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Nope I've never made the connection and I used to take 150mg zantac twice a day and eat tums 24/7
TT 173 E2 24,  TT 1130 E2 43 made no difference. I recently read how bad zantac are so I switched to an OTC general Omeprazole and I have no more heart burn or reflux. I started with 20mg twice a day I am now at 20mg once and I can safely throw my tums away.

I switched from PPI meds back to Zantac.  PPI's (omeprazole) are associated with heart disease.  Zantac is not, according to this article.  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/certain-heartburn-drugs-linked-to-increased-risk-of-heart-attack/

If can hear me out here fellow brothers on TRT, as yesterday night had important situation.

Can too much a HIGH dose of Testosterone injection cause a temporary SPIKE of Hypertension event for 4 to 5 Hours, because Yesterday night i ended up in the E.R department, I been on TRT for 7 months and been absolutely normal for all of it.

However yesterday morning 10th April i went back to my old dose of Testosterone of SUST 250 which was 100MG per shot .04ml on 1ml syringe.

which = 200 miligrams test protocol per week.    I did have a trough probably around 725 on day before Next shot at a 200mg weekly protocol. i don't know if 725 ng/dL Trough is way too much if that's on day 5.

Anyways blood pressure did shoot up from my normal 115/71 which was consistent B.P on a 150mg weekly Sust protocol.

Anyways i had too go E.R later on in the night time about 11 hours later from my Shot, unfortunately because B.P went from 115/70 too sys dys   155/102 i was very DIZZY walking anywhere and it was honestly very crappy feeling.

Thanks GOD really it stabilized & i don't have an High Blood Pressure illness from this.
That's why i asked the following question above, because has this happened to other men on T.R.T thinking a few more TESTOSTERONE is better.

I drank an entire bottle of organic fresh beet Juice with some Omega 3 fish oil. 1 quart Beets it dropped right down to 110/69 again. 

for the record its not My hematocrit that's problematic" or caused any issue to my current B.P i tested that last month March, at doctors it's only 0.45 L/L or 45% HCT and has been 45% stable whole months throughout TRT which is good.

However i haven't bothered too take a single A.I too for about almost 4 weeks now or longer while doing normally 150mg per week because the Erections with my Wife(partner) have been firm/rigid, usually high E2 is weaker erections i could be MISTAKEN?.

So i did take a strong A.I dose last night just in case (E2) ESTROGEN did this problem.
Am i simply over-thinking because i'm a smaller guy 155lbs 5oot 9 tall with a FAST metabolism over thinking, thinking i need more Testosterone?

1st month on Sustanon, i did 200MG per week for the whole month.  Anyways can Cataceous or other Knowledged people, tell me exactly why this situation happened and i ended up in ER to check it over?   
I would like to know has this definitely happened too other guys/men on this forum throughout the years, who jump on bigger doses thinking it needs to be elevated higher for longer their hormones.   
Thanks again for listening Guys,  Daniel
Temporary spikes of BP like you had are not dangerous.  Blood pressure is constantly moving up and down.  For example, If you were to measure your BP while you are lifting weights you could easily see levels of 150 and much higher.  I suspect that you could go up to 200 when lifting weights.  This is perfectly normal and expected.  Now, if your BP stays elevated at 155 for months on end, yes this is something to be concerned about since high BP is correlated with stroke and heart disease.  So you would need to look into root cause and get your BP back down to normal.

What you might have experienced was an increase in dopamine production from the big blast of sustenon.  And that could have caused the anxiousness and the increase in BP.  That uncomfortable feeling you got is exactly why many people take smaller more frequent injections, instead of injecting big amounts all at once.  With smaller injections you wouldn't get such an extreme reaction.  My first doctor had me doing once a week injections and yes, it felt terrible, just like you describe.  Having too much hormone felt MUCH worse than having too little.  It is not at all pleasant.  But it is not likely to be dangerous. 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: TRT and mood
« on: April 10, 2019, 06:35:39 pm »
Are you getting enough T to provide benefits?  Perhaps your mood can be attributed to just not getting enough T.   In any event it's seems logical to believe that when people are dialed in properly, their mood is relatively better not worse.

I used to inject in delts, but after a month of that I switched over to injecting in my upper glutes. I like that much better than the delts.  Like Cat, I also use a 31g needle.  It's much less traumatic than a 27g.  I periodically due subQ injects as well.  That works very well with the 31g needle.

Yes it's very sad.  At some point in the aging process our bodies declare that they are not going to tolerate donuts and other junk foods any more and we have to cut them out.  It's horrible.  I have even almost completely quit drinking too. 


I would tend to agree:  lean meats (especially high quality:  grass fed, no hormones,  no antibiotics etc) can be part of a healthy diet.  I know you are on the high fat one right now so you probably eat different cuts than I do.
Yes, I am eating high fat low carb.  Sadly I can't afford the grass fed stuff. 

BTW, ALL of my heart disease developed over the years when I was on a low meat diet.  For decades I would have meat once a week or so.  For decades I never ate eggs and the only cheese I had was that on pizza.
And for all of that meat avoidance I earned myself a calcium score of 159.  I have come to believe that the low fat low cholesterol dietary recommendations are hogwash.  I might not reverse my 159 CAC score eating meat and animal products, but at least it tastes good. 

