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If you simply address your low T without addressing your thyroid as well as adrenals as well as gut health adding testosterone may not achieve the results that you are looking for.  My recommendation is to have a complete hormone panel test, adrenal issues as well as gut health fixed prior to beginning on testosterone therapy.  There are several companies including Genova as well as Metametrix offer excellent testing to evaluate for any of these issues.  A qualified anti-aging doc will offer these as part of your initial assessment for optimum health and prevention of chronic disease.

Add some fish oil 3-4 grams a day as well as Niacin but not the flush free form along with magnesium 400mg a day and consider natural thyroid and watch your triglycerides and cholesterol markedly improve.

My recommendation is that you start by going to google and check out walk-run programs.  This is a great way to start to get your heart rate up which is necessary to achieve cardiac conditioning.
Change your program up frequently as your body does not respond to the same exercise continuously,  Look for body weight exercises that you can do at home if you have no time to get healthy in a gym.  Consider a baseline body composition as well to check out your lean body mass.   

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