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I did HCG before taking T and HCG had absolutely ZERO effect on my T levels. It was a waste of time - in my case - and I wish I had just gone to the T shots right away. Between the HCG, the gels, the pellets (nightmare), I lost close to a year of the good stuff - T injections! :)

Thanks Peak! I did drop 20 pounds in the first two months, but weight has been stable since. I'll pull more blood work in a few months; definitely going to keep a close eye on all of this!

OK, so here are my numbers:

total cholesterol: 179
Triglycerides: 164
dHDL: 33
vLDL: 33 (this is the number I was reporting)
LDL: 113
Cholesterol ration calculated: 5.4

My previous numbers were:
Total cholesterol: 155
Triglycerides: 229
dHDL: 26
vLDL: 46
LDL: 83
Cholesterol ration calculated: 6.0

Where I as confused is that my understanding of Keto diets is that while large, light LDL goes up, the dense problematic LDL is suppressed.

I also wanted to add that since my last visit, I received a HAND WRITTEN note from my doctor - here it is verbatim:

Dear x,

You're a champion and you're doing the work. BRAVO! I'm really proud of you and your wife... you're whole family will benefit from your healthy, positive lifestyle pursuit, as will your work family. Maybe I can come talk to your staff and you can come talk to mine? :) I always say we're here to help each other. Have a great week! I'm gonna go have a "double w"... walnuts & whiskey :) HA! Dr. B

The walnuts and whiskey are an inside joke. How freaking cool is it that my doctor took the time to do this, and was inspired by the changes I've made? He's a rock star. I'll get those numbers verified and up soon...

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late response - for some reason I'm not getting forum notifications but I thought I was subscribed to this. I'll pull my reports and home and follow-up.

An important fact regarding my trygs - as Peak said many consume a lot of grains. I am gluten-free, so no gluten or wheat of any kind.

Perhaps I confused ldl with vldl or something like that. I'll follow-up soon...

Actually, my results seem to be right in line with the books I've read such as Keto Clarity. I would love to see my triglycerides drop even further, but this is the first significant drop in at least 10 years.

Perhaps we've seen different research?

I'm very strict with my approach, and I've got the blood work to back it up. Not sure what else to tell you! :)

Hey Peak, clarify for me what you meant here:

Your #s do not make sense.  Your triglycerides should be 33 and your LDL should be 164.
LDL at 164 would be crazy high and trygs at 33 would be crazy low...

We are definitely monitoring my blood levels and will keep an eye on this. I've ready enough and experienced enough to really believe this, but I l know it's almost a religious argument. :)

I'll keep you posted... Next blood draw probably won't be for 3 months or so, and perhaps I can take another Endopat and see if my endothelial function has changed. Maybe my doc will do that one for free if I come and speak to his staff! ;D

Hi went Low Carb High Fat on September 15th. (less than 50g of carbs a day).

I had my blood work pulled EXACTLY two months later. The results...

Weight loss: 20 pounds! At it was a different type of loss than in the past. Lots of good body composition changes.

Total cholesterol went up just a bit from 155 to 179. Considering the HUGE amount of fat I consume. it is surprising that this had such a relatively small jump. It's also still quite deep in the safe range.
More importantly - and more incredibly... I haven't seen these other numbers this good in 15 years - and haven't felt this good in 15 years.
Triglycerides went down from 228 to 164
HDL (good cholesterol) went up from 26 to 33
LDL or bad cholesterol went from 46 to 33

My doc was so impressed he's asked if I would be willing to come in and share my story with his staff.

I know that many of you think differently - and many of you will get violent at the idea of giving up carbs :) - but I am CONVINCED carbs in general are band for the average human.

My wife started at the same time and has also experienced amazing body composition changes. We spend a lot less on food too.

EDIT: Some other interesting information.

1. I have HALVED my dose of T to 100mg a week.
2. All of my weights went up. Last week I attempted maxes for the first time:

Bench Press=265lb
Dead Lift= 300lb (I did 2 reps)
Squat = 315lb (I did 5 reps)

So you can ABSOLUTELY put on muscle and build strength on a ketosis diet - I've proved it.

We had a nurse come in to do flu shots for employees. She was quite impressed with my knowledge of injections and I was grilling her to learn more. She gives the shots in the arm and I asked if she aspirated and she said every time. I asked if she ever drew blood. She said once - once in thousands of injections - but it DID happen. For that small chance, it's worth aspirating...

Overall I'm feeling pretty good. We tried to wean me off my high dose of 100mg twice a week and that didn't go well. At 90mg twice a week I noticed the difference. At 80mg twice a week, morning erections were gone, brain fog was back - just not good. I went back to 90mg twice a week and had blood drawn about three weeks ago. I don't have my numbers in front of me, but total T was in the 900 range, free T in the high 200 range, and E2 in the 40s. The day after my draw I put myself back on 100mg twice a week and in about 10 days really started to notice the difference. In the past, this will put me back into the 1000-1100 range with free in the mid 300s. Hopefully, it won't increase aramatization much as I don't want to get into the 50s. I talked with my doc about the risks of high T and we talked about what he wants to monitor and he's letting me stay at my dose. I will say he disagrees with a lot of conventional wisdom based on his continuous study. For example, my last doc demanded I donate blood when my hematocrit hit 18. My current doc does NOT want me donating blood at that level. He says long-term continuous blood donation has risks, include a ferite depletion that can be difficult to correct.

I like this guy - he always schedules me as his last appointment for the day because my visit is never short. :) He has a real dialog with me and acts as my partner in my health. When I come in with a counter-argument, he has some great facts to explain his position.

So, short answer is I'm doing pretty good and I don't think the higher E2 is holding me back. Could I feel even better with a lower number? Not sure.

As others said, that is a HUGE dose.

I have been quiet on this topic lately as I have a doctor that has me on a different path from most. My doc is against E2 suppression, and points out that the studies you find related to high E2 are observational studies, not causation studies. He points to the fact that boys in their teens run very high E2 numbers and that Estradial is the single most important hormone for for endothelial function. He has some other information related to low E2 and prostate cancer, but I don't remember the specifics on that. I'm running in high 40s right now and he won't prescribe an inhibitor. In fact, he doesn't even pull E2 - I asked for it when the blood was drawn and the tech added it to the paperwork (love this place). :)

My doc is VERY up on this stuff and always getting additional education - this is his thing. Just something for you guys to think about - I don't know the right answer but if my doc is right, a lot of guys here are suppressing their E2 unnecessarily with a drug they don't need to take.

Even when I was on it, I was taking .5mg twice a week. 1mg a day is crazy.

If your doc is letting you self-inject in the hip, why not ask if instead you can self-inject in the quad/thigh? That's where most of us do it. Also, ask him to do it once a week at a lower dosage, or even better twice a week at even a lower dosage.

A lot of guys have docs that won't let them self-inject, so you are head of that and moving in the right direction. Seems your doc is on the right path with you, but will need some guidance.

I hope my son NEVER has low T, but if that does happen, by then they will probably have lots of great data.

Until then, we have to muddle through best we can...

Thanks Peak - interesting interview. Still, sounds a bit inconclusive overall. Looks like there are risks either way, but I'm will to gamble a bit to feel good and be happy (and keep my marriage, and my job, etc.) :)

Thanks Peak. My new doc does not believe in controlling E2 - he says our levels when we're in our teens are through the roof. He's very current on his education so while this doesn't coincide with what I read he seems to know what he's talking about. I wonder if you leave the E2 in the 40s and not suppress it with something if the clotting is no longer a concern...?

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