Oh and I bought a glucometer and found out that a lot of those "heart healthy grains" raise my blood sugar above the recommended 140 level after meals.   In contrast, my after meal glucose never goes above 110 doing a low carb diet.  My blood pressure is down as well.  My HDL went up to 115.  My tri's are 46, as opposed to over 200 back in my low meat days.  My particle count is low, my LP-a is low, my CRP is low.  But the mainstream doctors and dietitians will tell you that I am in serious trouble from eating meat. 

No body builder with money uses the liver killing aas's anymore.
I'm just curious.  Can you give me a few examples of the AAS's that are now out of favor?
Well I'd say top of the list deca-durabolin (nandrolone undecanate) I'm not sure this forum is into a discussion on the old school AAS's.
Gotcha.  I agree that the new style body builders just don't look that great.  Im not a big fan of the huge belly look.

Of course, prior to the surgery, he asked if there were risks and if it would hurt, the surgeon told him "all you will feel is a tiny prick"...

I am now taking 10mg AM prednisone to address the issue, until I can get some inpatient testing done for "Secondary Adrenal Failure". After which I've been told I'll transition to Cortef or other short acting cortisol replacement.

Good for you.  A while back your doc was fighting you on taking prednisone.  How'd you get him to give you the script?

I have used compounded cypionate that was 2 years old and it was still potent. 

Hi everyone,

Newbie question here, I hope you all don't mind.

Has anyone used anastrozole as a mono-therapy? Or heard good things?

After I had my first TRT injection, in the first week I felt amazing, however in the second week, I crashed terribly. Second injection, the exact same thing. I know I should be doing more frequently, but it's what my doc has prescribed (also they only have 250 ml single use in Thailand where I am).

However ...

after the second injection, when I started to crash and feel terrible, I took anastrozole. This made me feel so much better within the same day.

I am now wondering if E2 was my issue all along. I had my estrogen checked in 2016 and it was 28 (reasonable), but yeah, within a few days of tasking the anastrozole (25 mg a day), I feel great – libido back, energy, great mood.

Any thoughts on this? I’d rather not be on TRT if I don’t have to be, and I'm only 2 injections in so I could ease off now., However obviously I'm not adverse to remaining on it if need be.

Should I discontinue TRT to try the anastrozole on its own, or is the anastrozole working so well because of the TRT?

Thanks  :)
What is your dosage?  You say they only have 250ml.  Is that how much you take?  How often?

Yes, the old people on Okinawa still eat the old fashioned way and live long and healthy.  The younger people are falling victim to the western style food and suffering more of the western diseases than the older set.  There was a McDonalds on Okinawa 10 years before the first one showed up in Tokyo. 

Gupta's comment about eating more meat is BS.  People in Hong Kong eat as much meat as anybody, probably more.  But they live very long lives, despite the pollution there.  If the meat you eat comes from McDonalds, then yeah, your gonna die sooner.  But it's more likely the french fries that come with it that's the problem.  Not the meat. 

No body builder with money uses the liver killing aas's anymore.
I'm just curious.  Can you give me a few examples of the AAS's that are now out of favor? 

You ARE hypo. The body at cellular level ONLY uses the free T3!

You are BELOW range in the T3. Yoir cls are starving for thyroid and causing you to be hypo and is confirmed by your hypo symptoms!

At least for a person on thyroid replacement. In order for a lerson to feel well you need to have BOTH of the following:

1) Free T4 to be atleast 50% of the range if not slightly higher


2) Free T3 to be no less than 50% of the range and most people need to have it closer to 66% of the range.  You are BELOW range!!!!!  Severely below what most leople need to feel remotely well.

Untreated folks seem to be able to get by and feel OK with a bit less. However your free T3 should be at or higher than the free T4 lercentage of range.

When the free T3 is lower in the percentage of range than the free t4, is suggests that the person may have a conversion problem. (Body not converting T4 into T3 well).  The gast majority of the conversion occurs in the liver). A conversion problem usually is one of two forms. First is just a problem is simply poor conversion rate or ability. This can be helped somewhat by taking Selenium. The second type is a body under stress or other reason converts too much of the T4 into Biologically inactive REVERSE T3.

I would recommend you get new thyroid labs run and DEMAND that “reverse t3” be run as well. 

If thyroid levels are insufficient as mentioned. It can effect  EVERY bodily function. To what extent that directly effects Testosterone levels I am not sure.  But I would think it would have some effect. And is why the general recommendation is to if possible solve or work on getting thyroid right BEFORE starting testosterone therapy.

Thyroid is tricky enough to get optimized. But it is dramatically more simple than the ripple effect that TRT can cause and getting optimized and balanced hormones with testosterone. Which is probably another reason to start with thyroid first.

Again, the doctors not understanding that T3 is critical is all the more reason to try to find a dr who has a clue!  And thise doctors are out of the state of the art when it comes to thyroid treatment.

On other thyroid forums, endocrinologist are the worst it seems. Which is very disappointing as you think they should be up on the latest info. Instead they revert back to 20 year old med school training which stunk, and mainly concentrate on diabetes now and are outdated with regard to proper treatment of thyroid.
Solid advice


GGT 28 (11-55)       <----July 2018
ALT 21 (11-48)
Billirubin 21.1 (3-20)
Uric Acid 507 (182-403)
Glucose 4.1 (4.2-6.0)

GGT 64 (11-55)
ALT 57 (12-48)        <----Feb 2019


Do you have any idea why your liver enzymes are high (GGT and ALT)?

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