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Idk if he still does but Mike Mahler used to use them to meditate also.

I use them to meditate at times. Do they actually do what they're believed to do? Idk. I do know using binaural beats down in the alpha and theta brainwave frequencies does seem to help induce a relaxation response which most guys need. So if it helps in that way then I feel they work.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Dependence on Coffee
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:15:12 am »
So I've been trying to figure out something. Here lately I have had crushing fatigue no matter how much I sleep. If I make sure to get up and have my coffee. I haven't had labs in a really long time but a couple years ago I had low DHEA-S. I'm wondering if I'm suffering from adrenal fatigue. Without coffee I'm a zombie and with or without I suffer but pretty strong anxiety. Low morning cortisol and low DHEA?

If you have pretty good nocturnal erections can you safely say that your ED is not because of clogged arteries even though your cholesterol maybe high and heart disease runs in your family?

In general the thinking goes that if you are having good nocturnal/morning erections then ED is not a vascular or hormonal issue but rather a psychogenic issue.

So which study/studies are we going to believe? My guess is that each person will choose to believe the study/studies that bolster what they already believe regarding the link between dietary practices and one's health. Just saying...


If you don't like a highly plant-based low fat diet a la Esselstyn or perhaps Ornish, then go with Dr. Fuhrman.  Dr. Fuhrman says to displace some of the carbs in a low fat diet with nuts and seeds - not oils or other unnatural fats - because nuts and seeds have over 100+ cardiovascular studies under their belt.  It's pretty friggin hard to argue with that logic!

NOTE:  I would also add that incorporating the techniques of a lower fat diet a la Dr. Gould completely defuses any argument against low fat diets since Dr. Gould insists upon a "low carb low fat" diet.  Drs. Gould and Fuhrman shatter all the stereotypes about plant-based and low fat diets, respectively. 

How do we know Dr. Gould is right?  Simple:  his dietary technique completely shifts lipids away from the standard pattern B lipid profile and also deflates the standard post meal lipid gradient that hammers our arteries.  He reverses plaque in 90% of his patients and his patients are the toughest cases out there.

Likewise, how do we know Fuhrman is right?  Well, the longest lived and healthiest peoples on the planet are all lower fat but not super low fat.  The Tarahumara are quite low fat actually, but the other very long lived cultures are in the 20-30% range and highly plant-based which matches my understanding of Fuhrman's diet perfectly.

Both the diets of Dr. Gould and Fuhrman and non-extreme and would be enjoyed by almost any guy on here.  There is simple no excuse not to become familiar with their books in my opinion.

And you know what I am going to add:  the great majority of guys that eat a lot of animal products can't afford the higher quality range fed meats.  They end up eating factory farm crap that is corn fed, hormone/antibiotic injected and incredibly high in saturated fat compared to their more naturally raised counterparts.  Any argument that this is healthy eating is weak at test
Dr Gould allows animal products also. He says one can be completely vegetarian but doesn't have to be.

But Peak Dr Gould isn't really low carb/low fat per Se. He only limits carbs, specifically bulk carbs such as rice and beans, to the point that one maintains body weight. He also thinks that 1500 calories is ALOT of calories for most people... His actual program calls for about 1500 calories and 60 grams of protein, 10% or less fat and then carbs to make up the difference I think.

A lot of tweaking has to be done for someone trying to put on muscle and lift weights like you...

I have basically modified my diet by eliminating quinoa and adding in tree nuts and peanut butter (organic with no extra ingredients).  Interestingly enough, there was little change in my lipids per this:

Total Cholesterol: 142
Triglycerdies: 71
LDL-C (Calc): 94
HDL: 34

For those who don't know, I ate low fat for years but this time tried a more Fuhrman-like diet.  My HDL improved a bit but LDL went up a bit too.  (Yes, I know it's calculated and that LDL-P are more Lpa are better numbers.)

Anyway, I enjoy nuts tremendously, so this is encouraging.  Will continue and try to pull LDL-P on this and see what happens.

Well the nuts should help keep blood flow high even though fat content is up. If you're giving up the quinoa how are you keeping protein up and where are you getting most of your carbs from?

I've always seen smoothies as a way to get in more fruits and veggies quickly. The goal imo should be to do both. Gave some greens with/in your meals but have that smoothie everyday to make it easier to get in more fruits and vegetables. Either way you're going to turbo charge your body to have rock hard erections assuming everything else is in line.

Guys I went out and  replaced my dongle for the fit bit. And to be honest I'm glad I did even though it was a bit lazy .  The reason is that the app is just awesome. At least now my iPhone thinks it very easily and quickly to the app.   As I mentioned in another thread I am running 2.6 miles per day and trying to get up to 15,000 steps.  I've also been losing a little weight and I think this is really going to help me go the last yard
Which fit bit did you get?

Remember guys: food is almost always cheaper and better than a supplement. Focus on high nitrate foods, which is a pathway NEO40 uses, spinach beets arugula ect.

Plus food generally gives you multiple benefits and turbocharged multiple pathways!

Not that supplements can't be helpful just remember eating whole plant foods will generally do more for you than any supp. Can

I used the Misfit Flash. Seemed to be accurate and you can use it when you sleep to track your sleep patterns also. Just downloaded that app though because my misfit flash broke (washed and dried it on accident) will see how accurate it is

Generally from what once seen is you have to adjust more than just testosterone and estradiol. Look at Peak, he's on DHEA/Pregnenolone, HRT with HCG(I believe) he exercises a lot and eats extremely well. Most people want to get on TRT because they think it's going to be a magic bullet. Sure it may be at first but once the "honeymoon" phase is over their is a lot of fine tuning that has to happen with HRT and overall lifestyle to make this work long term.

Beet root juice is vial but I can generally stomach it... I wonder how much of an increase is actually possible. Is their ever a point of diminishing returns? I mean looking at the big hitters, such as Pom, beet root juice/other high nitrate foods, garlic/vitamin c, surely you hit a wall at some point. Plus I would think their would be a threshold even if you can continue to increase NO you wo!nt see any bodily improvement

If you're going to do once weekly injections you need to get off the prop and go to cypionate or enanthate. See if your doctor will drop the clomid. No idea what that's for considering you're on Testosterone.

As far as your penis size. Dude if you're actually around 300-350 your penis is probably NOT 3 inches erect because of how much fat pad you probably have. Dropping that way could cause a significant increase in size (the fat pad just hides how much size you actually have) once ever thing is dialed in and you lose the weight plus focusing on NO boosting foods and overall lifestyle I think you'll be pleasantly surprised

The uploading images part of the forum doesn't seem to work. Probably the easiest way would be to upload to a site like photobucket or something like that and link it here

Your SHBG is not all that high. addressing that vitamin d deficiency should help. That in and of itself could give you a decent boost to total t and that will raise free t a bit... Also your DHEA is a little low but not low enough to supplement I don't think.

Depending on the type and amount of magnesium you might want to increase your dose.

What's your overall lifestyle like? Diet, exercise, relaxation techniques ect?

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