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yeah, i've read up, some stuff is good material some doesnt apply to me, most of my friends say "mike, its all in your head", relax

Well, you've got to agree you're pretty high-anxiety, right?

For what it's worth, I was in the same boat. I was in freak out mode. I've spent several weeks reading on how the whole endocrine system works and what each blood test means and what an ideal level is in addition to the treatment options, side effects, benefits, etc. Now when I see the doc, I can work with him intelligently and design the treatment. Reading all these health forum discussions on this site and others is extremely helpful, as you can see real people using treatments and then find out the outcome from them and get advice.

TSH is what is released to stimulate the production of T4 and T3. TSH is high but FreeT4 is in range. It would be good to know what T3 is next time. T4 generates T3 which is another, if not more powerful, thyroid hormone. Don't know if the endo had comments on the high TSH.

Keep in mind that he mentions (although briefly...easy to miss) that he was on a couple of antidepressants. This may have put his T level lower than normal to begin with. I believe he was still on them during this 6 month exercise experiment. However, one has to look at the whole picture and understand what endocrine disruptors are present.

With that TSH reading, you might be seeing typical "hypo"thryoid conditions...ie. constipation, loss of appetite, fat accumulation around waist, etc., basically a general slow down of metabolism.

I just wanted you guys to know there is a similar story on an online community to which I belong.  Here's the link: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/688989-for-men-with-low-testosterone?hl=testosterone

Read the first post by the guy named CWSpiegel. I actually PM'd him to get more info on his workout routine, and he was very open in talking with me.

Keep in mind this is not a guy who had 50 lbs to lose or anything like that. I personally believe that it is possible to realize those kinds of gains. I don't disbelieve the T readings he posted. I personally believe the human body can be altered substantially...in both good ways and bad ways. Consider how a great diet and exercise can lower bad cholesterol/LDL. Or on the flip side how an excessively obese person with bad eating habits can cause their own case of Type II diabetes.

i saw my gfs  gp a week ago and an endo is supposed to call me within the week

The dr practices in Galveston, TX?? And went to a medical school in Romania?  Is that the correct person?

You're correct. The T hormone measures are low...even below range, especially for someone in his 20s, or even my age group for that matter. However, the doctor first made sure to test my whole endocrine system which included a pituitary MRI, thyroid (physically feeling it), rectal exam, more bloodwork, etc. Since I am new to this myself, one thing I'm not sure of is how "cutting edge" Canadian healthcare is compared to here. I'm reading more and more that HCG, for example, is not prescribed in many places, or it is more of a challenge to obtain (if that ends up being a possible treatment). Or the concept of combining T-Cypionate with HCG to remain in a fertile state...even in the US that is more characteristic of anti-aging practices rather than regular conventional doctors. I've learned a tremendous amount. For example, you can have your T restored to normal healthy levels but your Estradiol will rise and then you will still have ED. I am concerned about that for myself right now, so I am finding out if my doc would prescribe a low dose aromatase inhibitor. I am trying to monitor my body carefully as I go through the first phase of my treatment...everything from sleeping patterns, morning wood, oily skin, volume of ejaculate, etc. There are a clear laundry list of symptoms that are supposed to improve during a course of treatment. Try to read more about these things. It isn't as simple as taking a pill or injection from a doctor. You need to get involved in designing the treatment.

I'm in the same boat, but I'm trying to do something about it. One thing I've learned from a few weeks of research is that hormones can be rebalanced. The trick is first find out what exactly is off balance. It's like a car that won't run. You go through each system/component and see what isn't working (ie. battery, alternator, starter, serpentine belt, etc.) I've already had thyroid testing. I believe opiods/oxycodone can affect that as well. You need to do a full blood workup that will include such things as TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), Prolactin, as well as many others, etc. I noticed that you gained weight without eating more which can be a thyroid issue sometimes, although that would be accompanied by loss of appetite and constipation. The point is that you isolate what the specific hormones that are not at the correct levels and then structure the treatment accordingly.

On the back side of his arms, is that fat or muscle? I can't tell when he poses and flexes whether that is droopy skin or whether that's part of his muscle.

Apericubes...just so you know, there is some similarity of my situation to yours. I tooks some antibiotics for rosacea and have had some kind of endocrine disruption and my T has plummeted. I'm in my 40s but still had the libido/sexual performance from my 20s/30s. I'm seeing a reproductive urologist as I want to stay fertile. I've spent countless hours researching toxicity of drugs on Leydig/Sertoli cells (in the testes). (Leydig=Testosterone producing cells; Sertoli=spermatogenesis/sperm producing cells).  From what I've read, even people who go through the harshest drugs (ie. for chemo/testicular cancer) regain functionality after a while. (Consider Lance Armstrong who had testicular cancer that spread and then had a testicle removed combined with chemo drugs/radiation. He conceived children naturally with his 2nd wife even though he was told he couldn't and was a ladies man prior to that even after the cancer.) My point is that this is quite a devastating condition he had that altered his body substantially and look how he came out of it. I suppose when you have full bloodwork you can see more of a picture. Also, get a semen analysis done (which I did). I'm on Clomid right now and am incorporating a strict weightlifting/exercise/diet routine to maximize the benefit. (I may switch to HCG for better subjective/symptomatic benefit.) Basically, I am trying to do everything possible to maximize my own T production and see how far I can take it and see what next steps are. As PeakT said, don't fall prey to drinking and weight gain...that will only make it worse.

Just wondering...what does it mean if your T increases with Clomid but your LH reading goes down. Is this due to the pulsatile nature of LH from the pituitary? Can this be considered good, as the pituitary doesn't have to work as hard to achieve a higher level of T?

Interesting...is that really true? The AI can keep the Estradiol at good levels eventually and one can wean himself off of it?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Clomid and Estradiol
« on: March 18, 2013, 11:31:11 am »
Just wondering...are you experiencing any rise in Estrogen/E2...are you taking Clomid with an AI or just as a standalone treatment? Have you found that Clomid is good in terms of sexual functionality, libido, erectile health?

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