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I have been drinking POM juice for about a month now. I've changed so many things in my diet, it's hard to know what is doing what, but I know my erections have improved dramatically. Especially morning wood, which was almost non-existent.
What I do is drink 3oz in the morning, and 3oz about an hour before bed. Seems to be working so far.
I have almost the exact same regimen, and seem to be getting good results.  I've been doing it for about a year.

Plus, I consider the results to be both short-term and long-term.  You have a minor, short-term effect on erections for a couple hours due to some kind of poorly-understood PDE5 blocking effect, but you also have a long-term effect on atherosclerosis, which will also improve erections (and heart health, obviously).  A main cause of reduced erections in older men is plaque in the small vessel that fill the penis.  While I don't have any studies on that specifically, I do have a link to study about Pomegranate and plaque in general:


Of course, there is also the Pomegranate page here on this site with much more info.

Any other clomid users who experience a certain flatline like this from time to time and have lost interest in your "type" of woman?

I would guess that most Clomid users would agree with you.  It gives you good numbers, but you just don't feel any better for some reason.  I really wish it were different -- I'd love to take Clomid (or Androxal) instead of injections, but the results just aren't there.  I literally don't think I've heard a single "I feel great now!" success story with Clomid before, especially in the libido department.

I got good results from both, back pre-TRT when I needed it.  I definitely preferred Viagra though due to it's shorter duration.  I hate the feeling of fullness and stuffiness in your nose that they give you, so having that last for a day or two really sucks.  Even having it last a few hours is really disruptive to sleeping and makes it sound like you have a cold, which is not exactly a big turn-on for your special lady.  And that was with a spray-in nasal decongestant and rather small doses (25 - 35mg Viagra).


So this stuff is tricky, and I still have work to do, and because of this N=1 iodine project I still haven't gotten around to trying lithium orotate given my nonexistent lithium levels in hair and serum, which could be a big deal for me given my low intracellular (via Spectracell testing) levels of B12 and compound heterozygous MTHFR status causing a probable 70% reduction in MTHFR enzyme function.  Oh, fwiw, I'm requesting whole blood histamine testing to be done, as histamine and methylation are inversely related (histamine being broken down by methylation), so that's another rabbit trail.

I tried lithium orotate a couple weeks ago.  It seems like people's reaction to this drug is either amazing or nothing.  For me it turned out to be nothing, unfortunately.  Where did you get your lithium testing done?  Life Extension has a feature article on lithium in their latest issue.  I can't find it online, but the gist was that very low dose lithium seems to extend lifespan, but high dose lithium tends to reduce it.  Neither effect is fully understood, but numerous studies have returned the same results.  Unfortunately I don't have the exact values in front of me.  Here's a couple studies that I found:

As far as MTHFR, I too have a bad mutation.  My homocysteine level was not horrible, but with homocysteine, lower is always better.  So I started taking active B12 and active folate and my homocysteine did go down a bit.  You're probably already familiar with this, but the active form is already modified to be in the form your body can use -- i.e. what your body would do with regular B12 and folate if your cells' MTHFR process was working 100% correctly.  As a side note, do not supplement with niacin, as it will raise your homocysteine like crazy.

Those numbers aren't bad at all (as in too high).
Are you experiencing side effects with hematocrit and hair loss or just concerned about them?
If you're feeling great with no current sides I'd be hesitant to mess with anything.
If you're already predisposed to hair loss then I'm not sure lowering it "15-20%" will help/prevent it......

Well, my last hematocrit pull was 55.0, and the consensus seems to be that it should be under 52 or 53 to be safe.  That's my main concern.  Also, my last 2 hemoglobin reads were 17.3 and 18.0.  While not over the standard range, it's right at the very top.

I'd say my only current side effects are anxiety/fatigue/poor sleep, but that could literally be from anything, not necessarily too much T.  Basically, I just don't want to be taking more than I need (of anything), especially if there may negative side effects.

My last 2 blood draws have returned a T value of 994 and 1016.  I have the blood draw on the last day of my 4 day cycle.  My values seems a little high, and I'm a bit concerned about hair loss and high hematocrit, both of which seem to be heading in the wrong direction lately.  I'd like to bump things down a bit, so that I end up no higher than the 700's on the last day of the cycle.  I'm currently taking 56mg (.28cc) per injection.  If I want to lower my values by 15 to 20%, is it as simple as just cutting the dose by 15 to 20%, or is it more complicated than that?  Any other suggestions?

I found a study from 2012 that compared lithium levels in each Austrian county's tap water with the suicide rate in that county.  It came to the same conclusion as the previous 2 studies we've discussed -- that there is a significant inverse correlation between lithium level in tap water and suicide rate.


One interesting footnote I found in that study was a reference to another paper showing positive effects at a dose of only 0.4mg/day, which I thought was very interesting given the minute dose.  They used brewers yeast with naturally high lithium as the active agent, and brewers yeast with no lithium as the control.

Schrauzer GN, de Vroey E: Effects of nutritional lithium supplementation on mood. A placebo-controlled study with former drug users. Biol Trace Elem Res. 1994, 40: 89-101. 10.1007/BF02916824.

An abstract of that paper can be found here:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7511924

There is plenty of good research on the benefits of glycine for anti-aging (1), sleep (2), restoring youthful glutithione levels (3), etc.  I've been taking 3g every day before bed, and I do sleep noticeably better when I take it.

