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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: PSA on latest labs
« on: December 03, 2018, 12:48:40 am »
Hematocrit - 51.4 % - (lab normal range 38.5 - 50%)

My guess is they will ask you to donate blood to get this down some.

Also exercise like riding an exercise bike is an excellent way to raise your PSA because you are also exciting that area of your body acting like sex. If you have been working out using an exercise bike that works that area you need to stop for a couple days. I have at least 48 hours before having sex again because 24 gave me false readings that were too high.

Best advice I can give you is to ask your MD or DO to write you a prescription for Tadalafil which is the generic form of Cialis. Tadalfil is used by heart patients in fact that is what it was invented for. The erection was a side effect and was sold as Cialis.
You can get 20mg Tadalis for about 1/20th the cost of Cialis.
Have a heart to heart talk with your doc and explain why you want to do this. Many of them will write you a prescription required for your heart and if insurance doesn't pay for it, it hardly matters because it is so inexpensive.

Makes me sick to see how pharma's screw us like they do. I realize they need to recover their R&D costs but have you seen any pharma's going bankrupt lately? Nope the opposite is true.

Anyway I hope this helps you. I use Tadalafil for a few years now at 20mg and use a pill cutter to get 5mg daily for my nitric oxide booster.

You are making a lot of changes which will take time to stabilize. You E2 in my opinion was not that high given you have been banging out 110-100mg every week. 50 mg every 3 1/2D is excellent way to keep from having peaks and valleys. I think you will see your E2 settle down a little too maybe in the 20's someplace. You don't want too low and 19 which is what I think you reported is almost too low. 20-30 seems to be a good sweet spot for E2 based on empirical data I have seen reported here by members including me.
Also I would not be surprised if your LDL's are higher than they should be.
One of the things about taking HRT is it does bump your cholesterol up.
I get an occasional pimple and I am 66 and yes caused by HRT.
Hopefully yours will clear up but there are good meds to help breakouts.

Can't help you about the old GF issue. I have noticed that over the 5-10 years I am much more emotional than I ever was and I am a pretty stoic guy but at your age I doubt that is the result of HRT...

DIM did absolutely nothing for me. I started T Cyp a couple years ago and I take a small quantity every 3 1/2 days not because of erections but to protect my heart, be able to produce muscle again and endurance. I am comfortable with my decision and I don't feel any different now than I did before I took T Cyp so how you feel is totally subjective and I wonder if many suffer from a Placebo effect rather than real changes.
I can take whatever to gain an erection but I get nocturnal erections and have them naturally too. I do take a nitric oxide boosting protocol because it just makes sense.

I did research for many years as part of my work and wrote a lot of technical papers. I carefully researched a lot of articles years ago like 2013 before I started on this path. If I come off T Cyp I will gradually tapper off but my T Cyp when I tested if off T  was 240. My natural T beofe HRT was 400-469 and I could not build any muscle no matter how hard I worked in the gym. I have exercised all my life so I know when I can't improve.

Bottom line is that we have individual differences and what works for one person doesn't for another even though the results might still fall in the window of what medical science as "normal". Well it isn't normal for the individual and you need to tailor whatever you take be it vitamins, nutraceuticals, diet, HRT, exercise, smoking, drinking, etc.

Unless there is something that shows up that is adverse to my heath I will continue my current protocol and modify it to get life balance as I continue to age...

I am 66 very fit and use small units of HCG and small T Cyp injections every 3 1/2 days. I don't notice any difference using or not using it however I continue to use it to keep my testes normal size...

I never got my t tested until I was 61 or so but it was 400-469 naturally but I have exercised all my life doing more cardio than I wish I had now that I know cardio and some weights alone isn't a good routine. I started on t over 3 years ago because no matter how well I ate how much I exercised with machines and weights I was not building muscle. I felt good but didn't understand why I could not build muscle and my weight was a little higher than I wanted it even cutting back. I read extensively and decided that I needed to tgt 600-700 for my t and that is about where I am on anywhere from 18-25ml every 3 1/2 days. My body is much leaner and I built muscle with much better vascular body. I also started taking Nitric Oxide booster which I think also helped the vacularity but didn't raise t. I think once you get some of your testing done and assuming they find no issues that contribute to low t that you might need to start TRT. I caution you that if you start t injections (they are painless by the way using sub-Q, that you should also consider HCG if you want to keep your testes from shrinking. External injection of t will cause your body to produce less and testes shrinkage is the result. The HCG (I take my HCG in the same needle as t cyp) will keep your testes from shrinking and HCG has few side effects...

