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[MODERATOR's UPDATE: This is an update from Adam at the 6 month point:]

I went to my PCP a few days ago for a checkup/update on my self administered Test-C. I take 100mg/week. Before he could say anything to me I gave him a big THANK YOU! He then says "I guess you are doing good". LOL I told him that the only complaint is from my wife because my libido is way too high for her. I went on and told him that my anxiety issues have disappeared, as well as chronic insomnia. My overall mood is good although overall I still HATE people. <--- thats always been normal for me.... I feel STRONG and young!  8)  He wants me to get a full set of labs done and I told him some things to check out that he usually misses. My PCP is not accustomed to prescribing Testosterone injections and he knows Ive done extensive research on it. I told him I am going to start doing Sub-Q shots once a week at 100mg/week. I did a small "test" shot this morning with a 50mg shot. He was a bit apprehensive (because he doesnt normally prescribe Test-C) but he did not advise me to not do it. He wants to see me in another 8 weeks. Im going to get me blood drawn for the labs in 6 weeks. My Doctor was happy that I came in and that I want to be checked out. He was worried I wouldnt continue to get checked out.

I was worried the Sub-Q shot was going to sting or hurt but it was COMPLETELY painless!

My current protocol is:
30mg/day Armour Thyroid
250 IU 2Xweek
100mg/Week Test-C
My Total Testosterone Levels are between 1100 (72 hours post IM shot) and 580 (7 days post IM shot)

I am overall very FUCKING HAPPY!

I was able to obtain a couple of 4mL vials of this and was thinking of trying it out and possibly doing a a bulking cycle consisting of Test-U, Test-C, and HCG. I did some research and Test-U has a very long half life and for TRT purposes one shot is needed every 10-12 weeks. So if I were to do use the Test-U in conjunction with Test-C and HCG I would estimate my Testosterone levels would be well over 2000nG/dL. I do have adequate Adex on hand. I would do blood work if I were to go this route.

Whats your thoughts?

I am currently on 100mg/week of test-C. Peak T levels are about 1100 and Low T level is 500

Well, that's steroid stuff.  I like to stay in physiological ranges myself, i.e. less than 1200 peak.

Also, undecanoate is a big bell curve so, even if you tried to implement what you said, you'd have to keep adjusting your cypionate.  So then why not just take more cypionate?

But, again, I think it's unwise to go over 1200, although many steroid guys seem to do quite well.  I also don't see the advantage.  You can feel fantastic and put on lots of muscle less than 1200, so what's the point in risking life and limb?

Now one thing that may help:

My clinic gives me HCG on my two lowest days.  (250 IU).  This likely give me a 200 or 300 point boost during my valley time and keeps my levels right in the 800-1200 range all the time. 

Talk to your doc though.

Btw, if you do go over 1200, make sure your RBC's/hematocrit/hemoglobin, PSA, blood pressure, kidney function are all being monitored regularly.  Well, those should be monitored even if you are below 1200.

Thanks for the reply Peak! I understand the risks and I was not planning on doing this "cycle" for at least 6 months. I do not have enough Test-C on hand to give myself any extra for a prolonged period of time. I am also on 250 IU of HCG 3 times a week.

I was going to use the Test-U (one shot lasts for 12 weeks) as the replacement for my weekly Test-C (one shot lasts 10-12 days) and use the Test-C as a "Boost". I am in research mode right not and will not just willy-nilly use drugs without having done so.

I was able to obtain a couple of 4mL vials of this and was thinking of trying it out and possibly doing a a bulking cycle consisting of Test-U, Test-C, and HCG. I did some research and Test-U has a very long half life and for TRT purposes one shot is needed every 10-12 weeks. So if I were to do use the Test-U in conjunction with Test-C and HCG I would estimate my Testosterone levels would be well over 2000nG/dL. I do have adequate Adex on hand. I would do blood work if I were to go this route.

Whats your thoughts?

I am currently on 100mg/week of test-C. Peak T levels are about 1100 and Low T level is 500
As for diet I eat VERY clean and consume about 100-130 grams of protein/day. I would be using creatine monohydrate as well during the cycle.

The key sentence in the article is "many with underlying illnesses including prior heart attacks and diabetes". I dont think this applies to people who take care of themselves through proper exercise and nutrition.

Hows everyone doing? Its been a while since I last posted anything. My PCP want me to get the following tests done prior to issuing a refill of my Test-C

Lipid Panel
Total Testosterone
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Whats your thoughts? Are these typical tests for this? I last injected 7 days ago and I am going to get the labs done prior to my next injection (8th day) which is tomorrow.
I am on 100mg/week however, I usually only inject 80mg/week

This is where I get my HCG from!

Why did you start TRT if your natural levels were in the high 400 to mid 500? IMO your doctor is doing you WRONG and should be fired!

Yeah I don't think he meant ending it all. I think he meant it this way correct me if I am wrong....................................

We all sit around and look at the things we have done some of us have young families and some of us have nothing but friends in our lifes.. But we all get that fear of how we will die when it may happen etc.. Some people deal with that fear in harsh ways. They think of all the good times in their lifes and bad times. Then that fear sets in and let me tell you sometimes its a strong feeling knowing no matter what you are not gonna dodge death I mean lets face it its gonna happen like it or not..

