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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / HCG is a Godsend for Me
« on: February 25, 2014, 06:37:37 pm »
hey everyone mike here

i wrote last year about how oxycontin gave me severe secondary hypogonadism even after a few pills. after a few months i saw an endo who put me on 25 mg of clomid for 9 months, it helped somewhat, but hcg works great, erections and sex drive back x10

hey guys, 1 year hypogonadal male here from oxycontin use, started clomid a few months ago thru my endo and living clean working out etc

still having mild libido (compared to before) , erections in bed with gf are there but sometimes i lose them and not so strong, mild orgasms but i still can orgasm no problem

i have a morning erection once every week or so, but it fades by the time i stand up, before they would last minutes. but i noticed when i wake up in the later hours of the night i have a full erection

i heard erections during rem sleep are different then waking erections during sex or masturbation (a spinal thing vs dopamine)

i cant get hard to pleasure myself and it gets up really slowly with my gf
im only 28


also what do you guys think about these supplements i take (individually)

fenugreek extract
maca powder
5 htp
dhea 50mg twice daily got it in the states a week ago
a libido pill with long jack tribulus horny goat weed and maca
multi vitamin
vitamin c

as well as my current clomid

Hey guys im posting once again

so pain pills really knocked my t a year ago, i went thru it all, still am, even though im on clomid and living a great life. i miss being who i used to be, i never had my levels checked prior to the opioid use, but i was a complete stud, always thinking about sex, talking to women, flirting, and pleasuring myself, whatever all men do it

even though my endo said my levels are normal now, i still have ed and sex isnt what it used to be, i dont talk about it, i do it, orgasms are weak, erections are so so, semen seems thin (why) and experiences seem dull. i love my gf and shes great but i still feel like im missing something

what should i do ? continue clomid? give it time? get on hrt for a few years? even though we want kids? maybe just hcg

to be honest clomid and fenugreek/maca/trib etc doesnt seem to be cutting it, i just wanna be me again

thanks guys

Thanks guys, I wake up in the middle/early morning hours of the night but they are gone by the time I stand up and stretch (last year prior to painkillers I"d have one a lot for like 5mins)..

There is light at the end of this tunnel! I feel better, still feeling a lil down about the low libido though (I was like a porn star prior)

One thing guys, a clinic I talked to online in florida gave me this recommendation about bioidentical testosterone programs and sent me this link for Canada what do you guys think?


Can anyone give me any insight on bioidentical hormones? why do so many people use hormones with esters in them?  have a great long weekend to all!

Hey everyone, in my previous post a few months ago I mentioned how i took a few oxycontin pills one year ago and suffered from a huge testosterone deficiency which caused a bunch of problems...weight gain depression no libido and ED. I'm age 28. After several months I finally found an endocrinologist with the help of my gf's GP (many doctors refused to help). He put me on a regimen of 25m/daily of clomid. Numbers came back a month ago, I dont feel as depressed but edgy irritable...My sleep is now back to normal (I had insomnia for almost a year) but now I sleep from midnight to 8am easily. I am making progress...but...

I still have ED and low libido, ever since I took pain pills my erections are weak, I can get it up like 90 percent hard with my girlfriend but I cannot get hard when I try to masturbate (even using porn) which is really messing with my self esteem. From age 14 to 27 I had daily morning wood (at least 5 times a week) and could masturbate 4 to 5 times a day and hold erections full as long as I want. Friends who are specialists in health sciences and my endo says "its all in your head, you are a bit overweight". I tend to disagree, I feel like opioid painkillers really messed with my system and I wanna fix it.

I don't feel like clomid is helping me get back to where I wanna be...I'm on a good exercise/clomid/healthy eating regimen which includes vigorous exercise and eating lots of fruit veggies meat and protein shakes. No alchohol at all. (I was drinking for many months after the pills due to depression from the lack of test in me)

A friend recommended asking my endo about HCG. My friend has been on very heavy steroid cycles and said his nuts were the size of raisins and hcg restored him completely. he said it basically puts your body through puberty again. i need some advice. clomid health eating and a positive attitude isn't getting me where i want to be. ever since i have had low t, i feel less happy, less on top of the world, less invincible, less dominant, less aggressive, and less goal oriented. i am a very analytical person and i know whats up with my body and mind.

PEAK T community you have been great please help me..should i get hcg myself and use it? can i use it with clomid? should i call the endo and book an appointment before my scheduled follow up date in november?

how effective is hcg with low t resulting in ed irritablility etc?

thanks guys!


