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Obesity (Silver Spring). 2013 Mar 20. doi: 10.1002/oby.20460. [Epub ahead of print]

High caloric intake at breakfast vs. dinner differentially influences weight loss of overweight and obese women.

Jakubowicz D, Barnea M, Wainstein J, Froy O.

SourceDiabetes Unit E. Wolfson Medical Center, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Holon 58100, Israel. daniela.jak@gmail.com.

OBJECTIVE: Few studies examined the association between time-of-day of nutrient intake and the metabolic syndrome. Our goal was to compare a weight loss diet with high caloric intake during breakfast to an isocaloric diet with high caloric intake at dinner.

DESIGN AND METHODS: Overweight and obese women (BMI 32.4Ī1.8 kg/m2 ) with metabolic syndrome were randomized into two isocaloric (∼1400kcal) weight loss groups, a breakfast (BF) (700kcal breakfast, 500kcal lunch, 200kcal dinner) or a dinner (D) group (200kcal breakfast, 500kcal lunch, 700kcal dinner) for 12 weeks.

RESULTS: The BF group showed greater weight loss and waist circumference reduction. Although fasting glucose, insulin and ghrelin were reduced in both groups, fasting glucose, insulin and HOMA-IR decreased significantly to a greater extent in the BF group. Mean triglyceride levels decreased by 33.6% in the BF group, but increased by 14.6% in the D group. Oral glucose tolerance test led to a greater decrease of glucose and insulin in the BF. In response to meal challenges, the overall daily glucose, insulin, ghrelin and mean hunger scores were significantly lower, whereas mean satiety scores were significantly higher in the BF group.

CONCLUSIONS: High-calorie breakfast with reduced intake at dinner is beneficial and might be a useful alternative for the management of obesity and metabolic syndrome

Full Text:


Cash in:



What does 120 mean on dips and pullups? There is no weight except your body weight?
you are correct, I am not doing enough weight, I will do 160lbs on the weighted dip/pull up machine now on.

monday 4/29/2013

cardio 2 hours walking

200gram eggwhites
Carlson Omega-3s
caco powder

--I am reading and querticin and surprised to find on page on this site about it.  Aside from Dr Blaylock recommendation to use it, I only found: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/quercetin-uses-and-risks
I enjoy taking pills because it's easy, but I think I get better nutition from eating whole foods, along taking querticin in pill form, I also try to get it from organic red apples/purple grapes

2 shakes

1 shakes =
2 tbsp vegan  rice protein
1lb Broccoli
1 handful organic spinach
1+ cup of mixed berries
3-6 brussel sprouts
splash of POM juice
splash of cherry tart juice
out of cranberry juice
1 tomato---I just toss in a clean, whole tomato
I  use several herbs, which I add to my vitamix recipe,
1.  beetroot juice
2 Tumeric powder--
4-Pomegrante powder


diet-didn't count calories, but has 6 eggwhites, a mess of fruit...that's it

weight 190lbs(water from shake I had just before gym)

iso lateral bench press  3x8x210



push ups-25x3

2 green shakes 200grams protein

Friday, April 27th

weight?-I didnt check


Regarding weight loss I recommend Eat to Live by Dr Joel Fuhrman. It is a vegetarian diet, but, if you want to make a lifestyle change, don't call it a diet. I lost 40lbs in two months, try google and see what you think. All you eat is greens and fruit with seeds, nuts, beans. It's amazing how your body changes when you give it the right food. If you can make it the first 3-4 days, your body starts to crave the good food. I am not saying this is for you... He is famous for Health = nutrients/calories. He is more concerned that if you eat more greens and vegetables and fruits, you need not be concerned with the amount of little calories you take in.  There are still many phytochemicals and other powerful anti-inflammatory properties in food that have yet to be identified. I don't know about the low caloric intake, I would check with your doctor first as always.
I totally agree with not dieting, but a lifestyle change,
I got everything I need to eat a better way(thus lose weight easily) from this site

The book Health and Nutrition By Dr Blaylock, has gotten me to eat 10 servings of fruits/veggies and a few other supplements to my diet.  I've felt a huge difference and Im nearly at my bodyfat/weight goal
It certainly isnt a diet, its a matter of learning the rules of the game and doing what it takes to win.
(the game is eating/living) and winning is becoming an "Orgasmatarian"


Hi Blade ...Like your article (true about all the magazines!)and agree on the whole foods and hard workout ethic..Jack Lalanne  was proof of that.

