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Does anyone know what is the best way to test Boron?
I am looking at my Hair and Urine test (both from Dr. Data) and the information is contradictory.
On the hair test my boron is 8.3 which is very High (normal range is 0.40 -3.0)  , yet on the urine test it shows as 0.92 (normal range is 0.4 - 3.5)
This is confusing... how can boron be so high on the hair but on the low side on the urine test?
Does anyone have any information as far as what is the best way to test and interpret result for Boron?
Thanks so much,

Yesterday I ran my genetic testing through 23andme and noticed I am (A,G) on Gene rs1800629 which is the gene responsible for  tumor necrosis factor-alpha .

I have been told just because i have the gene mutation it does not mean the gene is active and I need to now follow up with laboratory tests to see if I even need to worry about this or not... but the symptoms  sure resonate with all that I have been suffering with so I want to test myself to see if I have excess TNF-a .... what is the name of the lab test? anyone know? (If I know the name, I can ask my Dr. to write up the lab work for me)

Thank you so much,

Hello Everyone,

I would love to know your thoughts on this issue.
I have been feeling tired and run down for a while now. I am 45 years old.
Because of having so many G.I. issues I went to GI doctor (Who also does alternative medicine) to see if he can find out the problem.
After doing several tests, we found out that I have a yeast infection (Candida over-growth) which I will be starting Nystatin for it shortly.

But some of the other blood test results showed hormonal imbalances as well. At the moment, he wants me to treat the candida first before
working on the hormonal stuff. 

What was usual about the test is that my Pregnenolone came out low but cortisol was high!
How can this be?
From what I gathered, Pregnenolone makes Cortisol. So how can I have too much of something when I am low on it's building blocks??

I did have slightly high Cholesterol as well (5% above normal)
Testosterone was low (238)

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Hi Everyone,
There is a study from Europe  that claims Hesperidin increases N.O.
Do we have any information on Hesperdinin from any other sources to confirm?

Here is the study:http://www.ebi.ac.uk/biostudies/studies/S-EPMC3085197

Anyways, my question is: Has anyone on this board reported any positive or negative results after trying it?
Please share. Thanks

Does execess N.O. cause P.E.?
Maybe: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24354496

I read somewhere that if Hydroxycobalimin (a form of B12) works well for a person there is a high chance they have High (meaning excessively high) N.O.
Has anyone heard of that?
And what is the best way to measure N.O?

Hi Guys,
Is there a place where I could read about the advantages and disadvantages of Bio-identical vs. Synthetic creams?
I have been on DHEA/T bio-identical cream for just a little over a month and feel no difference. The good news is there is
almost no side effects either that I can see/feel. But I am trying to figure out if this stuff works or not and how effective it is.
My Dr. wants me to re-test myself in 6 months (5 more months to go) but I don't really want to wait that long! Does the Bio-identical work super slow?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Excess DHT and P.E.
« on: October 26, 2015, 01:18:43 pm »
Hi Guys,
Does anyone know if there is any relationship between excess DHT and P.E.?

Hi all,
Has there been any studies that show low T can cause cluster headaches? Or perhaps correcting low T has made cluster headaches go away by perhaps widening the arteries and improving blood flow?
Thanks so much

Is there any reference to Vitamin E as far as male sexual function on this site?

I have been reading on Priligy(it's a SSRI used to prevent P.E.) on this site. When I did a search on it, I saw a few sites mentioning it's not approved by FDA in USA, is that the latest?
Is there a way to find out the FDA approval status on a drug?
And if not approved, is there any reputable sites that sell it without a prescription?
Thanks very much,

Hi guys,
Since so many people suffer from digestive issues, tolerating supplements in a form of pill/capsule can become difficult.  I wanted to make this thread for anyone who has benefited from any cream or spray that has to do with hormones.

I'll start. This product below has helped me with over-all energy:


anyone else?

Hi Guys,

For those who have tried both routes, which one have you seen better results from?

I have just taken a Lab test from ZRT. Now its time to make an appointment with a Doctor and I am seeing that there are 2 general types, the MDs that want to write a prescription for a compounding pharmaceuticals and the Chiros and Acupuncturists who want to give me natural supplements.

My past experience:
1. I saw an Endocrinologist 3 years ago and he tested me and prescribed these shots that i was suppose to take every month. I only took one shot, noticed some improvements in the sex drive dept. but also noticed my belly grow out and I felt stuffed and could not move... i stopped it and never went back.

2. I saw an acupuncturist/herbalist who never tested me and i think was very old school. He just diagnosed me without any lab tests. Gave me some herbs that were somewhat helpful but my digestion is so poor that I got so much gas and bloating I stopped it.

If you were in my shoes which route would you try this time around?

Hi Guys,

I went ahead and ordered the Combo Kit from ZRT (the saliva and blood spot) for $259 from this site: http://www.canaryclub.org/index.php

I know there were a couple of guys here who had used this test, so wanted to ask:
Did you have their Dr. at Canary do the analysis on your lab results or your own Dr. ? 
How would you rate their test vs. other tests that are out there to measure male hormones?
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much,


I am just curious to know what are your thoughts on Vitamin E?
What are the benefits and possible side effects?
Is it helpful for boosting testosterone? or firm erections?

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