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Agree, but money is tight.  Lab results: TT: 265(264 -991), free testosterone: 5.4(6.6 is the low end), PSA 3.8, up from 3.2 in October and TSH 3.00.  As I wrote, I'll see my new primary. 

No UTI.  Not currently on testosterone. The smel is like stale urine, it's present when I urinate and I've experienced this when taking T  shots, especially large amounts per single injection.  I'm waiting for results of self-ordered total testosterone, free testosterone and TSH, since I'm gaining weight every week.  My thought, from researching, is that when taking too much T at one time, I lose much of it in my urine, thus the possible reason why I've never had a good response, in spite of good lab numbers.  I'm wondering if I'm excreting endogenous T, now.  I will see my primary but I wonder if any members have experienced something similar and was there a remedy. Thanks.

I can only say, WOW!!! Your T numbers, DHT, DHEA & thyroid leave me envious. If you're experiencing symptoms from E2 I can understand adjusting your protocol.  I did poorly on compounded T cream.  How old are you and how's your sexual functioning/mood/energy? 

I hope everyone is doing good.  Haven't posted in months because I've been in a long depression, then my wife was sick, then our oldest cat became ill and she was euthanized last week.  The best thing was that we've been in Florida but this has been a tough year, so far.

My protocol for the past 3 months has been 15 mg Test E, sub q, daily.  Self ordered all labs through Discounted Labs. In December my TT was 390 & FT was 6.0(6.6 - 18.3).  April labs:

TT - 777 ng/dL 348-1197
FT - 16.2 pg/mL 6.6 - 18.3
E2 - 29.7 pg/mL  8.0 - 35.0

Pros:  Libido is up, mood is better, getting nocturnal erections 2-3 nights per week, sometimes multiple times during the night.

Cons: No morning wood nor daytime erections, 10 lb. weight gain/waist size increase, prostate feels irritated, though last DRE in May was normal(small & smooth).  PSA was 2.6, normal for me since I started TRT, though there might be inflammation issues.

I'm considering doing the same protocol as IM and retest when I see my doctor back in Maryland.

As I've mentioned many times, I have untreatable bipolar illness and the meds I take are just for sleep(low dose Doxepin & low dose Klonopin), but my sleep isn't all that good.  I eat mostly salads similar to antipasto, with organic sandwich meats, cheese and hard boiled eggs, kalamata olives, olive oil & vinegar, fruit, corn tortillas(organic), OJ, water.

I didn't do a full panel because of money and have been lazy about finding a doctor in Florida, since I have insurance and could have many more labs ordered.  I know my DHT has always been between 29 and 32, which might account for erectile & prostate issues.  Thanks for reading and all thoughts/observations are welcomed.

Vitamin D at night should screw up your sleep but I'm presuming it hasn't.  I find that interesting.  What's the dosage?  I hope you're still getting a good response from D.  I can only shake my head in amazement when someone finds something that helps and goes against conventional wisdom.  Thumbs up!!!

I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian from 1992-2007.  I did it for not the best reason; my gf, now my wife, was/is a vegetarian and I was already eating close to that way and when you're in love...well...  Consumed lots of soy, including soy milk, but also rice milk and rice based desserts, since I have problems with dairy.  Also was consuming flax oil.  In 2005, noticing that my libido and erections were faltering, I saw an endo at our HMO.  My TT was 325, FT was 45.  He told me...all together, now...I was normal.  I didn't know from anything, then.  Soy, flax, poor sleep, thyroid...don't know, though, after nearly 12 years on Cytomel,  I wasn't responding as well to thyroid medication as I had, previously.  Perhaps my adrenals were stressed, though the endo didn't think so.

I'm not pro or con on flax, soy or other foods that supposedly reduce testosterone.  Like so many issues surrounding diet, listen to your body.  As you said, Peak, the consumption of seeds, as well as nuts, has been around for thousands of years.  Chia was consumed by the Hopi Indians and the Incas.  IMO, seeds and nuts are super healthy and that includes nut and seed butters.  And regarding Clarence Bass, he seems to be an original thinker, like Ray Peat. 


You consulted with Dr. Marianco.  What's his view of topical preg and/or dhea versus oral or sublingual?  Dr. Crisler, from reading AllThingsMale, prefers topical.  I don't think there's a wrong/right view on the subject; Like TRT, it's more based on the response of the patient, rather than the practioner adhering to a rigid perspective.

Thank you, Peak. 

I've read, here and there, that some men have experienced improved libido and erections on test p, where as test c or e didn't do much for them.   I know, too, that some doctors use a blend but I'm interested to hear of anyone using propionate, only.  Thanks.

I'm just going to take a guess and say that it's a possibility.  That is a high number.  Is your doctor concerned and if so, what does he or she propose?  I'd think, initially, an MRI to rule out a microadenoma.  Aside from lack of interest in sex, which is significant, are you lethargic and depressed?  From a physiologic view,  dopamine lowers prolactin, but better to find if there's an underlying problem rather than just having a medication prescribed.  Keep us posted.

