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Did you just start eating a lot of red meat?  I had a similar situation as you, high iron, lowish ferritin.  This happened because I donated blood, which dropped my ferritin too low.  I wanted to get my ferritin levels back up.  So I started taking iron pills.  What happened then is that my iron levels went up, like yours.  But it took a few more months for my ferritin to rise up again.  If you are like me, your ferritin should start increasing in a few months. 

On the other hand it is possible that your body is not like mine and will do something else.  But I wanted to share my experience.

I wish booze would boost my E2.  I am usually on the low side with E2.  Back in 2014 I was on TRT and drinking 5-6 OZ vokda per day and still had E2 less than 20 (and this was the non sensitive test to boot). 

For those that are curious.  Yes that is a lot of drinking.  But I have moved on from it and now have at most 1 oz/month. 

Congratulations that is very impressive!!!
I unfortunately have Hypercholesterolemia all my life. I had to up the statin from 20mg to 40mg just to reduce the LDL and even then it has only dropped a few points below 100. Since I started Cypionate I have lost some weight I'd say. Clothes fit me better at my current weight then they did when I weighed less if that makes sense.
Keep up the good work :)

I'm not so sure fighting high LDL is worth the effort.   The case for statins is getting weaker and weaker.  50% of the people who have heart attacks and strokes have normal cholesterol.    I have seen/read many wise people discuss how higher cholesterol (even LDL) is not harmful and in older people is actually associated with lower mortality.  Here is one such person discussing this.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYlhG8_nZe0   This is just one example.  Look up Ivor Cummins on youtube for another.   ttps://drmalcolmkendrick.org/ is yet another. 

If you want to know what causes heart disease, look into hyper-insulinemia. 

Guys I had a lot of medicine changes and went into a state of severe mania.  I felt super messed up in the head and unlike myself after not sleeping for 4 nights.  I had been forced off TRT by insurance issues and psych dr. was changing meds all at once.   

I am sorry for anything I said or did during that time.  I was not feeling like myself at all.  There even was a couple days where I started to have some very brief visual hallucinations and I don't even remember some of what happened then. 

Honestly guys I am sorry about it all.
No worries mate.  You've got a lot going on.  I hope you are able to start feeling better soon.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: E2 'Sweet Spot'
« on: February 15, 2019, 07:14:04 pm »
I'm curious about the supposed 'sweet spot' of E2 levels. Some men feel great in the sweet spot (20-30), and others don't do so well. Some feel great even when E2 is higher (say 50, or so). From what I understand, there are more health risks associated with having E2 be too low than elevated E2. I'm just wondering how critical it really is to manage E2 when it is only slightly elevated. Is the risk of adding another medication really worth the reward? What are some of your thoughts?
The way I see it is, there are a number of prominent doctors who will say that you should keep your levels in the 20-30 range.  There are a number of other prominent docs who say that the higher it is the better.  All of these doctors are equally well read, equally intelligent and have valid sounding reasons for what they believe and all have thriving practices.  This tells me that  perhaps the absolute best levels simply have not been determined through research yet.  In that case the best thing to do is to find that level of E2 that you feel best at and try to maintain that.  If you feel best at E2 of 100, then so be it, keep your level at a 100.  If you feel best at 20.  Then aim for 20. 

Dec 2016 (62 YO) I weighed 260# my pants size was 42 waist 30 length. Tee shirts XXL

This months bloods. Feb 2019 (65YO) I weigh 190# I now wear pants 34x30 my Tee's L

I can not believe how TRT has changed my life. Hell it has given me back my life.
Nice work.  With your high triglycerides and low HDL and heavy weight you were headed for real health problems.  Good for you for doing the hard work to get to where you are.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Milk and dairy
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:25:53 pm »
2 or 3 tablespoons or teaspoons?
I cant eat that amount of butter 😁
Tablespoons my friend.  I am on a high fat/low carb diet.  I put butter on everything, even my fatty steaks.


Interesting that your wife's T is so high.  My wife's checked in at 200, nearly 5 times the normal upper limit. 
She gets excellent results in the gym.  Good muscle tone and less flab than most females her age.
How old is she? What about her libido? Does she get horny and ask for sex?
At a TT 220 (not sure how important TT is) my wife does not. She sure enjoys herself when we have sex but she never asks.

Her energy level is thru the roof. She is donating time at our grand childrens school she even got a part time job just to be around people.
She has always been a people person. I love the transformation HRT has done for her. She has become a new person.
Mrs. Sixpack is 56 and has the perfect sex drive.  She ready for action any time I am and will suggest it if we have gone 3 days without it.  But she is doing it mainly for my benefit.  Which means I get it when I want it and I never have to do it unless I am in the mood.  Sure she enjoys it, but could easily go without.  I envy that sometimes!  For us it's usually every other day.  BTW, my wife is not on HRT.  She's just naturally higher T.  And yeah, she's medium high energy. 

