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Im no believer in all the chemicals and potions but this would be a very fanciful thought you've got. You'd have a better likelihood of calling it what it is more likely to be, hypochondria.

Why is the U.S.A Medicine industry so against 100% PURE Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) gels or creams too, are they offended at MEN becoming more of a MAN?

crazy that the FDA allows other worse/Dangerous drugs too, but FDA won't allow this DHT GEL for Real???  I wish EMPOWER Pharmacy in Texas could just start producing Dihydrotestosterone Gel be much easier.  =(

Your Estrogen seems to be too high.

You could always just try Compounded T cream to the scrotum, this will put your DHT levels supraphysiological and in my own direct personal experience I had phenomenal hair growth and not just from where it was before, I also got a lot of extra facial hair.

This does work for DHT, I use it, and I think that that's what the OP is talking about here not a DHT topical, per se


as I have been locked up in my room for the past 120 hours.

Low Cortisol is a diagnose condition that can be treated with daily dosing of Hydrocortisone. Though Adrenal Fatigue is not a medical condition and is largely a made up "condition" as far as that is concerned, and had no direct treatment. There are herbs and such that people swear by, salting your drinking water is another that I've heard of, too.

To my knowledge DHT topicals are not avail in the US, how do you plan to obtain it?

Too, knowing where you started with TT and LH would be helpful to knowing if you're primary or secondary Hypogonadal as if it's the testes that are the problem there's no point in stimulating through Clomid (or HCG mono, either).
Note 12.5mg is a good dose, not too much, is typically overdosed at 25 to even 50mg, per day, which most certainly causes estrogen problems.

I have/do suffer with both but never found a connection with either.

The problem with that could be, is that the 4 tube saliva cortisol test is not cheap when you're paying that OOP, and then, you're stuck with the guy that won't test it, so, he's not going to treat it, either.


Your Test is way too high, are you testing in the trough right before your next injection is due?
Also, Cortisol isn't a blood test though it's clearly available, but a 4 point saliva test. And, the Estradiol test youre using is likely the test for women, one that over estimates E levels in men.

There's lots wrong here but I wouldn't jump to throwing out Propionate and daily injections that's just not appropriate.

What I would do...start using the proper testing for E2, the LC/MS/MS test. And a dose reduction may be in order. there is very little to almost no reason that your Free T is over the lab range. A curious oddity is the 400 point swing in total test...you've obviously doing something wrong with the dosing or the testing.

I concur, possible botched test...no way Zinc and Cyp dose increase did that to your Estrogen.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: ED root causes
« on: March 08, 2019, 06:36:40 am »
I agree that these are probably the top 2, anything else is much less likely.

1.  Arterial dysfunction (impaired blood flow due to plaque, endothelial issues, lack of NO, high blood pressure)
2.  Hormone imbalances (low T, high/low E2, others)

You can do it this way, Vodka is the usual recommended liquid. Though when I've done it I thought that I didn't get a good dissolve and otherwise had a lot of residue in the (new) glass vial I mixed and dispensed out of.
I thought in the end I had a lot of waste of the drug and abandoned it. I find it better from a reliable research chem.

Pregnenolone is a tough test, or a factor that is hard to test, accurately, and is typically rather expensive especially if you're paying retail or OOP. Progesterone is a better, cheaper test, is one rung under Preg in the hormonal cascade and will generally tell you if your Preg level is sufficient enough.

Though I concur with a poster above that this back filling is just not worth it. The benefits are entirely subjective to the user.


Then other Dr's and such will tell you Ferritin <150 is bad. The point is it's all conjecture and speculation on what and who you want to believe for your own health. Hard to navigate this issue like so many others.

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