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Yeah I didn't even pass out today I was just impulsively making a post.  Welcome to the realization of the realities of ADHD and impulsivity folks :)

So you were being impulsively dishonest about passing out in you op? You have a problem that you need to deal with and it isn't ADHD; in my opinion you are in a state of amphetamine/stimulant induced mania. I think you need to dial it back.... a lot.

All his posts and threads simple attention seeking behaviors.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: TRT and Ferritin?
« on: February 08, 2019, 06:12:04 pm »
1, there is some new info about whether you need to donate and otherwise being misdiagnosed with PCV.
This is worth your time:

2, you see this vicious cycle they get you in to with this misdiagnosis. You donate, which destroys your ferritin in short order. A few donations in the year will wreck your Ferritin and iron stores. Can lead to other problems but Thyroid is one as iron is needed in the T4>T3 conversion.
So they make you take iron, which quite possibly drives up your RBC/HCT, and then again acting on the misdiagnosis, push you to donate, again. Then they hammer you why your Ferritin is in the subterranean range.

there are a number of conditions I won't name but similar treatments with a similar result in HCT but those patients aren't being drained like this. Too, people living at elevation that high higher HCT/Etc numbers, they're not being drained, either.

More to the point, PCV is just misdiagnosed here. PCV is an increase in all blood factors...not just HCT., etc. What is happening in TRT is an entirely benign Erythrocytosis...look it up. Also, platelets are the clotting and thickening factor in your blood, so consider those numbers. 

Its food for thought/the more you know.

You can possibly also influence a PSA with sex in the ~24hrs leading up to the test, I typically advise to refrain in that way. Too, it seems your physical/DRE was normal so that's a huge relief for you.

Did I miss you saying how long you had the preloaded syringe for?

EDIT: If a guy is loading syringes for the coming week whether it be 1 or 2 or 3-5 for the coming week, (WEEK; 7 days), he should NEVER experience any kind of problem doing this. 

A naddy will burn up half his T from a big day at the gym. Yet I have heard when you inject T that does not happen I have no idea why.
I believe it is very important when naddy to take days off from the gym to heal the torn muscle fibers from exersize and recover T supply.


He means "natty" a term for some one not on steroids or TRT; a guy not using Test.

A friend of mine is trying T cream, he asked me about scrotum application but I didn't know and told him I'll find out. Does he need to shave his ballz before he applies T cream on them? or can he just rub it on his penis? I honestly don't even know where the scrotum is, I think it's just the ballz?

You have a lot of problems.

Clomid @ 25mg is double the dose you should on. Too I echo what was said above about 200mg dosing.

You're all messed up.

I concur with weight training, muscle mass increase, high protein diet can/will influence the Kidney numbers.
If any of this applies to you try this, as it's what I do that returns inrange lab results, note too, this same stuff can affect AST/ALT liver values as well. But what I do is gym M-Th, and only do labs the following Monday when I've been "off" for at least 3 days.

Too make sure that you are fasted on water only for at least 8hrs prior.

The only thing DIM will do is lighten your wallet. Will NOT lower you Estrogen no matter what any one tells. Though it can help to metabolize E more effectively, believed to do so, anyway. Like most everything some guys swear by it, some mock it. Dosing is more like 200mg twice per day.

There are those guys that expect an AI be prescribed as it's included in the what most pill mills could call the trifecta of TRT...Test/HCG/AI. Some will balk at a provider that doesn't, provide, that third leg. If you will. You can see some that do prescribe the AI but in a very low .125mg dose but it's still a basic inclusion even when the guy is told about symptoms and not to take it everyday just because.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: High DHEAS
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:54:47 pm »
Has that test been repeatably high or is this the first time you've seen it @ 700?

Given that Adrenal (fatigue) is a made up condition that isn't a legit (medical) condition that is recognized by the medical community and best fits in to a category I like to call "lazy people diseases", I would doubt you'll get any where with a Dr looking at a possible cause.

Dr Crisler's words on low SHBG and E management changed my TRT landscape and though not a patient of his I was looking in to having an AOC with him. He really in that regard was the only one that gave me the insight on the that subject and it changed TRT for me.

You're already doing it with daily Prop, you can also severely reduce HCG use if you're using it, and eliminate DHEA. If you're Free T is over the lab range you can further reduce your dose. Too you're using the wrong E testing which should be the LC/MS/MS I assume that you live in the US though most times I see a guy post Oestradiol they're else where than the US.
Acne is a high E symptom in most cases/guys. Do you have an SHBG lab?

to counter the "TOT Roundtable"...why should you be walking around with an acne problem due likely to E? The point in their conversations that constantly get's lost by guys listening to it is the part about "symptoms". They're trying to tell you that you don't need an AI or suppression of Estrogen as a basic part of TRT. If you're suffering with negative E symptoms, you need to reduce that to the level that is healthy, for you. a very individual thing.

I switched to Aromasin and I think I'm doing better on that than with Anastrozole. To a point I have a terrible aromatase problem even on 16mg Cyp per day and no HCG. When .25mg EOD wasn't getting it done we on my suggestion replaced it with Aromasin. So far with dose titration  up I'm doing much better in terms of elevated E problems. Be aware that Aromasin is much more expensive that Anast. My clinic wanted $19 for one 25mg tablet. I'm able to get it on my private insurance for much cheaper. I currently use 12.5mg per day with no low E symptoms.

Taking DIM (mono, no TRT) did in fact lower my E2 levels. It also raised my total T level.

Sounds great, except that it also seemed to raise my SHBG so my free T remained unchanged.

So in this sample of one. There is lab evidence of DIM lowering E2.

Subsequent increasing of DIM dosage again resulted in same result.

Which I suppose means almost exactly nothing, as the lab results could have been due to some other random circumstances and not specifically the DIM. It just seems oddly consistent that the initial and subsequent increase both resulted in increased total T, decreased E2 and increased SHBG for a net result of no gain of free T.   And no “felt” clinical improvement of any significance.

SHBG sure is a pain in the @ss to deal with.

DIM did not lower your E. There is no way that you prove any of that and even more curiosity is that you don't seem to reference what these changes amounted to while trying to speak very strongly to it. In the end you're spot on correct though...no clinical improvement.

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