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Thanks! :)

Well, if I spend too much time responding I'm going to get on a soapbox. I am 45, so hugely proud of my lifts. I'm at 350 for deadlift, 365 for squats, and 265 for bench press. My goal is 400/400/300 respectively. If you say a picture of me 10 years ago you just would not believe I'm the same guy...

Let me start by saying there are a thousand philosophies so mine is just one of many.

that said...

dump the treadmill.

I think that might be the WORST thing you can do for your joints. If you want an aerobic workout, consider a nice rower like the Concept C2. Pricey, but way better for you. However, I read two great books that really changed my opinion on exercise. One is a book titled "Younger Next Year", which I think everyone in their 40s should read.

Part of the premise of the books is you should do cardio to increase the length of your life, and heavy strength training to increase the quality. When I travel and use a hotel gym, the heavy people are always on the bikes, treadmills, etc., while the truly fit people are using the free weights - that sold me.

I read a book on body building called Braun. It's not well written and can be a tough read, but it changed my life. I adopted the same attitude of a body builder, focusing on the big compound lifts (deadlift, squat, bench press) and augmenting with isolation exercises. I started with a 5 day a week, total body program using dumbbells. I remember when I first started at 40, I could barely do 10 sit ups. Now in a given week, I will do 3 days of 3 sets of 20 with a 25lb plate behind my head, one day with 3 sets of 20 using a 35lb plate, and 1 day of 4 sets of 25 unweighted sit-ups. A strong core makes everything in life better - including sex. I don't say this to brag - just to illustrate - YOU CAN DO IT but you have to start with what's manageable and keep moving forward.

I have logged EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE I've done for the last five years. I have a spreadsheet that has 4 week's worth of columns on it. I will fill it out as I workout. When it's full, I will make a new copy of the spreadsheet and adjust accordingly. For example, I might find that a certain workout is stressing my triceps, making the next day's exercise's difficult. so, I adjust and move things and change weights. If an exercise goes up in reps or weight, I highlight with a yellow highlighter so I can see the progress on the sheet. If an exercise was easy or I think I can push it further next time, I put a + next to the amount. You really can't remember a week later how things went for you, but the notes are right there. EVERY SINGLE DAY I work out I log it. I think this is absolutely critical.

It's a marathon, not a sprint. Think total body, log everything, and make sure you don't be lazy and only do exercises that you like. Do you know how many guys only work their upper body? It's crazy! Do you know the exercise that works more muscles in the human body than any other? It's the deadlift. When I started, I could not do 20 goblet squats with a single 20lb dumbbell. Five years later I'm doing 350 and I WILL hit 400 by fall. Squats work your biggest muscles and create some of the biggest boost of growth hormones. Do do deadlifts, you will need to work your grip, so you work your grip. Again, think TOTAL body. As you go, you will start realizing your weaknesses, so you spend a little more time the next month on those weaknesses, but keep the total body approach going.

I'd be happy to share my workout, but it would not be appropriate for you. I could share what I started with if you're interested... I can tell you that all of the miscellaneous aches and pains have all gone away (a foam roller is your friend), and while I'm happily married I can tell you that women (and men) engage me differently.

I thought the way I looked at felt was just the way it was - a fact of aging. I'm so glad I sorted out the hormones (well, we are always working on that), changed my eating, started working out - my life is so much better than it was 10 years ago and gets better every year. 

Ooops - I think I warned you about the soap box. :)


I'm the other guy that got the Endopat. I wanted to just chime in and say congratulations on your progress. I don't recall my Endopat score as I didn't post it here - I'll track it down. I'm thinking of getting another one done in a month or so. I went low carb / high fat in October and dropped a lot of weight and I'm really curious to see if I improved my endothelial function. I also switched over to subq injections and need to get a blood draw anyway...

Something is working - I had a new max of 350 in my deadlift just this morning - recorded to prove it! :)

wow wow wow wow!

I ordered insulin syringes: 29ga, .5", .3 CC and did my first subq shot today.

