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Iím doing it now due to having a major right arm surgery. That being my dominant arm makes it pretty much impossible to draw up the medication. With this, you do a quick wipe with an alcohol pad, remove the cap and press it in an area with fat and the orange indicator fills the window when the medicine is dispersed. All in all about 3/4 seconds from the time it hits your skin. Really about as quick and easy as you can possibly get. Once weekly with all three doses whether itís 50,75 or 100mg.

I just started last week. Completely effortless and no pain whatsoever afterwards. Iím recovering from a surgery so itís hard to give an opinion at this point but the injection process is very nice. Each pin only injects once and 4 come in a box. My insurance covers it completely. Itís enanthate as well. It literally takes less than 20 seconds to swab the area and inject.


I have mentioned before that "breaking the stasis" seems to help. But in a way, isn't diurnal variation like that every day? Guys can see more than a 50% drop in testosterone each day. At the very least, creating daily variation may be another tool to use in the quest for more effective TRT.

There is so much we don't. I've been on TRT now for over 4 years and taken my TT way up and way down for extended periods of time and no matter where I hold it it is not the same as being natural. There are parts of my systems that just don't work anymore no matter what I do with TRT.
Youíre exactly correct HRDLVN. At no point in the 9 plus years on trt have I ever felt the same as what being properly naturally functioning. Probably the best I felt was on androgel in the beginning.  There definitely needs to be a better approach to trt than what we have currently. Itís maddening just trying to figure things out and recreate the illusive few good moments on trt. I donít feel terrible on trt but sure as hell donít feel great and probably never will.

Cat you’ve always seemed to be dialed in and doing well so why change things up. Just curious

Because I felt that something better was possible. I was doing well compared to when I was hypogonadal, but only ok compared to my younger days. Yes, I have seen people argue for resisting the temptation to fiddle with a decent protocol. But in this case previous experimentation led me to think significant improvements were still possible. I'd had good temporary results with scrotal cream, TNE and such. Having a taste of how things could be motivated me to try the bigger change. Also, I've been curious for awhile about creating diurnal variations in testosterone, and knew I wanted to try it sooner or later. Going from EOD to ED injections isn't that large of a mental step. I hope the good results persist. But even if they don't I now have a new standard for what's possible.
That’s good to hear. Paco went to propionate several months ago with a daily regimen and seems to be doing well. I think the longer esters just don’t agree with a lot of people for whatever reason. In theory the small daily doses should yield better results. I’ve contemplated trying propionate but just hate the fact of not being able to buy it at a local pharmacy. Keep us posted on how this works out.

Cat youíve always seemed to be dialed in and doing well so why change things up. Just curious

The overwhemoling majority of men on trt donít tolerate ancillary drugs ie: DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone, hcg etc... Iíve been at this over a decade with hundreds of hours of reading and this to me seems factual. The majority of men that do best on trt are on test only, no doubt about it.

My theory is since your body is no longer making testosterone or DHEA to make testosterone and estrogen that itís perfectly normal for the parent hormone to be low. Iíve never met or talked to an individual that benefited from raising pregnenolone. My thoughts are why wouldnít it be low? Itís like adding an electric motor to your gasoline powered car, youíre obviously going to require less gasoline to make it move. The whole backfilling theory makes absolutely no sense at all.

I take 3mg compounded Cialis from Empower, but can only tolerate EOD dosing due to severe acid reflux. At this dose all is good.

You more than likely have high shbg. I have elevated shbg as well and do better with lower doses. Iím only doing 68mg per week and feel good.

Most men that do HCG pay for it out of pocket but nearly all insurance covers various forms of testosterone. I personally feel absolutely horrible on HCG as well as many others guys. For me testosterone only proves to be the best. The fewer variables the better.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Injections and doses
« on: November 24, 2018, 10:39:01 am »
Sorry that should have said 68mg per week but yes when I was doing 100mg once per week my trough levels were generally around 900-950ng on the morning of day seven. If I inject 200mg my 14 day trough is still right around 800ng but my shbg sits around 65-70.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Problem with acne
« on: November 24, 2018, 09:51:34 am »
Never really had any issues when I was younger. I had some acne when I briefly tried 200mg per week. Seems it should be non existent on a dose this small but like you said things donít always make sense.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Problem with acne
« on: November 24, 2018, 08:27:24 am »
Iíve been on trt nearly 9 years and have had my fair share of struggles trying to find balance. I have elevated shbg and have tried most forms of trt other than pellets. Most of the time Iíve been on higher doses in the 100-120mg per week range and as high as 200mg per week. I never felt good on higher doses and have always did better on once weekly injections. For the last several months Iíve been doing 68mg once weekly and feeling pretty well overall. This puts my total trough at 600ng and free t at 10-12ng. The problem Iím having is a substantial amount of acne on top and the sides of my head. I canít seem to figure out why this is happening especially since my t levels are much lower now. Any thoughts appreciated.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Injections and doses
« on: November 24, 2018, 05:39:42 am »
69mg once weekly with trough numbers in the 600ng range.

Yes I canít tolerate anything over 2.5mg eod with feeling like my esophagus is on fire. This is a pretty common side effect.
I have also had to drop back to 2.5mg once or twice a day. Anything more gives me many issues. It is not enough for fun time with the wife but I add 20mg of Levitra on those days. I mostly take the cialas for BPH. It seem to be the only one that helps my BPH.
For me Viagra causes it worse than Cialis.

So do the other pde5 inhibitors cause heartburn as well?

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