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Here is my plan that I discussed with him:
Clomid for six weeks while implementing diet and exercise changes.
Blood work after six weeks
Continue diet and exercise
Blood work after 12 weeks
If T levels are low go to another Dr. for HCG
If HCG has poor results, then try T injections

Sorry, I failed to mention one of his comments, he said he would refer me to a Dr. that would prescribe HCH. That is another option for me if i choose it.

I sent copies of Shippen/Crisler/Dach treatments to my Endo and asked again to try HCG or a low dose of Clomid. I also told him I wanted to stop the Testim (after ten weeks).
He was not happy, he said just because these guys are posting their treatments on the internet does not make it a main stream protocol.
He has not and will not prescribe HCG. I was able to get another six weeks of Clomid. I told him I want to get my T levels up then implement a healthier diet and more exercise (including weights).
Several times I asked to have my vitamin D, zinc, magnesium levels checked. He said those things should not affect T levels. He finally agreed to test these in six weeks.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Clomid Dosage
« on: April 18, 2013, 04:20:38 pm »
I just started 50mg everyday for six weeks. I have been taking it in the morning.
I am wondering if it is better to take in the evening. Anyone have any experience with taking it at different times?

Thanks Peak T, I have read the articles from Crisler, Shippen and Dach. I doubt my Dr. would accept treatment options from these guys (I can try).
I was hoping for human medical studies on HCG, so far all I have found are studies on rats.
I don't want to use HCG long term, just want to see if it has lasting effect after 6-8 weeks of using it.
I do like the idea of low dose clomid, possibly long term (if needed)
Still hoping to get levels up naturally, without any long term drugs!!

I have secondary hypogonadism - testicles are working, T levels doubled on clomid.
I doubt that my endo will step out of his comfort zone and let me try HCG (maybe if I had fertility issues).

I am still searching for human studies on HCG that I can show him.

I am trying to avoid testosterone replacement (injections or gel), I want that to be my last option.
I am still trying to boost my natural production. I have read that HCG can kick start natural production, sometimes with a lasting effect. I am not concerned with fertility (had vasectomy).

I am willing to do T injections if T replacement  is my only option.
Although, HCG is subcutaneous and T is intramuscular.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / HCG Human Studies?
« on: April 08, 2013, 02:10:06 pm »
Without going into massive detail, here is my problem. Low T, pituitary ok, Endo was willing to give me Clomid which doubled my Total and Free T levels, but when Clomid was stopped, levels went back down.
He said Clomid is only for fertility and is not a long term solution, replacement gel was my only option.
I told him twice that I want to try HCG (willing to do injections) to see if it might have a lasting effect on my T levels. He said he has never prescribed it ,and it is the same as Clomid and we already tried that. He now has me on Testim (testicles already shrinking). I also asked about a low dose of Clomid along with the Testim. He said no, Clomid is only used if you still want have children (I am 50 and past that point).

My questions:
Are there any medical studies (with humans) that show HCG has a lasting effect (increase leydig cells?)on T levels?
Any studies that show HCG may work better than Clomid?
Do I keep pushing him to try HCG?
Do I find another Endo that will prescribe HCG?

I would like to provide a good study to show the Endo.
I am not ready to give into replacement gel for the rest of my life. My LH (baseline) was 2.8 and testicles are capable of producing T, just trying to find the missing link.
I am tempted to buy HCG/Clomid online.
I can provide more details if necessary.

Thanks I have been getting great info from this site for years!!

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