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Same here. My result's with the two tests were pretty much identical. There's a lot of talk about how much the two tests may vary but are the actually recorded reports of this - on this forum or elsewhere?

Interestingly for me I dont see a huge variation between the 2. Maybe I dont have much of the cross reactivity thing whatever that was going on but I was still in the 40s just slightly higher by a few pts with the ECLIA.

If your ferritin is still below the range, it can definitively be a contributing factor when it comes to your symptoms. Iron deficiency may impair your bodys ability to synthesize neurotransmitters - which could increase anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Low iron can also affect your thyroid function - by impairing your bodys ability to convert T4 into T3. When I was deficient in iron my T3 levels were also low. Low levels of T3 may also cause depressive symptoms. Are your thyroid numbers looking good at the moment?

Also; Have you considered the option of supplementing with iron? If your HGB and HCT are not too high, that could be one option to discuss with your doctor.

Have you tested E2 and DHT. They can be big contributing factors when it comes to MW.

your DHT is definitively low and could explain your lack of libido. Also if that E2 reading is reliable, its also somewhat low. In my understanding men need some amount of estrogen for libido and sexual agression.

Your estradiol levels are horribly low (8.5), which could explain some of your symptoms. When I experienced level's that low I was absolutely miserable.

I think that is your biggest concern.

Here's an interesting take on low histamine: https://area1255.blogspot.fi/2014/08/low-histamine-levels-disturbing_5.html?m=1

The writer is a bit eccentric but he does usually back up his claims with scientific studies.

Heres also a interesting write up on different histamine receptors and their effects in the brain:


According to this u want to agonize the H1 and H2 and antagonize the H3 - for best results. I have actually tested this by using histidine and a H3 receptor antagonist, and it does work to a degree.

I was also tested low for histidine on my NutrEval.

[MODERATOR SPLIT FROM HERE: http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=11062.0 ]

I want to give an update on this.

Although im trying to fix other variables in my health, one thing that has improved during these past months is my blood pressure. I think that the biggest impact for me was taking a decent amount of beets with every meal.

My systolic pressure has been lately in the 120-125 mmHg range. In the past it used to be in the 130-135 range.

So thanks to Peak  - and other members in this forum - for pointing me to the right direction!

Interesting. Then there are few guys who need to take around 200mg per week in order to get a decent level. I suppose it's much better to be at this end of the scale.

A lot of you guys seem to have hCG as part of your protocol. Im not planning to add that until I get my Enanthate dosage sorted out.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Feeling Worse
« on: January 22, 2017, 07:21:05 am »
hCG has always been very "pro-estrogenic" for me. May be that's the case for you as well?

Maybe you could put off the hCG for awhile - while keeping your T dosage?

You said you were going to 15 mg test C EOD along with 250 IU hCG, correct? I think I'd have waited to see what that did before adding an AI. Which one and how much? It's tough to be patient when you're miserable, but these changes take weeks to months.

Thanks. You are right: 250 iu hCG + 15 mg test C eod. I added Aromasin 12.5 mg ed which I'd held off from finishing months ago. I figured I'd just finish of the remainder now to get this 100+ e2 down.

It is scary how suddenly what little libido I had just vanished.

At least when it comes to dosing!

According to "official guidelines" I should be taking 250mg of Test E every 10 days. That's crazy and would definitively put me to supraphysical levels.

As a starting point, in the beginning of december, I started 75mg E5D (which amounts to 105mg per week).

These labs were taken on the  on the injection day (5th).

TT:1038 ng/dl
SHBG: 36 nmol/l
FT(calculated): 549 pmol/l (150-800 pmol/l)

Based on these results I decide to reduce my dose to 37,5mg E3D (which amount 87,5 mg  a week)

I was on this protocol for three weeks an took labs - I havent yet received my peak results. On the injection day my levels were:

TT: 981 ng/dl
SHBG: 39 nmol/l
FT (calculated): 496 pmol/l (150-800 pmol/l)
E2 ( non sensitive): 21 pg/ml ( 0,25mg arimidex was taken 2 days before the shot. I have decided to discontinue my AI after that).