I used to do HCG subq so I wasn't nervous about shooting in the belly. That said, for some reason I <was> nervous about blowing the needle off. I found the draw time to be reasonable, however, as well as the injection time. ZERO pain, nice, smooth and easy. Easy Peasy!

It takes about the same amout of time all said and done as doing IM, because with IM I was swapping needles and doing direct pressure for 2 minutes.

I am going to move from 60mg 2xw IM to 20mg 3xw SubQ.

I can do this for the rest of my life - not sure I could keep up the 2x IM.

We'll see though - will pull labs in 6 to 8 weeks.

thanks again everyone!

Thanks for that. Illne doing either .2 or .3. I have some 31g insulin needles from when I did hcg but that seems so tiny. Thinking I'll try 27 or 29.

How long does it take to inject through that tiny needle?

Thanks Peak. I've been doing IM 2x a week and I think I'll keep that schedule. The SubQ still smarts just a bit today - certainly different than when I used those tiny needles for HCG. I might try and figure out the thinnest, shortest needle I can get away with, and then perhaps move to 3x a week.

So the SubQ was as easy as I remember it - loads less stressful than IM!

What type of protocol are you SubQ guys doing? Twice a week, three times a week?

Thanks everyone. All I could get locally was 25ga 5/8" needles so I picked some up to try the SubQ. Will do here in a little bit - off to work out first. :)

I don't know much about embolisms, but I can't see how your risk is any higher if you do it than if the nurse does it if you follow proper technique (I'm not a doctor though). I hear of guys skipping the aspiration of the needle, and after today I think that's dumber than ever; had I not checked I would have injected in a vein this morning! :o

I have a friend that used to do IM until he had a muscle jump like I did. It only took once for him and his confidence was shot - he goes into the doctor's office now. One thing I like about doing my own is I can do twice a week and do it when I travel. Going to the doc twice a week would be a hassle - even though the office is literally 5 minutes from my office, and I'm sure with travel I would miss days.

Since I started direct pressure I never have pain afterwords. I do a full 60 seconds of direct pressure with my leg extended and relaxed because that's how I do the injection. I then put the leg into a sitting position and continue to hold pressure for another 60 seconds. Some think this helps the blood clot and that may be. I also think it forces the oil to disperse better and not clump up. I watch the clock on this - if I get in a hurry and not hold long enough I'll get the soreness later.

I'm going to get back on the horse and do another one later today; I aint lett'n that horse scare me off! lol

Thanks Peak! You're a thin guy, so I'm guessing 5/8" might work for me.

Hi all,

I've had a few challenges with my IM injections this past month. :/

First, I made the mistake of injecting into my quad on the same day I did squats. For the first time, my muscle "jumped" and freaked me out. I've only injected into that same quad one time since, and I was so nervous about it I <thought> I felt it twitch but it probably did not. I successfully got the job done that time though. Today, in my other "easy" leg I aspirated blood for the first time! Note to all of you doing IM - don't ever take for granted that you don't hit a vein as IT CAN HAPPEN.

Now my confidence is shaky on both legs. Ug. I used to do SubQ HCG so I'm familiar with the process and want to try SubQ. What size needles is everyone using for SubQ? I've been using 25ga 1 inch for IM so I assume a 25ga shorter needle would work SubQ but what to learn from others. I need to be armed, as I want to tell the doctor exactly what I want to do and convince him to let me be his test subject on this one. :)

thanks all!

yep - three tick marks on the syringe. For some reason, I can't commit to memory that is .3ml and not 3ml. thanks!

Peak, I think the mg/ml thing just bit me. I think I'm doing 30ml, which is 60mg twice a week.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for asking for clarification!

I will be due for some new blood work in a month or so - I'll post when I get it.

I was doing 100mg twice a week for awhile - it was the only way to feel better. After a big drop in fat and a gain in muscle, I have been able to ween myself down. I got as low as 20mg twice a week, but was borderline low-T symptoms, and missing just one shot while travelling I crashed hard. I am now getting the same or similar results at 30mg twice a week as I was at 100mg twice a week, and I believe it was the body composition change that made that possible.

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