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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Nebido - Testoviron
« on: October 06, 2018, 10:55:45 am »
Last but not least, if I split the Nebido 1000mg into quarters and inject every 2 weeks how is the rest of the TU stored? ...

Given the amount of time involved I wouldn't try storing the last three doses in syringes. I would instead transfer the remainder of the ampule's contents to a sterile vial: Example.

In Sweden, Nebido is in a vial. Easy to split.

Pregnyl its a safe card, works great.

Do you use tesogel?
If you do, you maybe put the gel there they take blod on you. Dont do that because the test gona get skyhigh.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: 1mg Arimidex daily
« on: September 02, 2017, 01:07:58 am »
I was on 1mg each day and did not feel well on it, but the weird thing was i got rock hard morning wood under that period and my e2 was zero. Never got that morning wood now on trt.

Yes, Bayer say so. But you don't die if you split the four ml to four one ml injections.

I have used testogel a year soon, and it works for about six months for me. Now is my testosterone down to 4,5 nmol/l. Next treatment is nebido I think, but I have to ask the dr about to splitt the nebido in four one ml injections. You can get nebido in vial today so it's easy to splitt.

I see your testosterone value is much upp and down, I think it's different to treat E2 with that upp and downs in testosterone.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Nebido -> pregnyl?
« on: November 08, 2015, 07:24:19 am »

Sterile water is meant to be used shortly after mixing.  Bacteriostatic water is able to be stored for a longer period of time.
Read on another forum that hcg can be frozen, mix an ampoule and draw it up in 3 syringes, use one and two goes in the freezer.


I have tried to freeze  pregnyl splitted in three insulin syringes, 500iu each. And i inject one directly and that worked well, feel the effect last day. But I don't feel that with the frozen pregnyl. I tried to split one ampoules in two and stored it in the fridge, but just for 24 hour and that works.

Now I got to try 500iu mwf and store that in the fridge, I can report next week how it's works.

Guys who've had shrinkage... did your penis revert to it's original size, after you treated the Low-T or underlying dysfunction?

I had shrinkage before i start hcg monotherapy, when i start hcg my penis came out from the stomach and libido came back high but no change with ED. Viagra didnt work either. Then stoped hcg and started with testogel, now my libido is lower but my ED is better. Think that has to be with my lowered SHBG. My SHBG was 57 and now 32 with testogel. Now i want to do both testogel and hcg, but i dont think they let me do that here in Sweden.

Wonder how much longer till it will be available...
I bet some estradiol i dont need it will be available here around year 2277  >:(

+1 for that!

Hi ccal!
Tell your doc to split the 250mg to 125mg and inject that dose once a week.

My doctor increased the dose to 9 sachets week, two days a week I take two sachets.
Sounds completly bonkers to me with a dose of 9 packets a week, it will give you uneven levels of T, as far as i know proper dosing of testogel is either 1x50mg or 2x50mg every day.

Yes! I talk to my doc next week and se if he could raise to 2x50mg every day.

It doesn't look like this dose is working too well for you.  What does your free testosterone look like on this protocol?  That's the number I'd be focused on if I were you.  Total testosterone is often a poor indicator of hypogonadism or effective testosterone replacement.

I agree with Peak that you might feel ok at 20 nmol/l for total T, but the way you feel is largely based on your free T value.  Free T usually rises along with total T, but your SHBG will help to dictate how much.

Hi! I started hcg monotherapy last year, 1500 iu twice a week and my T was 24 nmol/l  and i think shbg was 55 nmol/l. So my free T was quite low.

Started testogel in december and my total t is lower now but i got 2% free t and my ED is better now with higher free t. My shbg last time was 36 nmol/l. Weird that my libido is lower now, was skyhigh with hcg but Ed instead.


Started with Testogel in December and after a while I got my motivation back but it disappeared just before Christmas. Took blood samples in early January that showed
T 15 nmol / L = 433 ng/dl
E2 90 pmol / l = 25pg/ml
SHBG 36 nmol /l

My doctor increased the dose to 9 sachets week, two days a week I take two sachets. Tried one sachet in the morning and once at night without any progress. Then took both of them in the morning then got my motivation back for a while and then disappeared again.

Took new blood tests last week, so talk to the doctor the next few weeks. My doctor said he will raise me to 20nmol / l, but I do not think that's enough for me. Having been on the HCG monotherapy last year and was then in 24nmol / l before I got the next injection. Felt good on Pregnyl but my estradiol increased with time so the effect was weaker at the end.

Do I ever got my motivation back, or is it a dopamine boost from the testosterone that gave me that motivation?
Maybe I am shutdown right now and need higher doses of testosterone?

When the motivation came back it felt like life came back and I was really productive. Felt sad when it disappeared again.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: HCG Mono questions
« on: February 16, 2015, 05:02:50 am »
Have you even had blood work since starting? Let's look at blood prior to jumping to an AI. You could be too LOW on E2 if the dose isn't enough to keep T levels in clinical range.

I am on HCG mono. Initially started at 1,000ius EOD but have dropped down to 250iu to find the lowest dose that does what I need it to do.

Beware of AIs with HCG. I have read that they are largely ineffective with HCG because the aromatization takes place inside the testicles as opposed to in other tissues with exogenous (injected) T. The AI is out numbered in the testicles because of high concentration of aromatization, and so it crashes your serum E2 while doing nothing for your E2 symptoms.

This is consistent with my AI experience where even 0.25 every week would crash me in 2-3 weeks, despite huge amount of HCG.

So I've dropped the HCG dose to see if I can find a level where my T is good but E2 isn't ramped up.

Well I got a blood test after 4 HCG injections on this 500 IU E3D since I was feeling worse and my E2 skyrocketed to 44 in just 4 injections (so a little more than 1 week's worth). I might ask for a 250 IU EOD protocol with an AI. I am trying to recover back to my normal personality ASAP within like the next month so hopefully just making a few changes, adding in an AI = recovery. Ive been told countless times by psychologists and doctors that I shouldn't put a time limit on it but that's like impossible for me to do with the kind of mind I have.

Try 250 iu eod protocol without AI first!? I was on hcg monotherapy and my E2 was 50pg with gyno in my right tit, and i tried Anastrozole. 0,25mg once a week but i only tok one because i feelt like shit.

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