Sounds like HRT has been a good addition for you and her.


I have tried the Super Beets as well.  They don't affect my BP all that much, but can lead to some good erections!  So, yes, I keep some of that powder around.

Note the time and date. This was with 1 scoop of superbeets
Sorry about the large picts still trying to figure post pict to forums

This BP was take 90 minutes after waking.

The first pic is without super beets and the 2nd is with it?

Could be both.  My sleep improved somewhat after starting TRT.  WHich would indicate that the low T was partially responsible for the poor sleep.

Since we are on the subject of Blood pressure has anyone out there tried Super Beets?
OMG I could not believe how well it works to bring high blood pressure down. For example
I woke this morning at 6am for a nature call. I drank one scoop and went back to bed. When I got up at 10am, I'm retired i can do that, haha
I checked my pressure 120/72 My morning BP before a pill is usually 130/80. It did not last all day I checked again at 4pm and I was hurting 148/85 so I took a pill. I am looking forward to experimenting more with the super beets.
I did try beet root juice.  It was a minor help.  I will have to look into super beets.  I have been on a low carb diet since Jan 1.  That has lowered my systolic by 10-15 points. 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Milk and dairy
« on: February 12, 2019, 08:49:23 pm »
I never paid to much attention to the gluten free mania.
But last days I read so much that even this gluten free gang is right just by 20% of the health effects I have to think twice. I quit bread for a day and next day was crash and burn. Same as milk. I think I have to tapper off bread with the help of a good gluten free one, which I tasted some in the past and they were all like rubber or near that.

Oats came to my mind. I cant quit oats. My god, that aroma.
I got to quit some of these foods as an experiment but Iím not in the right mindset.
I am eating much less salt, a bit hard in the beggining but itís on.

For breakfast what options there are?
What do you eat? I need the solid part of a breakfast but not bananas. I need something crumble.
An old friend told me, hey I eat soup. Really? Soup for breakfast? Iím going to kill myself ahah.
Lunch, dinner and mid morning snack is very easy for me, I eat mostly meat, fish and veggies, soups, salads.
Breakfast is the hardest part. Damn
In winters, at weekends and cold nights if I go out to bed late I like to eat from
time to time a bit of cooked oats with milk. Itís that little confort bite.
I dont touch in alchool, except red wine 2 or 3 times a week, 2 glasses.
15 years ago I drank a bottle of vodka each weekend. Most of my pals drink alchool like teens and they are not sick, maybe one. They all look old though. I lost the pleasure of being drunk.
My sin is milk and bread, some desserts once or twice a week.
This stuff on casomorphines and gluteomorphines are on my mind.
Not easy.
Most days I don't eat breakfast, but when I do, that's when I eat my spinach.  2-3 tablespoons of butter make spinach taste fantastic!  I used to eat a lot of eggs, but after a while I noticed that made my stomach churn for hours after eating them. 

The goal for cree T for wife is I believe 15-20 pg/mL. Which is 1.5 to 2.0 ng/mL in male testosterone units.

By the way. My wife is 49 years old and NOT YET into menopause. I am 52.

My wife is thru menopause but I though I would share my wifes bloods with you for comparison.
She is quite happy with these numbers. Her protocol has her on two creams.

Her libido is really not there in that she never asks but never says know when I do. She surprised me the other day and bought some of Defy's scream scream after her 6 month consult and let me tell you her climaxes were thru the roof. In a effort to improve her libido I spend a lot of time in forplay and make sure she has had at least two climaxes before I enter. I am finding it a real turn on getting her off. We've even purchased a few toys and oils to help extend the time.

Interesting that your wife's T is so high.  My wife's checked in at 200, nearly 5 times the normal upper limit. 
She gets excellent results in the gym.  Good muscle tone and less flab than most females her age. 

One of the major requirements to have high T naturally is lots of quality sleep.  Testosterone and growth hormone are produced when we sleep.  I would guess that a lot of guys suffering from low T would also suffer from low quality and/or low quantity sleep.  I know I did.   OF course there are other things that can cause low T.  But sleep is a major factor.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Milk and dairy
« on: February 12, 2019, 06:15:51 pm »


I had no idea wheat could increase prolactin levels ( less dopamine?)
Itís loaded with exomorphins
Had no idea that gluten was similar with casein
Besides gluten, wheat has thousands of other proteins
And a lot more fact. Wow

Anyone here quit the wheat?
I quit wheat and oats a while ago.  I didn't really notice feeling much better until I cut out almost all carbohydrate.  My gut seems much happier if I stay below 50g of carbs a day.

BTW, that study you found is excellent.  Very interesting reading.

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