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You're on test and your Dr is testing you for LH and FSH? Time to find a new Dr. Those numbers are of course going to be a statistical zero...YOU'RE ON TEST. Complete waste of money.

This is working well for me, I'm currently using .1875mg of Anastrozole.

I'm crushing 2mg total and dissolving 8cc of Vodka. This mixture yields 1cc = .25mg
each 1/10th cc = .025mg

It's easy to tailor it from there to exactly what you want to take. Current testing in my peak has E2 LC/MS/MS @ 31 on 60mg TCyp EOD. Next step will be trough testing. Im using my mixture on injection days, M/W/F, which is due to my low SHBG. Draw it up drop it in some water and chug it. In a glass of water its undetectable.

I mix my anastrozole with Vodka and custom tailor dosing to jsut about anything I want, <.25mg. For instance I take appx 18.75mg right now.

8mL Vodka + 2mg Anastrozole, this gives me 1cc of mixture = .25mg. You can divide it down from there. I use tablets but I suppose you can open a capsule and empty it. 

I stick with .25mg at a time, .5mg is too much.

I don't see any issue with the timing of your bloodwork.  Those numbers are a pretty good representation of where they'll be on any day of the week on that protocol.

Ya exactly, I liked it as turns out just not quite that high, I was just shocked actually.

I didn't see anything on the results labeled A1C, maybe it's under another term?

I always felt like the weigh-in and BP was a sham to cover the office visit for insurance purposes. Sure they took readings and logged it but at times I'd ask them to retake my BP on the way out as my 45 minutes of road rage had me elevated and they always said no your good, and I know I was elevated watching them write the numbers down. I think we've talked about some of the money making aspects of the weekly office visit business model.

I don't know about insulin resistance but did talk to my nurse a few months ago on a general physical and asked her to test glucose or diabetic etc

glucose was 87 (65-99), I'd like that to be lower but it's good. AST (36) and ALT (22) for liver were both in range.

@Timmy11, I'm using the Pure Encapsulations pharm grade capsules. It takes 5-10 minutes to dissolve then you just rinse down the remains.

.5mg is a lot at one-time. I recommend .25mg, being crashed out E2 is no good.

I'm very comfortable with testing in my troughs in the past being at ~900, but when I got this result of 1470 at the 24hr post 60mg injection, with 100iu HcG daily...I'm rather bothered by it. I'm not suffering any symptoms, the only thing that lingers on my mind is the RBC/Hematocrit which I don't necessarily mind donating a pint periodically. I need to donate again.
The Free T (Direct) I haven't had tested in a while and that one of course was >50 on the scale of 6.8-21.5. I ran a free and bio avail calculator and got these results along with my albumin of 4.1 and SHBG of 12.2:

Free Testosterone  55.5 ng/dl  3.77%   
Bioavailable Testosterone  1243 ng/dl   84.6%

E2 LC/MS/MS was 31 on 18.75mg Anastrozole M/W/F, I'm quite pleased about that number.

My ED persists but has for 18 months no matter what I do, what dose I use or what I take in HRT or OTC supps.   

And I LOVE the gym benefits.

Was that blood drawn in your trough or was it right after or a day after an injection?

In all honesty if Low T Center was 10-15 minutes from home or work, I'd probably still be there for the simple fact that they take and file insurance. Even though it's an outdated regimen that they use, weekly injections, it was terribly convenient to walk in and walk out in 5 minutes time for $15 cost to me. I left them because the clinic was ~45 minutes one-way through rush hour traffic and the drive times and distance just weren't sustainable for me after ~9 weeks.

I made a minor slip up and tested on a Saturday morning while on a M/W/F injection routine when I should have perhaps drawn on Mon AM before my injection.
on a 24hr "high" of TCyp and HcG, I was very shocked at how high my numbers were TT/FT and SHBG which was low @ 12 which that wasn't too unexpected I was thinking 15-20 is typical for me the reason I put myself on this EOD regimen.
Has anyone else tested in the Peak and what did you think of your numbers.

I simply feel better dissolving the Preg and DHEA capsules under my tongue. Not energized but much more able to get things done around the house, more motivated, more positive outlook. I'm sleeping better at night, too.

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