Disagree on taking milk as it may have protein but it ain't good for you...

didnt write the article, the guy I linked did
dont have a stance on milk, just posted what blaylock said about it
which isnt in this thread its here

Dairy and why do we eat it?
Blaylock says no to dairy

IE pg 258 "Health and Nutrition secrets that can save your life"
-....I disagree with the ch0ice of dairy products, since consumption of even low-fat ones increased incidence of heart disease and prostate cancer in men in other studies(353 reference number)

pg   266
"now what about eggs and dairy?  The solution is simple, "avoid all dairy products from cows, save a small amount of butter.  That means no milk, cheese, or ice cream.   A few of my patients have stopped coming to me when I recommended cutting ice cream from their diets, but the truth is humans were never meant to consume cow's milk. ............Think about it for a minute: why would humans be the only mammals on  earth that need to drink milk after weaning? Especially another animals milk? Elephants, who reach a healthy weight of five tons without snapping in two, manage to avoid milk. So do giraffes and rhinos?
.........exposing children to milk before age two is a major cause of juvenile diabetes(383-citation)  The reason seems to be because milk proteins resemble protein n the pancreatic island of Langerhans, which make insulin.   Through molecular mimicry the body attacks the insulin producing cells as well as the milk proteins.
--...This was reported in 1999, but there was no media outcry because of the  power/influence of the milk producers


I know you like things in list format ("To Do" style)....so here goes:

this is the most awesome response I've ever gotten in terms of layout/info; thanks

Get rid of the hashbrowns...the rest of the items were healthy...what's with the hashbrowns?? Aren't those basically fried potatoes...or boiled in some kind of oil? Those don't fit in with any kind of Mediterranean style diet that is proposed on this website.
you are right..no more....hashbrowns
Incorporate some situps/leg lifts in your routine. Even better find a situp incline board so that it is more challenging. That is what will help with tightening the abs/stomach area after a significant weight loss.
-will do

Your chest (I assume bench press) weight is quite low compared to everything else you're doing...but maybe that's due to your injury.
sorta, my arms arent able to do the same weights, but I have been slacking a bit, I can do over 200lbs easily....no bench press; isolateral decline press and the incline press.. Ive not done the actual bench press since high school, dont like the pro/con ratio to use it.. also why I use the hack squat and not the squat rack
Incorporate some pushups...as I've written in another thread, I'm a big proponent of pushups....they work a bunch of muscles and make you look good, especially when wearing a form fitting shirt.
I have thought about this will do it.

Use a condom tonight please...and definitely stay off the cruciferous vegetables unless you want this to be your last encounter with your "fuck" buddy.   ;)
I was thinking about insurance with GASX.
Yes, condoms are a must....always have been...which is why I'm clean


Is your real name Casey Butt by any chance?  Much of what I just read in this thread looks like what he states in some of his articles.  Even the writing style seems similar.

Just wondering.

much of what you read in this thread came from the link that's in the thread
go back and read it

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / hemochromatosis
« on: April 26, 2013, 09:49:43 pm »
Hemochromatosis is the most common form of iron overload disease.
how do you cure hemochromatosis?  Easiest way is bloodletting/donating blood.
Some people do diet, but even if your absorbtion rate of iron is anything above 0, you'll gain more iron.  Iron isnt something you want too much of.

