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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: DHEA frequency
« on: October 14, 2016, 07:30:10 pm »
I take 25 mg twice a day. You need to be careful in regards to estradiol though the higher/more frequent you go in dosing.

Vitamin c 500mgX3
Vitamin d3
Magnesium citrate/oil
B complex

Boron and creatine might be next on this list

No more than a quart a day according to Dr Greger. It's got a lot of manganese in it so you have to be careful

Great warning.  Thx.  I better empty my keg. 

No, I've actually been supplementing manganese, because I was low on a hair test and manganese is critical for a lot of your body's SOD formation from what I have read.

Check out my manganese here:


I think hibiscus tea is a great beverage. Just always have to keep our eyes open and not throw caution to the wind. Maybe hibiscus tea can replace supplementing with manganese.

No more than a quart a day according to Dr Greger. It's got a lot of manganese in it so you have to be careful

I think the real question is laymen should be asking ourselves is will we ever see this technology? I'm fairly confident I will see the first human live over 120 (people have already lived past 115) but I highly doubt the world leaders will allow these regenerative technologies to get into the hands of people that aren't powerful leaders.

At the rate I'm deteriorating, I can't imagine 115 as a viable age. I'm 53 and I am old. Off to the gym, as it's the only thing that seems to help.
as Peak said keep troubleshooting. Theirs bound to be something that will help.

Interesting. So typical ART can suppress Viral load down to undetectable levels. But as soon as the drugs are stop viral load comes back with a vengeance. This strategy used the same basic ART strategy but prompts the virus to come out of hiding while still on ART. Even without the vaccine the immune system should have immunological memory and kill the virus on sight and since the patients are still on ART the virus can't infect more cells. I wonder why they haven't tried this sooner???

Okay, I am trying to quit Cialis completely.  My strategy was similar to the posters that I discussed here:



Basically, my strategy is to a) go from 3.5 mg/day to b) 0 mg per day in two steps.  I already did step a for about 10 days I believe.  That actually wasn't too bad.  I would occasionally get heartburn from Cialis at 3.5 mg and was ignoring that - not smart I know.  At 2 mg I had no issues.

I am now a little over a week into step b - 0 mg of Cialis.  I'd like to say I feel great but that is simply not the case.  I actually feel hung over - that's the best way I can describe it. 

One of the guys in the article above said it takes 3 weeks for the enzymes to build back up.  So I'm only about half way there and am hoping that I'll feel better about then.  Of course, I am 56, so I'm not sure I'll bounce back quite as quickly as these young pups.

Anyway, I really want to get off this stuff.  As I mentioned, when I was low testosterone, the first GP I went to got me hooked on it.  He gave me a 20 mg horse pill - he has some samples - and denied that my testosterone in the low 300's had anything to do with it.  And now with Lilly jacking up the price to ungodly extortionist levels, this is my way of protesting as well.

So we'll see what happens. Never say die!

Doing anything different in your routine to try and help? Adding in extra NO boosters to help from an erection stand point or just hoping the body adjusts?

Saw Dean Ornish on the news today being interviewed about Hillary Clinton's health.  A point was made that Bill Clinton is on a vegan diet under his direction, to which he quickly responded with a correction -- that Bill Clinton is on a MOSTLY vegan diet.

What the Hell is a "mostly vegan" diet?  Once you eat some meat, you're not vegan, right?  Isn't being "mostly vegan" kind of like being "mostly HIV negative"?  Or "mostly not pregnant"?

Strict vegans eschew all animal products, not just food. So maybe Bill still likes leather shoes and a leather belt or leather car seats but his diet is still vegan and he considers that "mostly vegan". Who knows?

Probably just confused about what vegan means... Remember in Ornish's original study/program he allowed egg whites, non fat dairy and now allows fish oil.

So instead of sayin lactoovovegetarian that includes fish oil it's easier to just say mostly vegan, or better yet just say mostly plant based.

Got it.  Good luck with the fodmap.

As an fyi, Trader Joe's arugula is still high quality where I am.

Just as long as you thoroughly wash EVERYTHING.    Do not trust those clamshell containers of greens that claim they are 'triple-washed'.    As Consumer Reports said:

Before you serve up bagged salad to your family, read on. Though you might think that "pre­washed" and "triple-washed" salad greens sold in plastic clamshells or bags are squeaky clean, our recent tests found room for improvement. No, we didn't find pathogens such as E. coli O157:H7, listeria, or salmonella. But in our samples, all of which were within their use-by date, we did find bacteria that are common indicators of poor sanitation and fecal contamination—in some cases, at rather high levels.

I got lax and did not do my pre-washing so it could have been this that bit me as I was eating a LOT of these pre-washed greens, including baby spinach.   And once you get hit, it's damn hard to get that gut health restored.

Thx.  Ive had a few cases of food poisoning and I have suspected this.  I have actually gone to frozen now.  The produce seems so much fresher that way

So if you go frozen do you just drink smoothies? I mean thawing out frozen spinach isn't exactly going to make a good salad?

Thought I'd join this. I'm constantly adjusting my supps but right now I take

Mega dose vitamin c
Vitamin d
Magnesium citrate/oil
Sublingual b12
B complex
Turmeric and flax seed are foods but I still consider them supplemental based on how I consume them

I'm about to add milk thistle, boron, and creatine.

Most vegans get their protein with soy and / or legumes.
Yes but then again isn't soy not advised to boost T

I shy away from soy, because of this:


I don't think Regulus, who is a vegan, would mind me saying this:  his experience is that vegan men who consume soy actually feel better with soy and have no negative side effects though.

In my case, I get a lot of phytoestrogens from flaxseed, which has solid evidence to actually reverse prostate cancer and to help lipids, so it seems like overkill to also consume soy.  That's my take it - I'm just kind of waiting on more research to come out.

Don't mind you saying it at all.    I eat a fair amount of soy.  I don't binge on the stuff, mind you, but I eat soyfoods pretty regularly.  I can't speak for all vegan men, but this vegan man hasn't experienced any negative effects, and honestly more often than not if I do eat a meal with a lot of soy in it, I tend to get a pretty good libido boost.

If I come home and my wife has made miso soup, I take the hint.  ;-)

I'd say that I see no reason why anyone (vegan or otherwise) definitely *should* eat a lot of soy (it's a great source of protein and a lot of enjoyable food, but there are other sources of protein and other enjoyable foods), but equally I haven't experienced any reason at all to avoid it.   The scientific studies are sufficiently all over the map to pretty clearly indicate that soy does not by itself lower testosterone in most men.   Presumably the phytoestrogens have some effect on estrogen metabolism, but there's a pretty solid line of reasoning that the effect is actually a positive one.   Fears of soy seem to be based mostly on a gut reaction against the word "phytoestrogen".
I'm very new to this so forgive me if I'm clueless but again isn't phytoestrogen going to raise estrogen?

No phytoestrogens do not raise estrogen. Everyone hears the word estrogen and freaks out. Dairy will do more to raise your estrogen levels than eating a normal amount of soy or flax.

Man I'm going to have to round up my supps and get them up here. My list is always evolving though so who knows...


Sponsored by vitamin shoppe? No? Ok then you should be!!

Haha man that got me good. High five right back at ya!!

Why not just use organic turmeric as a food/spice instead of supplement? Far cheaper.

Here are my current supplements but note that megadosed Vitamin C and physiological low dose melatonin is not in the picture and should be:

Sponsored by vitamin shoppe? No? Ok then you should be!!

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