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I just wanted to suggest a different Aromatase Inhibitor than Arimidex (Anastrozole)...

My SottoPelle Dr. put me on Letrozole, as a troche, at .05 mg once a week on Sunday night. Numbers
have me hovering around 20 for the last three years.

She said Letrozole is as a good an AI as Arimidex, but not as harsh.

Just my 2 cents, for your consideration.

Cheers! Have a good healthy week out there ! - Sam D.

Good Day!

Also, forgot to mention, that the Letrozole troches are prescription Rx, BUT they are from a local compounding pharmacy.

I get 60 doses (yes, 60) which is over a year's worth, for $30.00....

That is VERY affordable for me in my current costs situation.

Again, just offering an alternative AI drug for consideration by the members.

Cheers! Y'All have a good weeek ! Sam D.

G'Day, my friends !

I'm not taking IM testosterone or other drugs, so I am not participating in the poll.

I just wanted to suggest a different Aromatase Inhibitor than Arimidex (Anastrozole)...

My SottoPelle Dr. put me on Letrozole, as a troche, at .05 mg once a week on Sunday night. Numbers
have me hovering around 20 for the last three years.

She said Letrozole is as a good an AI as Arimidex, but not as harsh.

Just my 2 cents, for your consideration.

Cheers! Have a good healthy week out there ! - Sam D.

G'Day Y'All !

Here in Florida, I found WalGreen's pharmacy as an excellent and economical source of .3 mL or
300 IU insulin syringes with 31 gauge needles. These are 1 time use, insulin syringes.

Price is $17.00 and tax for box of 100 syringes. They are boxed as 10 sealed plastic bags of 10 each
syringes with needles.

You will fill out a paper log at the pharmacy, they want to know the drug and prescriber.

I use these for my SQ daily hCG injections into my tummy. No problems at all.

I don't know if these will work with the thicker oil-based drugs. YMMV.

Cheers !! Sam D.

Good Day!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year to all.

Good poll !!

I put my .02 in as HRT pellets: very satisfied !

It would be a good detail to add any other primary meds supporting the TRT/HRT, and frequency of application.

For myself, I also inject hCG 300 IU sub-q on Mon to Fri, and .05 mg Letrozole on Sunday evening.

Results: I feel great, excellent intimate relationship with my lover (over 7 years now), strong muscular body at age 63. T level stable
at approx 1,100.

Life is good !!

Enjoy the day with your lover and family. Cheers ! Sam D.

Well I don't actually see that the therapy did anything for him- he hasn't had any treatment since 6 months ago and just now started to regain function- are you saying the pellets restored his erections, in a delayed way? Not while actively on it but months after he was due for another round?

I have read here about men being low on T for so long that their muscles actually atrophy so to speak and it takes time for the penis to be restored, that said now that he is off therapy, will he in time revert to the way it was then?

I applaud his attempt at T pellet HRT.

Just quick questions:
Did your doctor (whatever flavor) put him on an Aromatase Inhiibitor AND hCG injection ?

Did he get monthly blood labs to track serum levels?

These all work together to maintain the HPT axis, and then it might take a year plus to get everything going and balanced.....

I have been on HRT (T and DHEA pellets), Letrozole, and hCG injections for over 4 years now. And I am having better sex than in my 30's. My serum T level is stable in the 1,100's.

Physically, I am doing hard farm work that I never would  have tried 8 years ago.

For now, I suggest another round of blood work, checking Cortisol, sensE2, Free T. I'm sure the real SMEs will recommend more tests.

My best wishes to you and him on his recovery path.

This is the best forum for information to help him and you.

Cheers ! Sam D

PS: I understand completely the costs involved. I pay $ 2,700 USD per year out of my pocket for all my drugs. Not 1 penny from the damn
insurance company. I wouldnt stop at all, the benefits and sex life are worth it.

Hi Sighalot,

I think your ratio calculations are incorrect.

If his bottle is 3,750 IU in 10 mL of diluent (bacteriostatic water is my guess), then there is 375 IU of hCG
in 1 mL of diluent, and 37.5 IU of hCG in .1 mL of diluent.