I dont want to donate blood(I have donated over 2.5 gallons....not wanting to do it is a choice,(they dont even do a free cholestrol test when you give blood now, its too far away, the cookies they give are high in excitotoxins/Transfats)
so how else can I lose blood?

I was thinking needle stick my fingers/toes, lose  a  little?
I don't know much, likely insignificant amount as 220-250 mg of iron is lost when you lose 1 pint of blood. 
I guess I can try that and see what it does, I have my iron checked weekly.

First of all, Mike Mahler is the real deal and so I have no doubt it will raise testosterone in many men.

But you still have to take care of your arteries. Testosterone will not do that of course magically for you.

Same thing if you went on hrt right?
yeah, sure.,real deal my butt.  I'll pay you $100USD if he ever comes out with anything that increases test by 300%.  within a year, otherwise you owe me $100.

so that's a no?

Donít bitch about how much you hate dieting or exercise. You can either change your diet and activity patterns, or you can stay fat.

Wow, this should be posted all over the world each time that someone whines about dieting; and I've done it myself.
Agreed, it goes for a lot of stuff.  I try to refrain from saying it a lot otherwise everyone would hate me.  I think it though when people say, "I hate....my job/my car/school"   I think, if you hate it, quit.
I try to be positive  about things, but I know when I don't eat or get sleep, I just see the darkness in everything and can't get  my brain to be positive.  I am sure that's how other people are; so miserable from what the drugs they eat all day(food) does to them, they only show their "bad" side.  Sometimes all it takes though is one person, one good deed and you can see the positivity/brightness in the day.  Which is why when I interact with people and they seem like they hate me/the world, I make jokes and I get a lot more energy in my personality, trying to rub some off on them. 
sometimes it works.

You mentioned how cutting carbs helps you eat less, and I can confirm that. I cut out wheat over a month ago and I ABSOLUTELY eat less - I'm just not as hungry. Also, if you are looking for a simple diet plan, simply don't eat anything that includes wheat or gluten - period. You will find that cuts out 90% of the crap you SHOULDN'T be eating anyway. Buy a juicer and have a giant plate of veggies juiced every day to the mix, and you WILL start feeling better.
Aren't you amazed by cutting wheat leaves out so much food?   I have a problem with this because I like food thats warm  sometimes.
I eat steel oats or hasbrowns  to get that warm food and I also munch on air popped popcorn.

I was busy yesterday and only did some walking. and then I got rushed today...life is busy

Friday, April 27th

weight?-I didnt check


Full body


hacksquaat 3x12x180

pullups 3x8xBW


shoulder press  3x12x150lbs

Diet 2 shakes, (no sprouts in the 2nd shake) hasbrowns, fruit, coffee...eggwhites/mustard

When I look at myself naked, I see the ever lasting flab of stomach over the bottom abs /waist line is no longer protruding, I have a nearly flat stomach..
when did that happen?
where did all this hair come from?  I

I'm going home to where my parents live(4hr drive) and I'll stay with an ex-sexual partner, so I know I'll get some ass.  But she will likely want to drink and talk and stuff....which is fine, but I'm going home to surprise my dad  for his birthday tomorrow(65th) morning, so I need to be able to get up at day break. Since I wont get there till  1030pmish.

I dont like going away from my home, I go somewhere else and I dont  have my distilled water, my vitamix, my intake of fruit/veggies takes a hit...
a few years ago with my last GF, I was fat,(40lbs fatter) and didnt know anything about inflammation/excitotoxins and when she wanted sex, she'd sometimes instigate...she'd just tell me what she wanted, then orally please me til she'd hop on and go for a ride till she came a few times...I instigated sex a few times, which made her happy, as she told me my lack of trying to fuck her 23yo butt made her depressed.......I had no sex drive, which I  never thought had to do with my weight/Test level.  I thought it had to do with a mental block about me actually having sex with someone who has HepC...(3yrs later, I'm still std/sti free, not exchanging blood isnt hard when you dont use IV drugs)
this thinking was reinforced when my school clinic/nurse gave me viagra to try out...I told them about the issue and they agreed I had a mental block..

