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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: first cold sore?
« on: January 31, 2020, 10:17:20 am »
I had my first a couple of weeks ago. Put coconut oil on it, virtually gone in a couple of days

I don't do this but i would think the best way of taking multi vit/min suppliments would be to buy two or three different ones and alternate them day to day. I've been a vit junkie since my teenage years, i do wonder sometimes what i could have done with the money saved if i hadn't spent so much on supps

Libido is a complicated beast, more than just having high testosterone.  My latest blood test taken in November came back just over 6 nmol/l (185ng/dl), with calculated free test at half the lowest number of the given range. And yet my libido is pretty high right now, as in twice a day kinda high. Everything else is messed up though (gym results in gutter, body aches etc), but libido's perfect.

..."I was receiving hard erections after training"

I would definitely speak to a police officer about this, and change gym.

Go easy. We could all misuse a language that's not our native tongue.

Well it was meant as a bit of light humour, but ok.

I havenít lifted weights in about 3 weeks no gym at all

In this transition I also stopped drinking coffee or any other stimulants

But hereís the weird thing

After the 2 week mark my libido has come back with a vengeance. Erections through out the night every night and morning wood is there. I even orgasm last night in my sleep with no wet dream the orgasm woke me up it was a really intense orgasm. Havenít had one of those in years.

My mind feels more clear more rested as my body feels amazing a calmness I havenít felt in years. . My mind to penis arousal connection feels better just by the thought of sexual thoughts I get an erection.

The weight lifting and 7 hours of sleep were probably affecting me negatively?

I am getting now 10 hours of sleep every day and to be honest if I keep feeling like this I am going to quit the gym. I would give anything to keep feeling like this or better. Wow

I never thought this change could have made me feel like this? I am puzzled as to why?

I was maybe raising too much cortisol with coffee intake combined with weight lifting?
I was only drinking 2 cups of coffee daily. One in the morning and one as my pre work out. And I donít miss it one bit for the fact that I am back feeling great and energized without the help of coffee every morning.

Not too surprising

There has been some research into stimulates and the negative impact on our endocrine functions.


Also, as others have said - Overtraining is easier than you realize.

I've found that heavy heavy lifting 2-3 times per week may be sufficient to optimize testosterone.  levels.

Stimulants can be problematic if abused, I can agree with that. However, I am going to respectfully disagree about over training. I think it is much harder to "over train" than most men think. If you are older (45+) and you train to exhaustion every day and do not get adequate rest and/or food you can have some issues but then it isn't actually over training that is the problem, it's recovery. You also need to stay hydrated, not just water but sodium, potassium etc are necessary. I think everyone should train hard, both cardio and resistance training several times a week, especially if you are having symptoms of low T. I know this may sound rude but I have serious doubts that many if anyone on this thread is actually over training. You are more likely to not be getting the right nutrition and/or enough quality sleep. You are supposed to be tired and sore after a good session and in those situations, especially if you are older or not accustom to vigorous exercise, your libido and EQ are going to wane. My advice is  to keep hitting the gym hard and get sweaty AF, eat more food and make sure it is quality fuel with plenty of carbs and protein and get your micro nutrients, get to bed at a decent hour (you need 7-9 hours of uninterpreted sleep EVERY night) and drink plenty of fluids. start slow and add some here and there.     

I agree with you that we have to train, but during the summer I started training 5 days in the week, each training 1:30 hours. Then something crashed in me. 10 years ago, while training I was receiving hard erections after training, now NOT. Hormonal levels are above the average of the range, but there might be decrease. I haven't tested myself, but I could have lowered my TT levels due to the overtraining. I am 5 days off and morning erections are coming back, not so reliable, but they appear. Will update you later. FOR ME, the body can't respond to the needed TT for the increase of the muscle mass, that's why we suffer. Will see if the body will recover..... If yes, I will continue training, but no more than 30 mins per training and no more than 2-3 times in the week.

"I was receiving hard erections after training"

I would definitely speak to a police officer about this, and change gym.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Clomid vs trt
« on: November 06, 2019, 08:34:48 am »
So i been on clomid now and feel way better than being on trt. I cant figure out why i feel so bad on trt

What was your trt protocol?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Raise T
« on: September 17, 2019, 11:42:05 am »
21 is too young for trt if you can avoid it. Do you know what your LH was on these blood tests? If it was low, clomid could raise your T levels.

How is your sleep? Good sleep is essential to make testosterone. Stress levels, work, relationship? Do you eat enough? Are you over training with exercise?

At 21, there are many things you need to look at before jumping on trt, it will be a lifetime of injections, blood tests, blood letting (to lower hct) etc etc

Similar patern here - clomid took me from low 300's up to 600+ after being on a few weeks. Mine was self treated, and i didn't test again for about five years, just assumed it would keep working. Various joint problems i was getting last year prompted me to want blood work, and after seeing an advert for Medichecks i got some done - i was lower than before i started, with LH near the top end of range.  I have a theory though, that  the stress on the gonads from high LH levels from the clomid causes a lot of free radicals inside the testes which reduces testosterone output, in fact i've read studies that say this can happen. I'm currently testing out using various antioxidant combo's while giving the clomid a break. So that might be something you'd to try before giving up on clomid, it probably works best when cycled either way, always using the lowest amount possible ie 12.5mg eod or even twice a week.

Ok, thank you Clive

Clive - just curious, what are the current testosterone ranges on the NHS?  I'm from the UK, but haven't had any NHS blood tests for years, i'm guessing the lower end cut off point has gone up since I last was tested (latest Medichecks draw, months off clomid was 9.7nmol/l)

Low 500's is actually quite high, so unless your free t was low then I doubt low testosterone was your problem in the first place

You should look up about painting your scrotum with iodine solution, sounds wacky but it's a real thing. I've been doing it for about a week now, noticed by balls do seem bigger lately, might be coincidence though

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: What to do?
« on: September 26, 2018, 05:39:18 am »
Looking at your levels i'd say they're pretty good, and wouldn't risk messing them up with trt. As for clomid, your numbers will go up but you probably won't even notice it. Just be careful if you go that route, i was on none stop for about 5 years - at the start it doubled my t, but 5 years on it was back to baseline, even though it was still raising my LH. I think clomid should probably be cycled

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Some progress
« on: September 26, 2018, 05:26:05 am »
Good work man, keep plugging away at it!

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