Human life span will increase.  There was an animal study a year or so ago with mice, where old mice were injected with blood from young mice.  The old mice regained their vigor and their biological clock was turned back.  A human trial with severely ill people. if I remember correctly, was discussed by the researchers.

Restoring mitochondrial function to a youthful level(Ray Peat's operating premise) and undifferentiated stem cells which can repair damaged organs or improve immune function, along with genetic medicine and manipulating the human biome, will extend our life spans.  My primary and my urologist talk about the progress that's being made.  But, until something moves from the lab to mass availability. we have enough supplements and dietary strategies to reduce or turn off destructive inflammation, reduce the toxic load that we all carry from chemicals and pollutants and to improve or restore our metabolism. 

Everyone of us on here is trying to restore our health, not just merely our sexual function.  And we really don't have a clear road map.  It's trial and error, whether with testosterone and hCG, thyroid, nutrional supplements and/or diet.  But we keep trying and searching.  That's the key.


Perhaps the researchers were being cautious about parents giving zinc to their children but I didn't see any mention of dosages, other than the caveat that overdosing with zinc can be toxic.  The late Dr. Carl Pfieffer, orthomolecular psychiatrist and biochemist found that some patients required much higher dosages of zinc(up to 160mg daily) to compensate for some inborn metabolic problem, which seems to be what the researchers are alluding to in those afflicted with autism.

Pfieffer also found that some patients with neuropsych problems had high levels of kryptopyrole, which complexes with zinc and b6, pulling them out of the body, with serious physical and psychiatric outcomes.  His treatment was to titrate b6 and zinc until all symptoms resolved.  I'm doing that, slowly, to see if I can stabilize my mood and sleep, thus allowing me to reduce or eliminate the medications I take. 

I recall reading(maybe on this forum) that too high of DHT can tell the pituitary that there's enough testosterone, thus causing signalling to the testicles tp be turned off, similar to taking exogenous T in any form.  Have you researched Minoxidil in relation to changes in testosterone levels or impact on HPTA axis, since, by your post, there seems to be a cause and effect between Minoxidil and hormonal issues.  I don't know if the medication simply disrupts the endocrine system or if the long lag time is due to it being stored in bodyfat and continually leaching out.(Just a hypothesis)  I guess it could be both. 


I was reading, today, about men experiencing(myself included...when Mr. Johnson worked)a 'sex hangover' the day after.  What I read is that it's due to the increase in prolactin and reduction in dopamine.  Prolactin increases in men and women after orgasm and, as with everything physical, not everyone's response is the same.  And when we were in our teens, 20s and 30s, we could go all day or all night.  Three to four times wasn't unusual for me and I'm not saying that as a brag.  I don't engage in that.  But, back to topic. 

Now...I was researching vitamin b6 and it's metabolite(active form), p-5-p(pyridoxal-5-phosphate). B6 or p-5-p increases dopamine, which in turn lowers prolactin.   As for dosing, it's all over the place.  Some men find 100 or 200 mg works.  Others work up to 500 mg per day.  Some take it at night, but it can cause vivid dreams and disturbed sleep. Plain b6 at high doses can also cause tingling and/or numbness in fingers and toes.  P-5-P doesn't seem to carry that risk, but it's also dosed lower because 1mg of p-5-p is equal to 10mg of regular b6, therefore, 10mg=100mg. 

I'm just an amateur researcher, like many others, including Peak T.  Not making any recommendations.  There's a lot about b6 on many other men's health forums and body building sites.   Check them out.

I see your points, Nocturne and Peak.  My view about funding biomedical and genetic research is personal and you both know my story.  Living with severe bipolar illness for another 10 or 20 years is analogous to doing a prison sentence.  That's just how I feel. But it's not all about me.  I lost both my parents to cancer, an old friend developed schizophrenia, another friend, who had severe bipolar, died of a heart attack at 59, my wife's family, including her, are afflicted with alcohol addiction and various types of mood disorders.  Everyone has many similar stories to share about family, friends and co-workers.

Research takes much time and lots of money.  I'm realistic that I might not be around for the breakthroughs that will cure my illness.  Makes me feel sad.  I'd love to have my life restored; to be able to return to work, to sleep normally, without medications, to once again have normal libido and erectile function.  My life ended years ago.  I'm just surviving and not enjoying it all that much. I want to be the man I was 20 or 25 years ago.  That's the reason why I'm on TRT, thyroid medication, spending too much money on various supplements, undergoing various tests and communicating with psychiatric researchers around the US and the world.  My wife doesn't understand me and believes that I should just accept my situation.  To that I say, "Never!"  I might die in the process of trying, but at least I will go down fighting to save my life.

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