Now I can't help but think about the sex and Im actually worried about performance?  I over think stuff, I need to turn my brain off/throw it out the window and just realize, I am in great shape, I can't knock her up(tubes tied) and she isn't my bike, but I'm gonna ride her like I stole her.


Blade, I can almost guarantee the brussel sprouts in your health shake caused this, especially if it was more like 6 than 3. I eat steamed brussel sprouts, and if I overdo it, I have some serious gas/diarreah issues. Cruciferous vegetables have that gas side effect associated with them.

I will see what happens without the sprouts, I have never had an issue with just broccool, so I think you are on to something.

(PS. I realize 1000 ways to die has some crazy stories of people that overdo things. This guy was obese and probably would've died of a heart condition even if he hadn't ingested the msg. He should've stopped after he choked on the spare ribs anyway. ???)
Yes, I agree, what I find amusing somewhat is the guy in the story died, but there was no trouble finding an actor to play the fat/rude guy.   How that listed on IMDB? Matthew Parrott is the actor who died from MSG...
Im reading Blaylocks book and I don't understand why this didnt cause any uproar to the public?  Even the healthy community?  why dont I see the health stores pushing his book with the other books in the checkout alise? why dont I see his book at the book store?  the book is only written in 2006, so its been nearly a decade
BTW, I have a water distiller, I thought was sorta going nuts...but Blaylock talks a lot about fluoride and how it hurts you, etc,....but the FDA building DOESNT HAVE FLUORIDATED water. I thought that showed, actions vs thoughts....and now I see on google, that the claim, the FDA never approved fluoride


I had the same thing as you for awhile and part of it was stress-related.  Check out these links:


How you eat is religious, but I think the easy way to lose weight is a Low Fat Diet.  It's not as fast as low Carb but you can eat almost as much as you want and so the effect on your testosterone and other hormones is minimal.  In fact, it's debatable if it will affect testosterone at all as I've discussed on other threads.  So you clean out your arteries while you lose weight!  But I know not everyone feels they can do a Low Fat Diet...
Im confused?  you go low fat and you can eat as much as you want?  Im lost on the math there. calories are still calories, yes?
now, if you say eat all the non-starchy veggies you want, I'd agree with that if you.
I can eat potatos/hashbrows+mustard+pepper all day and then I wont lose weight.

at any rate,

Glad you are here, follow the advice from Peak and you'll change yourself

-50lbs overweight and waking up early...sounds like as soon as you get into a 2nd REM cycle, you might have some sleep apnea? 
Peak is right about a low-fat diet clearing out your  arteries,
he optimal diet for treatment of children and adults has the following characteristics: cholesterol (100 mg/day), total fat (20% of kcalories, 6% saturated with the balance from omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat), carbohydrate (65% kcalories, two thirds from starch), and protein (15% kcalories). This low-fat high-carbohydrate diet can lower the plasma cholesterol 18% to 21%.

but a low fat, low carb diet will cause you to become naturally happy,
the mild euphoria often noted with fasting or low-carbohydrate diets may be due to shared actions of BHB and GHB on the brain.

50lbs to lose is a lot to lose.  but a survey showed if you get your BMI to about 24.9, you wont have an risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and all-cause mortality.

and your testosterone will go up a ton as you lose those aromotase producing fat cells around your belly
and even more reasons to lose the extra pounds

work hard man, and stick to whatever goals you set for yourself,
I have a friend who has been trying to lose the same 15lbs for 14months now, he texts me stuff like, "had a few beers" or "hand a handful of Goldfish"...he thinks those calories dont add up, yet, 14 months later he hasnt lost those 15lbs he wanted to.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Exaggerated Claims
« on: April 26, 2013, 01:13:59 am »
First of all, Mike Mahler is the real deal and so I have no doubt it will raise testosterone in many men.

