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Man I am sorry . I hadn't been on the forum in a while and saw he left me a message a while ago and I just responded not even knowing what happened.
RIP man. My condolences to all his family. 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Best form of boron?
« on: February 14, 2017, 03:07:32 am »

Didnt specify which type.
Honestly though, I am sure any will do especially if deficient.

No experience using the coils. My urologist did say that was an option for my varicocele in which I have had for years now.
I never did opt for surgery but instead went on a search for a natural remedy after I researched on the procedures etc etc.
That sounds like such a hassle considering the surgery /embolization are supposed to help .

I would start with a good multi,all natural if possible. Sleep,that's the most important.
Get some eggs in as well as they are choline filled and provide other nutrients. Go easy on the red meats,try to balance out.
I would try to avoid fish too, as now days they are filled with heavy metals.
Honestly ,more blood work needs to be done as well,even heavy metals .
You getting plenty of sun ? Vitamin D is important as well. Overall the body needs its essential nutrients to function correctly with limited toxins(heavy metals,plastic,aluminum in hygiene products etc etc. )

At age 20,my t levels were 475 ng/dl,forget my bio. Up until 2013(I was 24 in 2013)
I ended up taking time off work in september 2013 and being the mind that I am,I read, and read alot. I always knew somewhat how to be healthy,but  not everything. Still lots to learn now .
Now days M t levels are in the 700's ,and im 8 years older.  According to doctors,the media,etc etc,I should be lower right?
Man does western society disgust me.
Its all in the diet,toxins and rest. Take it from me.
Try some HIIT 3 days a week and limit the endurance stuff as well until you catch up on everything else.

Regardless if is secondary ,
change your habits.
What are your habits like(lifestyle, deodorants used,supps,food etc etc)
Naturally will take time though.In the end it is worth it.

"And there is zippo evidence that it lowers testosterone.  I have never heard of anyone taking flaxseed - and a number of guys on the forum have - saying it affected libido."

Have to bring it up,
I started taking Flaxseed oil for my Omega 3 intake.  Started in april of '15
Well I recently (march of this year) had my t levels measured,both free and total.
Total 744 250-1100 ng/dL
Free unbound 65.2 35.0-155.0 pg/mL
Now I was wondering why my bio avail was so low compared to my total.
Perhaps because I wasnt working out as much and doing HIIT?
Well doing some research as always(flax came up accidently on what I was looking up) I found some evidence of flax raising shbg as well as inhibiting alpha 5-reductase. Makes sense . I even started taking butea superba(which did raise my libido).
Also started boron as well hoping it will raise my free-t.
 Testosterone test before this one was in Nov of '14,which came in at
713 total t
97 free. So in short,I'll probably start taking fish oil again or hemp, depending on more research.. Many factors could have lowered my free t,but nothing significantly changed. Even when my free t was higher,I was on high huge calorie deficit,which in reality should have hindered my t.
I do plan on taking another test measurement this time with estrodial,shbg and dht to see if the other supps are working. Only thing is
that I am debating if I test now before I stop flax and after a few months of stopping. Those test cost money ,so I'll see.
I will post results though regardless.

I believe it is getting worse. Yes information is out there, and sometimes the media extends the truth and turns a circle into a square,
but from what I see,at least locally,yes it is worse. People are ruder,more focused on themselves,cops are lazier, people generally are becoming....worthless. This extends into the rest of the world, more crime, etc etc. Weather is getting out of hand too.
But whatever I can only whine and not produce.

Baking soda. Both for the arm pits and toothpaste. I use lime as well for the pits. Works for at least 8 hrs.
As far as the toothpaste, toms is alright.
Or use mint and baking soda.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: estrogen and minerals
« on: December 16, 2015, 10:55:51 pm »
Too little= bad,too much= bad. Balance.

Yes,it's all about balance. Great post.

Funny mentioning this.
I was signing up for health insurance and was deciding if I needed dental. My wife states I have cavities and tells me what they do about them(fillings etc).Started doing some research about all these,and yea,found out about it. I'll keep whatever cavities I have ,especially since I now take care of myself well compared to when I got them in the first place. Got the dental anyways just for the cleanings and havent been a dentist in...well never as far as I can remember. Great childhood. But yea,some genius of a country we live in huh. Who are the scientist who come up with these medical procedures etc that do more damage than good anyways??

Lifestyle does have a lot to do with test levels of course. I recall having mine checked when I wasn't working out,not eating super clean,etc etc.474 was my number,which concerned me. Anyways,years later,working out(was on a cut at 1400 cal a day,low carb,hiit sprints). Ended up working out at the oil fields,but had go see a doc because I felt like crap after eating carbs. I thought I was becoming diabetic since my dad had insulin dependent. Got the hormones checked just to see where I was at,t came in @713 with free t@92.4 pg/ml.
Quite a jump from the sedantary lifestyle. I was supplmenting creatine,good all natural multi,zinc ,magnesium,b6 ,protein,beta alanine egcg extract and omegas.Now I dont know about the supps other than the multi and zma applying towards the levels,but I do know that Hiit helped as well as proper sleep. The low carb I guess didn't affect levels or maybe,I'll soon find out. Also my lifestyle has a lot to with it.I won't use deodorant,instead lemon and baking soda.Cook only on stainless steel pans,use and drink only from glass containers. Any plastics I throw out and put the product in glass instead(seasonings etc). Many people immediately want to jump on the trt replacement,but thats like adding coolant over and over instead of just fixing the actual problem. America has become a toxic estrogenic environment with males more and more having declining test levels.The trick is to guard yourself against the toxicity of modern society.
If I were your endo,Id check everything from thyroid ,prolactin,estrodial,shbg,fsh,lh to toxic metals like aluminum,mercury,lead,arsenic. Get to the root of the problem. Add that zinc,though as it might just be that.  I make my own via powders. many companies sell powder bulk online ,just google .Good Luck man.

Has anyone tried cabergoline/dostinex before?  Did it work to stop the post-climax prolactin release?

What s cabergoline/dostinex?
A prescription medication used to shut down prolactin to minimal levels. it's a dopamine agonist.

So, Cabergoline has a double effect? It lowers prolactin and activates dopamine receptors?

Also - In your view - what are acceptable levels for prolactin?

Yes that's correct.usually it's prescribed to people who have tumors secreting prolactin. Never experienced caber myself,wish I could.
acceptable is right in the middle of the refercence range IMO,

A dopamine antagonist would, as you say, tend to lead to higher prolactin levels. But surely that's is likely to lead to erectile dysfunction?  Uprima, Zyprima and cabergoline all have beneficial erectile effect by being dopamine agonists, thus stimulating dopamine response (and reducing prolactin).
Yes I believe so,reading about some experiences on another forum ,people were saying after the yohimbine,it was difficult to even get an erection.

Has anyone tried cabergoline/dostinex before?  Did it work to stop the post-climax prolactin release?

What s cabergoline/dostinex?
A prescription medication used to shut down prolactin to minimal levels. it's a dopamine agonist.

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