All in all, I seem to be really sensitive to testosterone - which I guess is a good thing. I havent seen anywhere anyone getting these kind of results whit such a low dose. My next plan is to keep the current dose and take it E4D (which amounts to 65,6mg a week).

I have definitively been experiencing lethargy, fatigue and few cognitive symptoms. In my understanding iron is a important cofactor in synthesizing dopamine and ATP.

From what I've read, frequent blood donations are probably the most common cause of low ferritin - in men on TRT. In my case im somewhat sceptic to think that that's the cause. Like I said, last donation was in september. Another possibility is malabsorption or a peptic ulcer. I have been taking digestive enzymes for a while so who knows. Good thing I have the appointment with the internist.

It's a good question that electrify presented. What should we do when ferritin drops - and you are on TRT? Here's my current plan.

1. I will try a modest supplementation of iron - with C - and see how my ferritin and red blood parameters change.
2. If that doesn't work. I will have to reduce my testosterone dose and increase the iron
3. Last option is to drop the testosterone all together - for a  while. Hopefully it wont come to that.

Interesting find!

During the past month I also have been suffering with low cortisol ( 214 nmol/l ). I also have low ferritin at the moment. That said my morning serum cortisol almost doubled ( to 400 nmol/l ) when I reduced my Enanthate dose.

Still it may very well be that correcting low iron levels could improve the function of the HPA-axis. Here's a quote from mariano that seems to give support to all this:

"Poor nutrition - which is the bulk of modern diets even those that seem nutritious - impairs metabolic function, which in turn impairs the reception of signals from the immune system, nervous system, and endocrine system. For example, iron deficiency or suboptimization, significantly impairs recovery of the HPA Axis. So long as ferritin levels are low, the adrenal can't function well, no matter what the treatment. Low iron also forces a compensatory shift to a stressed nervous system. Suboptimal nutrition - including the lack of saturated fats and cholesterol in the diet, the lack of complex foods and highly dense nutritious meals - impairs metabolic function. Multiple areas in the world are minerally deficient - leading to minerally deficient vegetables. They look the same but don't have the nutritional value of foods years ago. Fat soluble vitamin deficiencies are very frequent. Vitamin D deficiency is frequent - without Vitamin D, serotonin and dopamine signaling is impaired, insulin resistance worsens, etc. B-vitamin deficiencies prevent thyroid hormone from working."

( http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/dr-mariano-hpa-axis-dysregulation.12925/ )

That's strange. The link that I provided works just fine on my browser. Are you sure you dont have any third party apps installed? You can of course find the same article through google.

I did some more reading on my situation and it would seem that there are definitively other cases of low iron and high hemoglobin - with men on trt.

I guess one possibility is that my blood donations led to depleted iron stores. It's still interesting that hemoglobin remained that high.

Yeah its pretty strange. There is actually a condition called Non-anaemic Iron Deficiency that show as normal hemoglobin and depleted iron levels. Here's more info for those who are interested:


Anyways, im seeing my internist - who treats my hypothyroidism - in a couple weeks. Hopefully he has some insight on this. Mean time im gonna try supplementing with iron and C and retest my iron and hemoglobin.

You have a better link? This kicked me into the app store!

Yeah its pretty strange. There is actually a condition called Non-anaemic Iron Deficiency that show as normal hemoglobin and depleted iron levels. Here's more info for those who are interested:


Anyways, im seeing my internist - who treats my hypothyroidism - in a couple weeks. Hopefully he has some insight on this. Mean time im gonna try supplementing with iron and C and retest my iron and hemoglobin.

For me going too high with total testosterone always leads to low cortisol. Reducing my dosage and increasing injection frequency seemed to help.

There are of course many other conditions which may lead to HPA suppression. Still, avoiding avoiding supraphysiological levels is important if one wants to have a decent cortisol awakening response.

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