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I ask this because I started gettin back into training and took test boosters, 19 anabol testo USN and/or M.sten i started abusing them because obviously the feel of a boosted testosterone is addictive, i think with 19 anabol testo u are meant to take 4 once or twice a day and i was takin 6 twice a day (12 in total) and with M.stem is says take 1 a day, i took 2 i was normally taking one rather than the other. it also says you should only use for a month, i took them for a few months straight and then it got to the point where they didnt even seem to be working, and my remedy for a sex drive would be 6 pills of 19 anabol testo and a jelly viagra, without the test boosters i had no desire to have sex and pretty much avoided it. After like getting ED whilst on viagra and test boosters i though enough was enough and got a testosterone blood test which came back a very low 6.7 n/mol (180-190nd/mol american i think) i have since taken steps to try and restart my HPTA axis you can read my whole thread http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=13607.0 its quite interesting and youll know what ive done to this point, my question is do you think natural test boosters might of caused a shutdown, my test was probably kinda low anyway but ive never had the urge to get my testosterone checked beforehand so it must of dropped considerably (and stayed that ways for ~2months after stopping test boosters) i have bein doin poWer PCT since

thanks guys

I am actually new to this forum. But I have been using natural testosterone boosters and I think it works to you too. Did you ever tried of HCG Monotherapy? Its one of the most natural testosterone booster. Have a look http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=1379.msg13211#msg13211

Thank you

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