But you still have to take care of your arteries. Testosterone will not do that of course magically for you.

Same thing if you went on hrt right?
yeah, sure.,real deal my butt.  I'll pay you $100USD if he ever comes out with anything that increases test by 300%.  within a year, otherwise you owe me $100.

Of course,  you'd still have to deal with eating right,  I posted that stuff(bunk?) about the "study" saying taking fish oil was inferior to eating fish.  I'm still not 100% clear on how they got those results.
I have a friend who is on AAS, his Test level is 800-900, hes gained 20lbs in 6 months and now has a buttload of "back acne" and he lives on meat...he's 24...I dont get why you'd do that to yourself.. but he wants more LBM more then he wants clear skin?

I post links to lyle mcdonald a lot cause the guy knows his stuff(about working out, training, nutrition), so I'll post what he tells everyone to share---my only issue with this post is, I dont know much about the whey/casein he recommends.
 I don't get why you'd bother with a bag of protein and make it into a shake, when you could just drink some egg whites, a  essential amino acids/complete protein.
Training Secrets
What stimulated this article was an experience I had last week. As described in the About Me page Iím currently living in SLC Utah training full time at the speed skating oval trying to make National or Olympic qualifying trials (making the team, of course, is the ultimate dream).

Anyhow, last week I made friends with one of the other skaters (most of the skaters at the oval are, shall we say, unfriendly. Coming from me thatís saying a lot. I personally think they carry the same elitist prick gene that road cyclists carry but I digress). Heís young and big, I shall call him The Big Kid (TBK).

So TBK and I are at dinner talking skating. He tells me that he moved down here to try and make the national team. Ok, Iím down. Except that when I see him at the rink, heís usually spending more time hitting on the chicks instead of training.

TBK also opines that he is just convinced that the top guys must have some secret. Ah, thereís the rub, heís still looking for secrets instead of realizing that the only secret is ass busting work over a long period of time. And thatís what stimulated this article.

I still get emails, see posts to my forum, etc. from people looking for that elusive training or diet secret. Something quick and easy, preferably in pill form that can be taken and make you great without putting in ass busting work over a long period of time.

Now, this is the American way, look for a quick fix secret instead of realizing that the only way to succeed is with ass busting work over a long period of time. Give me a pill, a piece of equipment, a piece of clothing (UnderArmor being the new clothing of choice for gym posers everywhere). Anything except for having to put in ass busting work over a period of time.

Anything. Supplement companies, magazines, equipment companies use this to their advantage. Read a muscle magazine, a fishing magazine, a womenís magazine, all use the same cover boilerplate that promises training, fishing or sex secrets. Itís the same wording.

    10 Training Secrets for Muscle Building
    10 Bassmaster Secrets for Catching a Big Lunker
    10 Sex Secrets You Can Use Tonight

Now, this reminds me of me when I was back in college, an athlete who desperately wanted to be better and who got sucked into all of the crap in the magazines. This magic supplement, this magic training program, I read the muscle magazines religiously for years just so I wouldnít miss that one issue that contained the secret.

Then I got my head (partially anyhow) out of my ass.

Over time, as I gained experience (and the horror of all horrors: maturity), I realized that there are no secrets. The equation is simply ass busting work + time = results. There are no shortcuts, no secrets, no easy solutions (except drugs).

Sure, you need to train smart, you need to apply good principles to your diet and training and some stuff is relatively more effective than other stuff. But once youíve got the basics, all you can do is bust ass for a long period of time. Or take drugs. Both work and, of course, drugs are easier. See my bromocriptine booklet for example.

So with that said, I give you the training and diet secrets I have developed over the past decade (note: this is why Iíll never be a best selling author).

