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Update: Since getting started on L-thyroxine libido has improved a bit and positive outlook + stress"resistance" + energy greatly. Bloat gone...
Work colluege sent me a link to calculate Thyroid function, after calculating I saw I statement at the bottom "optimal metabolism starts at FT3 4,0pg/ml and a bit above"... Mine was 3,5

Went to the Doc with that, who had said bloods where not optimal but not at a point where I would be needing extra hormones.... Thyroid was slightly enlarged also... (starting to get e feel for what reference ranges mean lol)

She got me started on L-Thyroxine 25mcg for 2 Weeks and then 50mcg for another 2 Weeks with followup bloods... Actually I wanted a T4/T3 combo but she wanted to go by the textbook. So I was happy that she got me started on something at all :)

Added the Selenium I had to that protocol because it suposebly helps covert T4 into T3

Aaaand it's been easyer to get and keep an erection :)

Was acually just hoping to loose some weight (since I can't loose and gained 20lbs in 6months prior trt) to help with E2... Didn't expect this :)

Have another apointmend with a andrologist next week wensday, 1 day after my next shot. See what he says.

Update follows

This may sound "wierd"

But maby not enough E2?
"Guys going to low can't get it up on viagra"

Just a thought after you have ruled out the rest.

Guess I'll just have to gauge Vitamin D supplementation on how I feel on it then :)

Update: Since adding Chia Seeds and DIM to the regimen Libido has been returning 7 Days after the shot (added 4 Days ago) will monitor it further and see how it is right after the shot. Looks like I might really need to do something about E2..

Apointment tomorrow with GP to talk about Thyroid... Not bad but could be a tad better.



Some info on the testocaps.

Parked in the back of my head for a try since I rember someone here being fixed by going daily (well shots). Not going to happen for another 10 weeks since I have a fresh vial + 1 shot waiting for me at the Docs office.

Benefits lacking in regard to testosterone or overall benefits?

Benefits so far have been clearer thinking, improved sleep and improved mood...

Since Zinc supplementation has done as good as nothing to raise my TT I'm sure Vitamin D will do the same. But I stick to Zinc in hope it will keep aromatase in check a little.
Vitamin D is on the same track, most likely no benefit on TT but the other ones that came when I started supplementing again are more than welcome. Especially mood and sleep...

Hey, good point. Which is why I am carefull and will have blood tests done soon. Need more anyway so there is no thing in  adding a Vitamin D test to the mix here and there :)
I have a german book on Vitamin D called "Healhy in 7 days" where "the doc" does alot of math on how to calculate loading dose to reach optimal D3 levels and then mantainace dose:
20000IU Capsules per script Derkristol

In my case 50ng/dl increase (I guessed at it but haven't been supplementing with D3 for over a year) = 31 Caps = 620000IU Loading dose = 20000IU per day for 30 days or how you want to load


I want to be at 90ng/dl (probably 70ng/dl would do it too) = 11 Caps = 220000 IU or 7300IU per day

No genetics involved in the math but i am dark skinned. I will be safe for a while since I am not loading... First bloods in 2 - 3 Months.

I would not take at once though :D

Link to book:

Great book. I would recommend it !

Vitamin D levels Chart


Thank you for your reply.

My plan is to stick to 250mg@14 days for a while and get peak values for TT / E2 / SHBG / Prolactin.
After that maby go down to 125mg@7 days and see how it goes for a vial or 2...
If not I can always switch back to 250mg@14 days (which is more convienent)

Thanks for the Labs :)

How much did low dose anastrozole bring down both? And how much is low dose?

Still a little undecided whether or not to go the Dostinex route or check on E2 again and try to lower that a bit first...

Feeling kinda "full" lately plus down to normal from amazing... Can't feel amazing everyday but feeling full without a big meal makes me think...

Libido at the moment meh...

But good thing is TT and free T are good so far, for trough values. That's a good foundation...
When defy saw those bloods they put me on .125mg M/W/F of anastrozole.
Then a mini blood test 6 weeks later. My E2 dropped to 34 and prolactin was 8.0
They adjusted my protocol lower and reduced the AI to as needed. I've not had a prolactin problem ever since.

What Prolactin Problems did  you have ?
Forgot go ask :)


For the record. I had a talk with a work colleague who works out and boxes. I suggested go ad Vitamin D3 20000 IU. I went with 10000 IU recalling I had 43 ng/dl (I believe) with supplemting 5K IU...

Clear Mind feel good and sleep is greatly improved... Like a Baby now :)

Will geh bloods in that in 3 months also..

I'll stick to the current protocol a while longer until I find out what my peak values are and check how things develope towards the end of the cycle :)

My testosterone undecanoate (Nebido) Protocol is 250mg(1ml)@14Days. Just came out of the Docs office and he would be ok with 125mg(0.5ml)@7Days. Given the half life of 21days from Test U what benefits could I "expect" ? If any since half life is 21 days?

Through TT is 555ng/dl on the day of the next shot.

Main Thread including blood work (last page I believe) here:

Plus I read a thread here about andriol test caps? How is the bioavailability of those? On first sight it seems like an alternative to Gel plus I will be getting T on a daily basis.


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: E2 to high
« on: March 03, 2019, 03:42:07 am »
So what is your E2 value ?

There is nothing wrong with the standard E2 test. Many have used all over the world for years even before the sensitive test was around. We are slowly finding out the sensitive test is very hard to run and labs mess it up all the time. So what if you don't know your E2 +/- 0.1% of accuracy you will get an idea and over time you will be able compare how you feel to what number you get and be able to decide if you need your AI or not. It's not a complicated as some like you to believe.

The caveat is that the standard immunoassay tests can pick up things like C-reactive protein in addition to estradiol, so I advise guys to calibrate against a mass spectrometry test before relying on them. For me the standard tests are more reliable and are consistently about 10% higher than properly-done sensitive tests. In the absence of a sensitive test to compare against I suggest at least making sure CRP is low.

My CRP from October 2018 is 1,4mg/l Refferencerange <5,0

What does this tell me in terms of TRT /  E2 ?

Hopefully I can talk my docs into anastrozol / dostinex. If just one then anastrozol and I'll give L-Dopa a shot.

There is nothing wrong with the standard E2 test.
So what if you don't know your E2 +/- 0.1% of accuracy.....
It's not a complicated as some like you to believe.

Didn't know sensitive was just more accurate. I was thinking it was some kind of special test... I'm a noob  ;D
If it's just about +/-.1% then I clearly don't need it, I'm always explaining to the nurse Estradiol E2 NOT Estrogens  ;)

All I care about is results. Regardless if my E2 is 60 or 20

Ok I can follow you now Cataceous.

So i found a Exel Document (i think you posted it Cat) that lets me Calculate free E2 and I ended up at 1,09pg/ml on my trough day. Flagged green

What does that tell me?

Right now I'm trying to decide whether or not to try anastrozol and Dostinex and see where it puts me at...

I'll see if I can get a script for both from my Urologist or my GP (or maby both :D )

And try one first then the other. Guess that's to only way to find out.

Thing is I don't think there is something like a sensitive test on Estradiol E2 here in germany..., they usually give me a  ??? look when I tell them I want it measured ::)

Found out where to get corn starch at also (needed google translate lol)

Has Albumin ever been a problem? Somehow it is never messuerd

Edit:  L-Dopa might help on Prolactin

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