However, after taking it like this for about 2 or 3 weeks straight, I start to get extreme daytime sleepiness.  Even after a perfect 8 hours of sleep, I'm groggy all day and can't wait to crawl in bed at night.  I'm not 100% sure it's the glycine, but I'm 90% sure.  The only other real possibilities are some transient sickness, or worse than usual allergies.  I've just finished my 3rd try of supplementing with glycine, and each time I've have to quit for a while just to be able to function like a normal person again.  I think the health benefits are pretty clear cut, so I'd like to continue with it, but I can't handle the fatigue.  The thing is, I can't find any study or even an anecdotal report that talks about fatigue associated with glycine.  The glycine sleep study even reported an improvement in daytime sleepiness due to the better sleep, so I'm baffled.

Does anyone else take glycine regularly, and have you experienced fatigue?

1. http://www.fasebj.org/content/25/1_Supplement/528.2
2. http://holisticprimarycare.net/topics/topics-o-z/vitamins-a-supplements/1249-a-new-approach-to-promoting-healthy-sleep-
3. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21795440


A few months back I pubished a page that covers a study that shows that even mildly elevated homocysteine levels can suppress nitric oxide production enough to cause erectile dysfunction.  And this lowering of NO, which is an anti-inflammatory, can lead to increased risk of arterial plaque, which also will cause erectile dysfunciton of course.


So what is the pertinent homocysteine level?  It's right in the 11.4-12.1 range according to several studies.

This is near and dear to my heart - no pun intended - because I just back a homocysteine read of 11.3 umol/l.  So I'm right on the line there.

I have always heard that lower is better with homocysteine -- that there is no lower limit.  Are you saying that there is a good range?  Or have I misunderstood?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Subq Injection sites
« on: February 18, 2016, 09:26:26 pm »
I found that injecting within 4" of my belly button area caused bruising, pain, and lumps that would last for up to a week.  If I inject in my love-handle area on either side of my waist, I get none of these symptoms in the slightest.

I'm on Test Cyp.  I tried going subQ back in December, going from IM 200mg E14D, playing around with a few different dosages and schedules, and currently at SQ 54mg E4D.  I had just started feeling pretty good from the TRT right before I went SQ, so naturally I had to throw a wrench in things and switch it up.  I felt amazing -- by far the best ever -- for about 3 weeks after going SQ, and then it all faded away.  Now I literally don't even feel like I'm on TRT at all, in any way.  I've come to the conclusion that maybe that successful period was the tail end of my IM doses.  In the midst of feeling great (Mid-December) my T was around 650.  By mid-January, on a smaller dose of SQ it was around 420.  I've since raised the dose back to the same amount (per day) as when I was on IM, but without any noticeable change in how I feel.

I'm going to give this full SQ dosage 40 days to reach steady state, but my hopes are low since I'm at about 20 days and feel *nothing*.

Has anyone else tried SubQ and found it ineffective, and went back to IM with success?


Apnea had never crossed my mind, I always associated that with old fat guys.

If the doc never mentioned, let alone checked for apnea before prescribing Test, that's really odd.  My doc wouldn't let me go on Test until I'd done a sleep study, and I'm a fairly thin, low-risk-for-apnea kind of guy with no evidence of snoring.

I had to put this post online because it's unbelievable.  I've had  E.D. issues for years. Tried many remedies and none worked effectively. I started taking apple cider vinegar for a week . I read online it had many health benefits.  It said nothing about erectile dysfunction  issues. To my surprise I woke up rock hard in the morning.  I wasn't sure if it was related to the apple cider vinegar until I did a Google search which ultimately led me to this site. That stuff is way better than any pill I've ever ttried. Unbelievable.  I only took about 2 teaspoons a day in a glass of water. I had to write this post for the many men who've had issues with this for years. It cured my problem after more than 20 years of embarrassment. I have No Idea why this hasn't been widely publicized. Unbelievable. ...

It would be wonderful if a study would determine the mechanism behind ACV working miracles for some.  FWIW, I tried it for about a month and saw no changes whatsoever.

Well, I thought I was home free.  After starting lower-dose SQ injections on Dec. 5, I soon started to feel great.  From about December 12 through almost the end of December, my libido was through the roof and I was feeling like a million bucks.  I now feel totally dead again like I did before starting SQ.  Libido and erections went from 10 to ZERO, mood is grouchy, etc.  It's been like this for over 3 weeks now.

Since I was at about 60% of my doctors prescribed dosage, I theorized that I'd gone too low on the dosage, and my good period was when I was ramping down through the "sweet spot".  So for my last 2 injections, I increased from 36mg E4D to 48mg E4D.  Result?  I've felt even worse!  Strong feelings of doom and hair-trigger irritability, especially the day after the pin, and still ZERO libido.

If it helps, my labs from when I felt great, taken in Mid-December on my injection day before the injection, showed T at 668, Free T at 12.6, and E2 Sensitive at 14.8.  I'm impatiently waiting for new lab results from last week.  The E2 sensitive test takes forever to come back, and holds everything else up.

So do I go even lower on the dosage?  My numbers from December wouldn't seem to indicate that.  But the higher dosage has made my feel even worse over the past 8 days that I've been on it.  I feel worse now than when I started this whole journey.  I'm looking for any ideas here!

And another thing that is common:  TRT helps for 3 months and then there is some regression.  You have to keep building on top of the foundation you've already laid and never stop building...

Peak, you mentioned this in another thread.  Any idea why this happens?

Just wanted to add a final follow-up to this, in case it might help anyone...

I've done 4 SQ injections since my initial post, all in new locations which I've never pinned before.  The results are NO bruising, NO lumps, NO pain, NO nothing.  There's barely a mark or any kind.  So for me, 100% of the issue seems to have been overuse of the same injection locations.

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