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ditto to what the was said. A pretty big percentage of guys need more than 500 IU a week. I do fine with 500 IU but my guess is that more guys are up near 1000

After being on Testogel for about fourteen years I decided to restart hCG for a month (throughout February and the last few days of January).  I used 300 IU every third day.  I wanted to see if there was a difference between the effects of a gel and hCG.  (HCG has always struck me as more 'natural'.)  However I just felt increasingly tired throughout the month. Yesterday I restarted Testogel, and this morning I had more solid and lasting npt than I can remember. And feel much more energetic this morning.  I think I'll stick to the gel in future.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: PT-141 Log
« on: February 14, 2017, 11:48:00 am »
Perhaps hypnotherapy has a roll to play in up-regulating the parasympathetic nervous system (making you a lot more relaxed) and thus boosting dopamine? 

I wonder how long the benefits of hypnotherapy might last.    I guess not everyone is susceptible.

Or perhaps yoga?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: PT-141 Log
« on: February 13, 2017, 10:03:17 am »
Thanks.  I haven't used L-Tyrosine much, but restarted last week as I remembered (after re-reading my notes) that it been beneficial in he past,and noted that it's supposed to enhance dopamine levels and reduce noradrenaline, - which sounds ideal.  It's also supposed to increase alertness (but it can lead to stress and insomnia).  But in the last few days I think I've noticed L-Tyrosine's benefits kicking in.

My standard supplements are Prelox and Calcium d-Glucarate.  I also use a sachet of testosterone daily as I have a naturally v low T level.  Though, just for a change, a couple of weeks ago I restarted hCG.  I suspect that's a good thing to swap to once in a while if you have low testosterone.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: PT-141 Log
« on: February 12, 2017, 10:23:29 am »
I, for reasons I forget, stopped using PT-141 (bremeanotide)  in about March 2015. (Perhaps lack of a girlfriend.)  I recall strong nocturnal-type erections and increased libido, and I also recall dead feeling legs and an inner 'cold' feeling. But nocturnal erections are not the same as fully awake sexual erections

In November last year Palatin Technologies announced the results of the Phase 3 trial of bremelanotide and reported "we could not be more pleased".  But this is for female sexual dysfunction.  It's not clear what effect it has on men. It might soon be possible to experiment with Palatin's drug and see for ourselves. 

I restarted L-Tyrosine on Thursday, and increased the dose from 500mg to 1g yesterday.  L-Tyrosine is also supposed to boost dopamine; and lying in bed this morning listening to the radio, and half asleep, I experienced three of four spontaneous erections, after a night of much solid npt

So why is this dopamine enhancing stuff successful when dozing off but not when fully awake?   I suspect it relates to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  At rest, the PSN takes over and the general relaxation allows easier blood flow into the penis.  Others, including Peak, have opined that it’s due too much noradrenaline (the release of which is much restricted when you’re asleep). But I see these are not alternative theories, - they are strongly linked.  Noradrenaline is, it seems, released by the sympathetic nervous system  And high noradrenaline is associated with low dopamine production.

So there’s a strong association here between the parasympathetic nervous system, low noradrenaline and high dopamine, that helps nocturnal erections.  But when the sympathetic nervous system takes over (when you wake) all this good stuff is much reduced.

I wonder what could be done to address this issue? 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Impaza
« on: February 03, 2017, 08:39:47 am »
Any idea if this is ED only caused by blood flow problems?  Evidence for ED based on hormonal causes?

have you tried PT141 for ED? yes its not approved, yes its experimental but yes it does work

Yes I have tried PT-141.  And it worked, after a fashion, and it's the only time I've been concerned about priapism after a four hour erection that started shortly after I went to bed (alone).  But it had side effects.  Made me feel cold, and ache.

I think Impaza is supposed to be homeopathic.  So few side effects.  But, on the other hand, that probably means it doesn't work. 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Impaza
« on: February 02, 2017, 11:26:36 am »
Has anyone here ever tried Impaza?

It’s an ED drug made in Russia by a company called ‘Materia Medica’.  M.M claims “a dose of one tablet per day for 12 weeks provides for the restoration of erectile function; this effect is long-lasting. Tablet is to be held in the mouth until its complete dissolution; it should not be taken with food. In patients with advanced symptoms of erectile dysfunction, optimal effect is achieved with twice daily administration, in the morning and before sleep”.

The website even claims that Impaza boosts testosterone levels, reduces fatigue and does lots of great things.  Their website goes into some detail on all of this.

A blind placebo-controlled try carried out in Volgograd in 2003 was quite positive in its findings.

Should we trust the Russians here?

When I use hCG I use 400 or 500IUs every third or fourth day.  Why not just experiment at home and see how it goes?  5000IUs of hCG is less than £20, and then there's the cost of injection-water, a suitable vial to store it in, and some syringes.  That's a month's supply for £25.

I can't see that hCG would naturally kick start your natural gonadotropins. I've not heard anyone suggest it does.  But it would be easy to find out.

They say it helps defend against dementia too.

Remember: instant coffee contains less caffeine than 'real' coffee, - so invest in a quality coffee machine today!  (I've been eagerly stumbling down to my coffee machine every morning for many years,  But not sure it's helped much.)