The problem is accepting our fate and all the fear that some people have.. Like dying young etc.. I understand where Adam is coming from. Just because he had a threesome or whatever else he does when he gets his freak on does not mean he does not have a strong fear of things in this life. If you sit back and think on it I bet you would get those butter flies as well.. But........ Most people aren't driven on anxiety like some of us are anxiety is a ass kicker for sure..

I watched my uncle get a death sentence he was told he had only a couple months to live if that. He didn't even cry all he was worried about was who was going to take care of his dogs..He died 2 weeks later.. So see some people just don't worry because they accept its out of their control.

I have to try hard to become that way I really do I am no preacher or professional on this subject but I can relate to many on the anxiety level for sure..

What you said is "Spot On".. Thanks!

Noooo I was not talking about me ending my life. It's more like a sadness that I might not be around to see my grand kids.... Stuff like that.

Ill probably start therapy in a few weeks. I was hoping that getting my hormones in check would help eleveate my mental issues. I do feel much better than I did in the past so I know I'm partially there.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Anxiety attacks back?
« on: August 15, 2013, 01:09:33 am »
Last night I had a small (short) anxiety attack. Its the first one in about 3 months. I hope I dont have any repeats. It always has to do with end of life thoughts.....

Does anyone ever wonder if this is a conspiracy between government and the drug manufactures? More specifically manufacturers of anti-depressants. Also, I mean all the regulations on male hormones.

There is no "one" answer, but I think it's great you are movnig to weekly instead of every 10 days. I do 80mg every Tuesday and Saturday, for a total of 160. I recognize that is a bit high for many. My last numbers are in my signature. I went on HCG after the draw and could literally FEEL my E2 climb. Now that it's back down, I'm feeling fantastic. It might take you more or less to feel great. 1100 is a BIG number in my opinion, so that dose might work for you.
Whatever dose you take, I highly recommend splitting it into twice a week injections. If the doc will only do 100 for the week, go with it and see what your numbers look like in month...

Id be moving from 100mg every week to 100mg every 10 days.

My PCP asked if I would try 100mg every 10 days. I thought about it a while and countered him with 50mg every 5 days. He said he was just suggesting the 100mg every 10 days because he believes 100mg per week is a high dose. However, if I was happy with 100mg every 7 days he was cool with it. I am open to trying the 50mg every 5 days as I feel really good and I am concerned about E2 (35) and my very high libido. I can always change it back.....

7 days after shot Total-T is 580 and 76 hours after shot Total-T is 1100

What your thoughts guys ?

Thanks Peak.   I'm still hoping to find something that shows more directly how volume and concentration effect serum concentration over time curve.   

Part of my reason for this is that even at 100mg/week, all ok am noticing on days 2-3 after injection I feel a little amped up.  Yesterday at Home Depot I was talking to an associate in the plumbing department and I felt like my mind was racing a little bit.

It's been a pretty consistent trend that seems to balance out around days 4-8 then around day 9 I would start feeling hypo again.   I am wondering if I am seeing a higher day 2,3 peak because I am getting a 0.5ml 200mg/ml injection than a 1ml 100mg/ml injection.   I do plan on running another blood test here in a couple weeks after I am on weekly injections for a few weeks to let things reach an equilibrium.

I also feel a bit amped up on days 2-4 then kinda flat on days 6-8. I inject 100mg every 7 days.

So I had my testosterone tested a couple of weeks earlier by Doctor#1 and the results looked like this:

Total test: 362.0

SHBG: 26.9

Free test: 8.18

These are definitely on the low end of the spectrum and according to this site, way too low for a 30-year old. I live pretty healthy (3 times/week weight lifting, HITT once/week), eat/drink very healthy (enough good fats/proteins etc.).
I started taking zinc after the test was taken because I drink pretty heavily on a friday night (sober rest of the week) but this was before the test was taken. The test was taken 3 days after my last drink and alcohol only has an influence within 24 hours if I recall the studies correctly (true?).

Because Doctor#1 said my values were okay I went to Doctor#2 with the results. #2 says that, while on the lower end of the spectrum, these are still normal because I can still get an erection when I masturbate, which I found a strange answer. I don't think too low T-levels automatically equate complete lack of erections? I have my occasional morning wood/sex dream again since I started quitting porn and masturbated a lot less, but almost never during the day or when I see a girl. It's like my brain objectively knows women are attractive but I never FEEL it. I went 2 months without porn/masturbating/ejaculating and didn't have a single wet dream.

Other potentially relevant symptoms: Never fully rested and always yawning during the day (sleep almost 8hrs/night with melatonin supplement, without it my sleep is generally worse), low sex drive (women almost never attract me nor do I attract them even though I'm a pretty social guy), regularily sub-par concentration, if I don't work out/eat healthy I am pretty susceptible for depression/anxiety. Self-confidence could be better even though I fake it all the time. Gains in the gym/fat loss are pretty slow.

Tomorrow I'm having a more extended test with thyroid functioning included as well. But I'm not sure how I should handle the conversation when my results will turn out the same. Any tips to handle the conversation? Even though I'm not really sure what I expect from the checkup because HRT seems a pretty big step and I still have a tendency to put more faith into 2 doctors than into a "random" website (no offense, obv :-)).

My numbers were also similar to yours (varied form 200-420) and my PCP and Endo said they were ok. I kept bitching at my PCP until he wrote me a script to try test-c. Now I am very happy! I am 40 so IMO I would try to find out why your numbers are low. It could be related depression as Low-T can be caused depression and vise verse.....

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