad.  I tried going down to 100mg cypionate last Thursday.  Then I will also reduce my Arimidex hoping that the lower cyp dose will reduce aromatization.  I am really hopeful for you though, that lowering your E2 will produce positive results for you.  I too may need to find a more knowledgable Doctor, as I am grasping at straws now.  I too feel a deep dark tiredness most of the time, it is difficult to do simple tasks.

If T were the only hormone, you would feel something.  Your E2 must be high.  E2 appears to be more difficult to regulate than T.  I was at 42 with no Arimidex, at 15 with .5mg twice weekly, and now I am trying .25mg twice weekly.  I am hoping this will get my E2 in the 20-30 range and will help me feel better.  Perhaps Arimidex can help you too, if your E2 truly is high.

What I like is the chance to run ideas by people who do just always tell me I'm wrong.  I don't like the way doctors feel like they have to act like they know everything about medicine.  The site is especially helpful for me now because my doctor is so convinced that E2 makes little difference.  I think they are so wrong, and will prove it if I can.  Although, I don't care so much what they think of me, as long as I continue to improve how I feel.  But, if the doctor could learn something, and help others as a result, that would be great.

I have been wondering about E2 lately.  I have never had a reading of 6, but mine was 15 last time.  This was after taking .5mg Arimidex twice weekly for four weeks.  I stopped taking Arimidex for a couple of weeks.  Then I took .25mg on Monday night.  I felt much better Tuesday morning but only for a few hours.  I haven't felt that good in a long time though.  My new plan is to take .25mg twice weekly and see what happens in a month.  The .5mg twice weekly seems too high a dose for me.  Maybe I should look at the .1mg dosing as well.  I hope you get your levels back in line!

I am glad you mentioned this Peak.  My T came back at 996, much higher than I expected.  But the point is my T was plenty high.  I think the problem is the low E2 at 15.  So my E2 was 42 on nothing, and 15 on 1mg per week of Arimidex (two doses of .5mg).  I was thinking maybe I should take .5mg per week, and maybe the number will go to the mid 20s.  I was also thinking it would make sense to take the Arimidex at the same time as the shot.  That way my T will increase and the E2 conversion will be limited at the same time for the first half of the week.  The second half of the week, my T will be decreasing, and I won't need Arimidex to keep E2 conversion in check.  Also, my E2 level may stay a little more constant with this plan.  I will either do this, or just stay off Arimidex until I feel better.  Then my E2 level should be in a good range.  Some point after that, I will take Arimidex to keep E2 from going too high.  Then again, maybe I should stay off Arimidex and my body will control the E2 naturally?  Especially if I keep running a lot.

You crash right after the shot or a few days later?  I feel better after the shot, but have been crashing a few days later for some reason.  I think my body is very sensitive to changes in T/E2 levels, and I need to get good levels and stay more consistent.  It is just a thought though.  I don't know how to explain why my brain fog is all over the place.  I could barely get out of bed this morning my head was so thick feeling.  Now I feel ok though.  There is no consistancy yet.  I suggest that you need more time on HRT and find out about E2 somehow.


Cypionate gives me gas too.  The higher the dose, the more the gas.  It may be the E2 though.  When my E2 tested at 42, the gas was really bad.  Gas is better now, and my E2 is lower, I also lowered my T dose though.

How can I forget about the anxiety?  I was on anti anxiety medication for years.  This symptom is much more tolerable for me now.  I stopped taking all medication last October.  So I am very happy about that.  I still believe my main issue is hormone related.  That is why I am focusing on getting my T level to about 800 and E2 to the low 20s.  If I can do that, I think my symptoms will improve dramatically.  The PA thinks I am looking for a miracle cure.  However, I suspect she is basing that on all of the bad experience I had with the topicals, androgel, androderm, axiron.  She probably thinks my T levels were good with all of these medications, and I just am expecting too much from TRT.  That is not true, even 75% relief of my symptoms would change my life dramatically.  That is not expecting a miracle cure.

Keep up with your treatment, it can take a long time to get it right, especially when the doctor doesn't know what to do.

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