So, Tyce is injecting 112.5 IU in .3 mL in the morning, and then 37.5 IU in .1 mL at night.

Those are pretty benign doses in my honest opinion, as I'm injecting 300 IU sub Q AM in my belly M - F.

Also Tyce said he is taking Arimidex, but did not specify Rx strength, other than "at a dose of 1 a day".
What does he mean? Arimidex is a fairly nasty chemical in high doses. Has he crashed his E2 ?

I would like to know his AI dosing and Rx strength.

I am taking .05 mg Letrozole (yes, .05 mg) once a week on Sunday night. And I feel I have my E2 right
where I need it.

There is a lot more going on here other than an idiot Endo turning a patient loose without providing
detailed dosing instructions.

Just my honest .02....Tyce, please provide details, as I am sure the SMEs here can help you on your path.

Cheers! Sam D.

Good Day, my friends!

I shall also second a vote for the usefulness and need for compounding pharmacies. I shall not get into a rant on
 Big Pharma trying to kill CPs...but, read the news. Anyway....

My AI is Letrozole in .1 mg troches (a small gelatinized tablet-like affair). I take 1/2 of the troche each Sunday night.

Last three blood tests (over a year period) have my E2 (sens) level at 17, and I feel Manly and Functional.

The compounding pharmacy has a small useable dose in a small troche, at a cost I can afford. Only
cosideration is the troches have be refrigerated. No problem there, as they are with my hCG medication.
(also from a sterile compounding pharmacy, CPAB nationally rated.)

Last blood test after my pellets showed everything is at good levels, particularly T just at 1,100.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and will have a very Merry Christmas. I've been busy
and happy at my Lady's farm this Summer. Been lurking in the background, but thought I would post on this.

Ya'All take care. Keep fighting the Good Fight ! Cheers ! Sam D.

Good Evening!

Well, I shall post my basic total HRT protocol, just to add a different viewpoint:

I have 8 to 10 SottoPelle testosterone pellets and 1 DHEA pellet inserted every six months,

300 IU hCG sub-Q Monday through Friday; cumulative 1,500 IU per week.

.05 mg Letrozole sub-lingual Monday night.

Results are serum T approx 1050 to 1100 ng/dl, E2 about 16 to 20, other numbers mentioned in my
signature block.

This protocol works WONDERFULLY, my companion and I are very happy.

Just my .02....

Cheers! do something FUN this weekend ! - Sam D.

hello Rocco !

Welcome to the Path of Pellets for HRT! I am now in my 4th year of SottoPelle HRT, and haven't felt better since my 30's. I get them every 6 months. Even at 5 month point, my T is still up to 850 ng/dl or better. A few tests, the T hadn't dropped below 1,000.

I have had zero problems with the pellets. Both my Endos are surgeons and trained in the SottoPelle method. they know which end of trocar to use.

My Endo started me with bloodwork 4-5 weeks BEFORE and AFTER the pellet insert, to adjust/check the compounded recipe which is specifically mine. I also get 1 pellet of DHEA inserted. Now, Ibecause I am so stable with bloodlab numbers, I get bloodwork done just at four weeks after the pellets.

also, I'm on 300 IU human Chorionic Gonadotropin Sub-Q monday to Friday, and .05 milligram Letrozole once a week. See my signature block for last bloodwork numbers.

Again, this took almost three years to get good numbers, and I was God-blessed to have two sincerely awesome Endo's and my urologist on my side.

So, stick with it, make sure you get the Trifecta of pellets, hCG, and an AI, and periodic bloodwork.

Have some Fun this week, too !

keep us posted! Cheers! -Sam D.

Hi SomeGuy!

I just ran across your post, as I just updated my own stats for my profile.

My doctor and I just had a follow-up review yesterday, and everything is fine with my post-pellet HRT blood work. She loves
my numbers, and does not see a problem with my Free T = 1,264 ng/mL AND Estradiol = 17.4 pg/mL under control with
weekly Letrozole and Sub-Q hCG. I have no bad side effects, only awesomely good side-effects.

