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Favor:  Can you put the ranges in the thyroid-related tests above?

No problem...done:)

Are you exercising a lot?  Red tart cherry really helps with that.

If you're not exercising, I'd probably get a CRP test done first.

I have always exercised.  I could be considered a gym rat...lol.  Lately, however, I've had to take larger breaks between sets due to my high blood pressure.  I was worried that I'd have a stroke with all the pressure building in my head, etc..  I am taking a few days off until Benicar has stabilized my BP. 

I just realized that CRP is C-Reactive Protein.  I have been looking for C-Reactive Protein on my blood work, but couldn't find it.  However, I found a section of my blood work labeled INFLAMMATION/OXIDATION.  It contains:

Lp-PLA(2): 76 ng/ml
hs-CRP: .3mg/l
Fribrinogen: 276mg/dl

None of the above flagged at all or came close to flagging.  Hmmm....more research to do as perhaps I don't have Inflammation after all?  If I have no inflammation, then why are my Ferritin levels so high?  That is something I need to figure out. 

He may have brought it up, but this was comprehensive blood work with flags everywhere. It was many pages long and he was going through the pages quickly.  I remember him being shocked with how high my Insulin levels were.  I remember him saying that many of the flags could be due to Hypothyroidism.  He wanted to put me on Naturethroid at that point, but I wanted to hold off and try something more natural first.  This time, I'll accept the Naturethroid and then focus on the Ferritin levels.  I believe he went over my last blood work in detail before ordering my most recent blood work.  I am hoping he's already ordered some of the tests that I think that I need.  He's a very open minded doctor and is definitely on the same page as we are here.  He's expensive and doesn't take insurance, but I guess that is common with those that absolutely don't have to accept it to get business. 

I took my first dose of Benicar and feel a little dizzy, but not too bad.  I am very interested to see if this lowers my BP to an acceptable level.  I see this as only a possible temporary solution as I am confident that it will stay down on it's own once other things are brought to appropriate levels.

Doesn't drinking tea (especially black tea) block iron absorption?  This good be a good thing or bad thing....depending on ones particular situation. 

Also, Flourine displaces iodine if consumed too much...correct?  Wouldn't supplementing Iodine help if one were consuming Flourine (as well as Bromine and Chlorine)?

I have read about Red Tart Cherry, POM and Tumeric being great for reducing inflammation.  Since I have signs of inflammation (although more blood work will need to be done to confirm), I'm thinking about trying them.  POM is available everywhere, but kind of expensive.  Red Tart Cherry is available in juice or capsule form (which do you recommend) and Tumeric is offered in various forms as well. 

Should I try these now or wait for more blood work to determine that I truly have inflammation?  I'll have to admit that I'm getting impatient and want to fix my health issues....yesterday...lol. 

I've been browsing this website and others for awhile now so I can see how everything sort of ties together.  I am 36 years old with no disease as far as I know.  I have never been "obese", but I do have visceral fat that I can't get rid of...even with diet/exercise.  Of course, that is a common symptom of Insulin Resistance.  I am looking forward to my new (FASTED) blood work.  This should tell me a lot.  I am sure my doctor will have something to say if he sees the Ferritin levels high on this one.  From what I've read, I should look into giving blood around 6 times in order to get Ferritin levels down.  If I have hemochromatosis, this will NOT be enough to get it down...but at least I'll have a better idea.  Regardless, I think further testing will have to be done after this recent blood work.  There is obviously something wrong and need to pinpoint it.  I have to hold off the urge to just run out and pay for all sorts of blood work, but need to see what the recent blood work shows before I do that as it is expensive. 

I want to look into giving blood, but am unsure if they will even want my blood at this point? 

I have been focusing on improving my health since that last blood work and have been exercising more as well as taking supplements specifically to fix the part of my blood work that flagged.  I don't expect any change in Ferritin as I believe one must give blood in order to get it down.  I am just hoping it hasn't risen.  Overall...can't wait to get those results!

I have been browsing (found the site during a Google search somehow) and have found the info to be great.  I am mostly interested in Adrenal and Thyroid function as well as Inflammation.

I am concerned with those areas as I have most of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome besides the Triglycerides which are normal.  I had blood work taken 6 months ago, but unfortunately...I neglected to FAST.  So, much of the results may or may not be correct.  I just did two sets of recent blood work through. 

The first one was just Thyroid Bloodwork, my results:

TSH: 4.95 (.450-4.50)
T4: 6.2 (4.5-12.0)
FT4: 1.18 (.82-1.77)
Reverse T3: 13.7 (9.2-24.1)
T3: 117 (71-180)
FT3: 3.8 (2.0-4.4)

The 2nd is a very comprehensive blood test that was ordered by my doctor.  I should have those results in 2 weeks and will post them up then.  If it's anything like my last blood work, there will be FLAGS in several places.   I have also ordered Cortisol/DHEA Saliva test online and should have those results in about 2 weeks as well. 

A few months ago, I did Saliva Cortisol/DHEA test, my results:

Cortisol Morning: 8
Cortisol Noon: 3.45
Cortisol Evening: 1.50
Cortisol Night: 1.14
DHEA: 176.06

A couple of things from my last blood work (again, it wasn't fasted so not sure how accurate some of the numbers are) stood out.  Insulin was EXTREMELY high and Glucose was high (of course...it wasn't fasted).  HDL was quite low.  LDL was slightly high.  TSH was high, but not as high as the recent test (4.63 instead of the 4.95 that it is now).  In contrast, T4, FT4 and T3 were all lower in this recent test.   Ferritin was EXTREMELY high...more than double what is normal (it was 316).  My ALT/GPT was high (57).    I am usually on doctor prescribed TRT, but he had me go off (take a break) so that I might feel better than I was.  While OFF TRT (immediately after a run of Clomid and HCG), my numbers were:

Testosterone: 374
Free Testosterone: 12.74
Estradiol: 7
DHEA: 316

My blood pressure has been an issue for years and I, unfortunately, let it go for years until I did anything about it.  I've tried a couple of types over the last few months, but my last reading was 179/111....way too high.  I have just picked up Benicar 20mg tablets and I think this should do the trick...hopefully.  There is research about this type that shows that it's one of the best BP meds for those suffering with Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance/Inflammation.  Hopefully my body will tolerate it and that my BP will lower...

Anyway, that's it for now.  I'll have more Blood Work and Saliva Cortisol/DHEA tests in 2 weeks.  Thanks for all the great info and glad to be a part of this forum:)

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