I was told by an ED doctor once that his homosexual patients (who tend to be more 'experimental') sometimes grind up their Viagra and inhale it.  He told me that it's effective, and the action is pretty quick.

Futura’s report on their Eroxon trial is a masterpiece of vacuous marketing rhetoric. The only useful fact we’re told about the clinical efficacy of Eroxon is that, for patients with anything other than mild dysfunction, the medication was no better than the placebo as far achieving a reasonable improvement in erectile function is concerned.  ‘Reasonable’ here means at least a modest 4-point increase on the IIEF-EF scale.  (The IIEF-EF scale runs from 6 to 30.)

The ‘mild’ patients were twice as likely to report a reasonable improvement compared to those taking the placebo. But Futura declines to give the numbers. And you might guess that perhaps about 5% of placebo-taking patients reported a reasonable improvement; therefore perhaps only 10% of even mildly dysfunction patients taking Eroxon reported a reasonable improvement?    Not impressive.

James Barder, Futura’s CEO, talks of 82% of the patients in the mild group achieving erections within ten minutes.  But, if 90% of these patients received no worthwhile improvement, what can he mean?   The answer is that in trials based on the IIEF Questionnaire an erection doesn’t mean what most of us think it means.  It simply means any transient slight enlargement of the penis. (And surely in the mild category you’d achieve at least that with no medication anyway?)

I distrust reports, such as Futura’s report, which repeatedly refer to ‘statistically significant’ or ‘highly statistically significant’ results, seemingly hoping the reader will confuse ‘statistically significant’ with ‘clinically significant’.  (You can, of course, have ‘highly significant statistics’ proving there is no clinical significance at all.)

It seems, simply on Futura’s evidence, that Eroxon will, for the vast majority of us, be a waste of time.

I posted some thoughts on the superficially similar Vitaros a couple of years ago.  Vitaros is Apricus Biosciences’ only product.  When Apricus announced Vitaros in 2011 their share price was above $5.60.  On Friday it was 28 cents.  Futura’s share price, which increased 200% on the announcement of the ‘successful’ Eroxon trial, may eventually go the same way.  However, I intend, as soon as it’s possible, to get some Eroxon on a ‘named patient’ basis and if, against all expectations, it works, I shall buy lots of Futura shares.

I've tried them, but found they're not really of much use.  And this view seems shared by the Urologists I've spoken to. Erections are caused by blood flowing into the corpora cavernosa, not pelvic muscles.  However the exercise can make your penis feel more sensitive, which gives the illusion they're doing some good.

There is an oft-quoted clinical trial, by Grace Dorey, carried out in 2004, which suggests Kegel exercises are better than Viagra, but it's the most confused and misleading trial in the history of modern clinical trials.  (Grace Dorey believes that bulbocavernosus muscle around the penis is responsible for erections, - which we all know is wrong.)

Having said that, the NHS Choices websites suggests the pelvic floor exercises can be helpful for erectile dysfunction. And it has been suggested the urination dribble is associated with weak pelvic muscles.

tell us more how to use  etc dosage etc..tell us more

I've bought 'Source Naturals' bottles of 120 x 500mg tablets, of which I take six a day, as recommended. (Two, three times a day, with meals).  And two Prelox a day.

A number of guys have taken it.  Check out this thread which has a list of past threads:


I've been taking 3g a day of Calcium d-Glucarate for about six weeks (after someone here recommended I try it)  I'm pretty impressed, it's possibly the best erection-enhancing supplement I've tried.

There are reports it reduces oestrogen

Okay that is very interesting Inigo.  Yes, it is pretty popular on here.  It's not nearly as powerful as an Arimidex or letrozole, but some guys use it for fine tuning.  There is also less risk of driving your estradiol too low.

Caution:  Since you are feeling better, then you are probably okay.  But you really should not lower estradiol too low and you have to be very careful, because if you go too low with estradiol - somewhere around 14 pg/mll - then you can experience bone loss.  We've had guys on here who have had that happen to them.  The problem is that you don't notice it.

I know testing is tough over there, but you want an LC-MS/MS test for estradiol.  It's the only one really accurate enough to pick up values for men.

And glad you're doing better!

So can I ask how long you've noticed the improvement?

It took a few weeks. And the effect is getting better all the time. Nocturnal erections are hugely more powerful, and occur every morning. And masturbation is very much easier.  Strong (self induced) erections can last for an hour if required.  It's about time I got a new girlfriend!

[MODERATOR SPLIT FROM HERE: http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=6631.0]

A number of guys have taken it.  Check out this thread which has a list of past threads:


I've been taking 3g a day of Calcium d-Glucarate for about six weeks (after someone here recommended I try it)  I'm pretty impressed, it's possibly the best erection-enhancing supplement I've tried.

There are reports it reduces oestrogen


I wanted to ask you about your experience with Citrulline.

Did you see any ED improvement with it? If so, how long did it take those improvements to peak?

I was on Citrulline for quite a while, - till about six weeks ago. I wasn't sure if it was doing me any good, and so I stopped to see if I noticed a difference. There was no immediate difference, but your question has made me think 'yes, there has now, after a few weeks, been a slight decline without the regular citrulline'.  On reflection, the lack of Citrulline may be the reason.

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