I think if I was more aware of having low T I would not have gotten prostate cancer. My natural level of T was 400-469 but that was not good enough. I am now between upper 500's to around 700 which works well for me. I have less body fate, do HIIT every other day and walk 40 minutes off days.
I am in this for the long haul so I hope that my injecting T cyp will serve me well until I am no longer here...

I concur but they can only prescribe so many days ahead of you running out of your meds. I have never had a problem with them arriving well before I needed them especially if I called and made sure that they sent them out early. They are very helpful and willing to help you...

Right off the bat it is your life not your doctor's so if you not them don't take a more proactive approach you will still have issues with T levels. As is common knowledge on this forum there are providers that will work with you long distance. I am not supporting one clinic over another just that I have experience with Defy and Dr Saya.
What you do is up to you but my Uro was OK with me getting started on T since mine was a little low and I had the inability to build muscle and have good stamina exercising.
You pay for the blood work, fill out the forms, discuss your goals with these clinics and they prescribe what is needed to get your T level to an acceptable level.
Will this solve your mental issues? No but it will sure help make sure that low T doesn't contribute to them.

I strongly suggest you ignore your current health care professionals since they are not helping you from a physiological perspective and take control yourself after you not a health care professional that has no training in this area continues to provide you will poor advice.

My Uro is a great guy and in fact he is my neighbor too but I made the decision to use Defy because my Uro prescribed a course of treatment that was old school and wrong (200mg once per month no no no!!!!).
He did not take offense when I told him I sought out a hormonal specialist and has worked with me for the last two years to be sure my PSA, etc are good too.

Your mental issues are out of my limited knowledge but just like finding the right doctor finding the right psychologist or psychiatrist takes effort finding someone that can help you.

My opinions are mine only and don't reflect anything except my experience with lack of trained doctors when it comes to hormone therapy. Not their fault it is not addressed much in medical school.

I hope this advice is of some value. I am much happier from a physiological perspective and able to build muscle again and have the stamina I should have.

By the way I am 66 years old and exercise 3-4 times a week doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as well as stretching and weights.

Don't give up but start taking control of your own future as it is your life not some medical professional giving you 10 minutes of their time....

My non TRT level was 400-469 but I was unable to to build muscle and didn't seem to have the energy and stamina I used to have. I decided to try TRT and it has bumped my level up to as high as 700 low as 499 but usually in the 600 range. I use a small amount of T cyp every 3 1/2 days and HCL in a small dose as well. I have better stamina and can build muscle and keep pretty fit. I have lower body fat level. The only issue i still struggle with is quality sleep. Lot of life events so might be attributed to that.
Hope this post helps and I am 66 by the way...

Donated to Peak's fund. I hope this helps the family. RIP Peak.

I am just seeing this now. What a tragedy. My thoughts go out to friends and family. Peak will be greatly missed. How sad.

Based on the fact that testosterone cyp. increases DHT I have observed over the last two years increased hair loss. I am now using a blocking DHT shampoo combined with a couple of boosters. I now notice I an not growing any hair but the loss is much improved. Be sure you understand that hair loss is an effect.
I am happy to trade hair loss for the correct level of T cyp and feeling well.

I have had the opposite reaction. I have had a loss of hair on the top of my head because of higher DHT. So much so that I recently bought a shampoo that neutralizes the DHT hoping I can regain some of the hair loss.
I would not change a thing however since the increase of T has really helped me get better strength and stamina at the gym...

I have been using Gene's stack for a few years now and my vascularity is improved. I don't take the Doxazosin but do take everything else on his NO stack.
Many of the nutraceuiticals have been mentioned here already.

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