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Some different stuff in this podcast about testosterone replacement therapy. He gets into some info about antiestrogens and why they should be avoided which I found pretty interesting.

Anyhow I just thought I'd give it a share.


Sorry I posted that kind of quick and I just wanted to elaborate. So about 3 weeks ago I put my bottle of HCG in the kitchen cupboard instead of the fridge accidentally. I do a shot every other day so 48 hours later I went to do another shot and notice I hadn't left it in the fridge but decided to try to use the bottle anyhow. Three weeks have gone by and I have noticed that my libido has started to crash, my erection quality is up and down and I'm having a very hard time sleeping. Recently in the past few days I've had some aching in my testicles which I've experienced when I have gone off HCG in the past. So that sparked me to buy the pregnancy test today. I tested my bottle of HCG I left in the cupboard and lo and behold it came out negative. I should have brought a second pregnancy test to see if the new bottle of HCG tested positive. I will try to get another pregnancy test today.

Hey everyone just wanted to tell you guys about my experience. I absent-mindedly left the HCG in my kitchen cupboard with my syringes. It was there for approximately 48 hours before my next shot. I noticed that I had some aching in my testicles a few weeks later so I tested the HCG with a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Just thought I'd share this.

Ache is DHT related, Arimidex doesn't decrease acne. A pure coincidence acne cleared up when it did.

But Iím saying Arimidex caused my acne. Iím sure dht isnít the only cause of acne. But since we are on the topic is there any science that says Arimidex can raise dht levels?

So Iíve struggled with acne for a while now ( since commencing hcg and Arimidex). I had no acne with just test. I for a long time assumed it was the hcg but Iíve recently stopped taking my Arimidex and my acne has cleared up significantly. Iím not experiencing any high E2 symptoms yet and I havenít had blood work yet. I was always in the normal range while taking arimidex. Just wondering if anyone has any insight on letting E2 rise or correlation between the relationship of  Arimidex and acne?

There are so many combinations of treatment it would be impossible to make a list. For instance testosterone injections alone are ok but test + hcg is a game changer for me.

Doesn't probably relate to Testosterone directly, but anyone know why ADHD may seem worse for me the days after I do cardio?  It also seems worse after the "runners high" I get wears off, but is basically the same for biking. 

Also, I don't focus as well the next day when I lift the day prior, but I focus well after lifting on the day I lifted.

Wouldn't the dopamine from cardio and endorphins help me focus more?  I've never understood why lifting would help me focus more?  My "Assumption" is that the intense cardio elevates cortisol and cuts Testosterone production, but the lifting raises it temporarily and the elevated Testosterone after lifting helps me focus, maybe?

I don't know, what do you guys think/know on this sort of thing?  Just a thing I've noticed for years now.

I would guess that maybe a side effect of your ADHD/OCD would be anywhere from mild to moderate adrenal fatigue. When you have those intense sessions it can real havoc on your adrenals especially if your stress and cortisol is high, not getting adequate sleep etc. I have had adrenal issues and when I train too hard or too intense too many time in a row without getting proper recovery it exacerbates things like anxiety and fatigue. So although exercise is important try scaling back on your endurance training.

Just a guess.

If youíre injecting EOD I wouldnít think there would be a huge difference between trough and peak.

Well I never experienced much facial hair growth but when I was in cream and rubbed it on my upper thighs and scrotum I had a massive influx of hair. I switched to injections and after about 1 to 2 years I noticed an increase in chest and stomach hair.

They both serve a purpose but I guess it is going to be based on what you are trying to achieve. What are your goals?

A hyper excreter is someone who needs 200mg or more per week to achieve normal testosterone levels where other guys only need 100mg or less to achieve the same levels. GI bleeding could be another reason for needing so much testosterone.

Why does GI bleeding affect this?

I wonder about absorption rates being different between subQ fat, versus intramuscular. Maybe there is no difference. But maybe there is?

This is from Defy medical staff back when I brought my concerns to them after seeing low total T number:

As for absorption, it has been noted that some men absorb differently depending on IM/SC
injections and estrogen levels can sometimes vary as well depending on the injection type so it makes sense

Hey Chris. Just wondering what your bodyfat % would be.  I'm just wondering if different body compositions make for different absorption. I myself am pretty lean coming in around 10 to 12% body fat. I had never measured my levels while doing subq but I know I just didn't feel as good as I did with Intramuscular injections. So I went back to IM.

29g 1/2" is the pretty much gold standard right now. Great posts from Cataceous.

Thatís what Iím using but I use them IM cause Iím quite lean. Couldnít be happier. I look at my old 25g 1Ē syringes and want to barf. Lol

Iíve aways known my sleep was a mess and knew it was a contributor to my health issues. Iím on chapter 9 of this book where there is a focus on the effects of sleep deprivation effects on testosterone and it has literally blown my mind. Diet and fitness have always been my two biggest focuses in life with sleep falling behind. Well itís come to light from this book that I have to move sleep back up to the top. Time to shift focus. A sleep study showed that men who sleep longer have larger testicles! Anyhow, great book.

When I first started hcg I was getting the best EQ Iíve experienced since I was 18. Even better. I swore it was the largest my member has ever felt in my entire life, Flaccid or erect. I felt like priapis. Even my orgasms would make my whole leg shake and my knees buckle. Lasted for about 2 weeks. Been chasing it ever since. Anyhow, so yes it could  be that your trt is producing a better hormonal balance which definetly affects your penis. Has it actually grown... I doubt it. But Iíd it responding at its peak performance.... likely! Enjoy it!

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