Training Secrets for Size and Strength Gains (for Naturals)

    If you are natural, you must get stronger to get bigger. If, over time, you are not adding weight to the bar, you are not growing.
    Training a bodypart less than 2X/week will not give you optimal gains. An upper/lower split done Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri is close to optimal for most. Full body twice a week can work very well. Once every 5th day is the least frequently I would ever recommend a natural train. Youíll get less sore training more frequently and youíll grow better. Save once/week bodypart training for pro bodybuilders (read: steroid users) and the genetically elite.
    When in doubt, do less volume, not more. You donít need a zillion sets to stimulate hypertrophy, the bullshit written in the magazines to the contrary. If you canít get it done in 4-8 hard sets (sometimes less, rarely more) you need to quit training like a pussy in the gym. I had a friend who sold supplements one time who kept asking me to design him a product that would really work. I told him to make a supplement that would make people work hard in the gym and watch their diets. He thought I was joking.
    Generally, basic compound exercises are best but isolation stuff has its place. Same for the machines versus free weights Ďargumentí: both have their place. Anybody who tell you that you MUST do a certain exercise is arguing from an emotional stance, not a physiological one.
    If you think you can gain muscle without eating sufficient food or calories, you should quit bodybuilding and take up something easier, like golf. You canít magically make muscle out of nothing, you need calories and protein to grow. If you canít buckle down to eat enough on a consistent basis, you wonít grow an ounce of muscle. And spare me the excuses that youíre not hungry or your schedule wonít allow it. Itís about priorities, eat more or stay skinny.
    Most hardgainers train like idiots and donít eat enough.
    Diets should be based around whole foods first, supplements second. Remember the hoopla over zinc and testosterone and ZMA from Balco Red meat is a great source of zinc, iron, B12 and protein. Not to mention who knows how many other trace nutrients that are involved in optimal human physiology. Eat it every day. Remember all of that crap about indole 3 carbinole. Guess what, itís found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. Every time you hear about a new magic compound, 99 times out of 100 itís found in some whole food that youíre probably not eating. Eat whole foods with a shitpile of veggies every day.
    There is no singular best protein, each one has pros and cons. Generally, I thinnk casein is better for dieting, whey for around workouts, whole proteins the rest of the time. You canít beat milk (and the dairy calcium has benefits on bodyfat). I think mixing proteins at a given meal is a good idea to eliminte any shortcomings of one. I think food combining (or protein rotation) is a lot of hippy holistic bullshit.

Dieting Secrets for Fat Loss

    You canít magically lose weight unless you eat less or burn more calories with activity. Not unless you take drugs and those either make you eat less or burn more anyhow.
    Donít bitch about how much you hate dieting or exercise. You can either change your diet and activity patterns, or you can stay fat. Those are your two options, except for drugs.
    To lose weight and keep it off you must change some aspect of your training and diet and do it forever.
    All diet books, no matter what line of bullshit they sell you, are working in terms of whatís in #3. Cutting all of the carbs out of your diet will generally make you eat less, so will cutting out all of the fat, so do diets taht change your eating habits in one fashion or another. Some books go the activity route. At the end of the day, even if they tell you that you donít have to eat less to lose weight, they will trick you into doing it one way or another

Note: My job, as diet book author, is to turn Eat Less, Exercise, Repeat Forever into a 300 page book. Most diet books do it with 150 pages of recipes.

Everything else that you may come across, including my various gibberings in my books, are just details on the above. But at a fundamental level, until you are dealing with that 1% of 1% of trainees (elite athletes, bodybuilders trying to get to 5% bodyfat without muscle loss), those secrets are about all you need to know.

The equation is this:
Hard Work + Consistency + Time = Results.

Burn that into your head and quit looking for quick fixes and secrets.

Because they donít exist.

What am I doing wrong?

I have mad gas, is it the shakes?  will this ever go away? I thought my past GI issues were because of  processed foods

I also saw this, on 1000 ways to Die, MSG killed this guy via heart fibrilation

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