Hey, been pretty clean the last month but going on a serious regimen- paleo diet with maca gaba magnesium multivitamins etc and starting to work out again

getting out of shape and gaining 35 lbs def isnt helping me so im doing cardio and weights daily..

i see my endo for my 3 month checkup on friday, we willbe seeing the first results of the 25mg/day clomid therapy.

talk to you guys soon

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Clomid Dosage
« on: April 18, 2013, 06:22:04 am »
he has me on 25 mg per day for 90 days , with a follow up in 90 days...how does that sound?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Clomid Discussion
« on: April 10, 2013, 12:35:39 am »
the doctor said 5 to 10 percent of people get this side effect (hypogonadism) from opiate painkiller use. stupid of me to take them but how was i supposed to know. we went through the symptoms that i have

-weight gain
-high blood pressure
-thinning skin

he said it looks like i have it, and he said "do you want to have kids? because injections will maybe make u fertile, lets try clomid first, its a maybe solution but we will try 3 months starting in a week"

he didnt say much else about it but seemed to know his stuff.....

i left after that, he wanted me to do a bit more blood work then i gotta meet him in one weeks time.

lviing with low t i find that these drugs do help, but at age 28 i feel bad about it, yeah they can get u hard but my "desire" is still low..i feel like having sex is as boring as watering the lawn even though im hard, thoughts? i feel like its a bandaid solution for certain situations.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Best TRT Method?
« on: March 24, 2013, 08:49:59 pm »
assuming a doctor puts on trt, whats the best ways? gels/injections?

will it restore my libido like before and give me erections the way it was before (normal)

Hi there, 28 year old male here from toronto canada, always been physically fit and active, extremely high libido/great shape/health/ both mentally and physically. Been lifting weights/cardio/sexually active since 21.

In september, 6 months ago, I had a minor back pain and doctor gave me some oxycodone 20mg timed release pills. I took about 10 of them over a two week period. At the end of the two weeks, it was physically impossible to get an erection and I had NO LIBIDO. I didnt know what caused this and it got me very frustrated. I gave it a few days and went to talk to my doctor. His response was "stop thinking about sex so much, go work and stay busy I dont know what to say to you"

I gave it a few weeks and finally I could acheive like a half erection just enough to perform with the gf. I gave it a few more weeks and everything stay the same..while i was working I noticed i started to gain weight (even thought i ate the same) , felt depressed, extremely anxious and had hot flashes and very moody. My erections came back to half strength but orgasm felt like 10 percent of what it used to be without the wow factor like before. My refractory period was in the hours instead of minutes like before the pain pills. I had no sense of satisfaction after orgasms also.

I went back to the doc and he said to stop stressing over this, and i askd him to investigate, he refused. My erections got even worse and I could no longer even get them, even on my own for "self satisfaction" something thats worked like a charm since age 14. I started having a few drinks at night due to the depressive feelings and hopelessness and anxiety. I went back to the the doc and he said i may be depressed even though ive always been a very happy person with no history of any depresssion. he tried to prescribe cipralex which is an ssri which one of the main side effects is sexual dysfunction. i said listen doc im not depressed and why would u prescribe something that has the side efffect i am trying to battle! he didnt care and moved along. i didnt use the antidepressants.

a few months later i said my symptoms barely improved and to do a blood test. he refused. i went to a walk in under the guidance of a paramedic friend and my free testosterone levels came back at  23 pmol/L on a range of 31 to 94. remember age 28 at the time. very low.

i showed him the tests and he said its low but one tests means nothing, and that i did it at 12 pm means its not correct

he finally agreed to do more tests

i did bio avail, fsh  / lh and prolactin and free test

tests came back as follows

LH               RESULT 8      scale of 2-9  IU/L
FSH              RESULT 12    scale of 2-12    IU/L
Prolactin      RESULT  12   scale <= 17.99  ug/L
FREE TEST   RESULT  30.9  scale 31-94   pmol/L

BIOAVAIL TEST  7.2  scale of 2.7/19.2  nmol/L

He called me in and said my test is definetly low but still in range and he didnt want to help anymore, My gf and i said i have a terrible libido, it takes me a long time to get erect even if i can, and i havent had morning erections in 6 months and i can't even get it up on my own for the life of me. also eating less but weight went from 180 to 220 in 6 months. its caused depression sadness anxiety and all that. i dont know what to do, how could a few weeks of long term pain killers cause supposed hypogonadism /test deficiency? the doc said to stop caring, it seem slike he is the only one who doesnt care . ive lost 6 months of my life please help. before this i could have sex/please myself several times a day, full of energy and happiness and morning erections for like 10 minutes that i couldnt not control. low test has really ruined my life and doctors wont help


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