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43 years old
5'7", was 220 pounds when trouble started, now down to 165
Trouble began with abrupt ED Early May '15
Initial T level 130
Started Clomid in hopes of rebooting system June '15
Currently taking 25 mg eod and .25 mg Arimidex every 4 days
T level 480 or so at last reading
ED in check with 2.5 mg Cialis eod and supplements:
POM juice, L-Cit, Pycnogenol

Morning anxiety currently in check with GABA taken every night

Biggest current worry is heart health:
Aortic stenosis (very mild for now)
CAC score 156(!) at age 42
Lp(a) is a shockingly bad 390 nmol/L -- TRIPLE the "extremely high risk" level!
Homozygous for the bad "G" variant of SNP rs10455872, which increases Lp(a) as well as odds for aortic stenosis and coronary artery lesions. 
I think I know what trashed my heart...

40 mg Crestor and baby aspirin every day
CoQ-10, Vitamin K2, and Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract every day too
Walking 10,000 steps a day