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37 Years old
super low SHBG, fatty liver, tracking to diabetes, high BP, adrenal fatigue
bio-identical cream
-hassle to do daily
Reandron 1000 (one shot every 3 months)
-mellow effects, all gone after 8 weeks, T down to 8, E to 181
Testosterone Cypionate
-25mg E3.5D, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia
Came off Test Cyp.
Consider cold turkey..
A week later feel like crap, anxiety, poor sleep, waking up at 4am, fatigue 
10th April 2015 - back on Reandron 1000!
6 week injection protocol due to hypermetabolising

Arimidex 1mg twice a week (Mon and Thurs)
Myomin 2 pills with brekky, 2 pills with lunch, daily