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That's amazing. Lutein and milk huh?

Wow that's a pretty good study. I guess it could explain why Japanese are so long lived although they're not much healthier than anyone else. They are very conciencous and dedicated to their work and tend to stay married, have hobbies and work hard. So this study actually explains that quite well.

Wounded Lion I was struck by the fact that you see your girlfriend as very young, very sexy, and very sexual active and you see your condition as being somehow incompatible  with that. A good sexual experience doesn't have to mean piv intercourse followed by ejaculation. Its well known that women who self report as being with lesser endowed partners report higher levels of sexual satisfaction because their partners try harder. Very few women can orgasm from just intercourse anyway and most require some sort of manual stimulation. Being a good partner has less to do with your penis and more to do with your hands. If you could learn to make her cum using just your hands, I guess that you'd be doing better than most.

I think that if you could realize that you are a capable and valuable partner for her sexually, it would give you back a lot of confidence and ease the anxiety and depression. You have to have the courage to strike up a conversation and tell her "Let's make love, by my dick hasnt been working well lately so I'm just going to use my hands. If you feel good, I feel good so we don't have to have intercourse every time."

I'm not a doctor so I don't have any magic remedies. 

I must be an overweight middle aged American housewife to be trying celebrity endorsed diets but this one has my interest. It has some unique benefits that might fit my lifestyle.

That's an interesting one, puzzling. I think for a long time, I wasn't getting morning wood or very rarely getting it and yet I had no sexual problems. The testosterone thing is kind of a continuum and not like an on/off switch I guess. Little boys can get erections and yet they don't have much testosterone. There are also plenty of fully functional transsexual women who don't have much testosterone because of the hormone therapy.

I just listened to a podcast where some professional sex workers were interviewed and Delia from DeliaTS was on the show. She said that she has a bit of trouble because of the hormones but she just takes viagra. She almost commented that most trans sex workers are also taking viagra.

Morning wood is a canary for health
so why do guys who watch a lot of NC-17 rated material and get erections during that time,(which means they are physiological healthy)  then  lose morning wood, which I thought was a canary for health?

so if they CAN get wood(watching NC-17 material,, why dont they get morning wood?

Polewalker you are the perfect candidate for a low carb diet because you have no problem with cholesterol, love to eat and yet want to lose weight and finally the diabetes. You could kill three birds with one stone there or at least try.

The more frequently you inject, the higher the chances are that you might get an abscess. Also scar tissue becomes an issue unless you're rotating injection sites.

FYI, this is just about building muscle. It's probably something you'll either love or hate.


To sum it up:

Within the normal physiological ranges for testosterone, an increase in testosterone won't equal an increase in muscle mass. Below the physiological range, you would absolutely lose muscle mass. Above it, in the supraphysiological range, you would gain muscle mass. But within the physiological range, you won't gain more muscle mass.

Transient increases in hormones during training mean absolutely nothing for building muscle mass (@11:15). This is addressing the articles that say that if you squat you get x percent greater testosterone and so we should train this way to get bigger arms.

I'm just summing up what Layne Norton's video was about to get you interested. Please, please watch the video before you respond with any criticism. He likes to video blog and not write so this is what we get. It's pretty refreshing how Layne Norton brings some sense into the giant intellectual mush of people randomly pulling conclusions from studies that are regurgitated on various fitness and health websites.

the main problem is the mental side of it but for me I can see the brighter side of life without the 'enjoyment' of smoking and I haven't gone back and I don't intend to doesn't matter where my health takes me.

Great. I'm glad to hear that you're on the road to health and welcome to the forum.

Thanks Festus.

I did some light deadlifts on Friday for 12x3 and my back felt alright so I might stick with that next time but I'm going to try squats today. I got my new weightlifting shoes, chuck Taylor all stars. So I'm excited to see if that's better than what I've been using.

Two weeks straight of high dose ibuprofen therapy.

How much is high dose?

Alright, thanks. I'll try it. The biggest pill they have of ibuprofren is 150mg here though. So it might take a lot heh.

I started out at 600mg three times daily and after about four days dropped it to 400mg three times daily.

Well Linus Pauling pointed out that in animals who can synthesize their own ascorbate, their internal levels of vitamin C are about 18 times higher than the "recommended daily allowance" would produce in a human. So he would say that the RDA is just a number that is the minimum amount required to prevent disease but doesn't really reflect optimal health. He puts the exact number around 5-8g per day of vitamin C but he points out that you can take 3x more than that when you're sick.

More specifically, because vitamin c is water soluble, he says that any extra vitamin c that you take and dont need will just be excreted. He recommends taking up to the 5-8g per day or as much as your stomach can handle and that usually most people would get diarrhea if they took too much. There have always been people who argued that after about 1g, any extra vitamin c is excreted but Linus Pauling showed in some clinical trials that although the vitamin c is excreted at a greater rate, some of it is still retained and there was still an additional benefit for heart patients at those higher doses so it is viable.

Personally, I only take 1g per day right now because I accidentaly bought a huge bottle of an effervescent one and its hard to choke down.

Sorry I'm on a tablet so I can't type out a full reference list. I can just find this now. I really recommend digging into the writings of Dr. Pauling if you're interested though.

Luckily, I don't get to sleep tonight! Maybe next week I'll feel it.

Not surprisingly, Layne Norton has chimed in on this study.


The study design and analyses are inappropriate; key contradictory data are neglected; and conclusions are not justified by the data. As scientists with decades of experience studying the impact of protein on health, we are concerned that translation of these flawed data and exaggerated conclusions to the public could have serious negative health consequences for adults seeking to maintain muscle health and avoid sarcopenia.

Two weeks straight of high dose ibuprofen therapy.

How much is high dose?

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