My hair has darkened over the last three years, I've put on 14 pounds of muscle mass, waist size has dropped to a loose 34
inches. I can do a good weekend of work at my Lover's 5 acre country property. The weekend lovemaking is awesome,
I feel like I'm in my mid-30s again.

As long as you AND your doctor see no deleterious effects from your serum levels, and you are making gains at the gym,
then IMHO just keep it up.

As Mr. PeakT has said, constant monitoring and tweaking the protocol to meet YOUR needs is the route to success.

Please keep us posted as to your progress. Cheers! - Sam D.

I have been on TRT for 3 years, and in that time I have hit the sweet spot (erections like in mid twenties) less than a dozen times.
Even when labs show I am where I should be.
I was reading on Dr. Crisler's  site, there he had some people try small daily HCG sh
ots instead of E3D. (and some 2x daily)

His reasoning in it more mimics what you body would normally produce daily, and stop the swings.

I thought what the hell, I have tried everything else.
 After 10 days of doing small everyday dosing.  I now wake with erections every morning and have vivid sex dreams like in my 20's,  and my testes have increased in size significantly.
 Don't know if it will help anyone else or even me long term, but so far so good, though you do have to inject daily.

Hey bro great news on the testicle increase I'm looking for that too as mine have shrunk as well. Did you always have small testicles? Also since being on the hcg are your loads bigger when you ejaculate?  Also was your sexual desire weak before hcg? How did it help?

Hi Mr. DK,
Well, I've always been told by my lovers that my testes are of a good size, and the loads were good and healthy (gotta be careful,
can't be too colorful here)!! My lover has told me that she is very sure the testes are bigger over the last two years, and my loads
 have been better. (hey,! I'm coming up on 63 ! ) I have really recovered a lot of function in 4 years.

i can't separate the hCG effects, as they are tied into the trifecta of pellets/hCG/letrozole. Everything started going downhill about
2003, sexual desire was shot.

Fast forward to 2010, I started HRT and support meds. Now, 4 1/2 years later, everything works fine, desire and functionality are
 off-the-charts. I am sure the 300 IU sub-q Mon-Fri has done the best on my testes. About last Summer, I started leaking
pre-cum at foreplay, very much to our surprise !!

Morning erections are solid and reliable. this morning without a levitra, we discovered I was hard and ready, we made slow easy love,
and fell asleep afterwards. I surprise us sometimes ! ! Life is getting Sweeter and Sweeter ! !

so, hCG is wonderful, HRT is wonderful, diet, vitamins, exercise are wonderful. A sincerely caring and loving Lover is a must! She has been
my best help in recovery.

Just MHO....a balanced approach is needed, not just one drug. And, work with your doctor.

Y'All take care, be safe out there! DO something FUN this weekend.

Lovin' it down hee-ahh in Flah-ridder !! - Sam d.

Good Day, my friends:

Well, I can say the same thing, BUT, the hCG injections I take are in concert with SottoPelle
HRT pellets, and a weekly small dose of Letrozole.

Almost three years ago, my Endo and I hit my sweet spot. And, my lover has told me (not for
my ego, mind you) that she is sure my testes have regained significant volume, and the penile
shaft has mildly increased in length and girth. I think it might be due to seriously increased
blood flow and volume. But, she is very happy, and gives me serious ego-boo. The psychological
lift alone is priceless.

The nuts and bolts of the story:

1. SottoPelle every six months, and multiple blood tests before and after insert;

2. Letrozole .25 mg once a week;

3. hCG injections Monday through Friday at 300 IU sub-q in tummy.

4. and lastly, serious vitamin supplementation of all the critical-to-erection vitamins I need.

My current Endo is also enthusiastic about hCG supplementation for her male HRT patients. She
can Rx a script, I get the lyophilized hCG and BW, I get syringes at Wal_Greens, and all is well in My World.

As Mr. PeakT has stated, it's a big balancing act, and HRT/Aromatase Inhibitor/hCG balance the
feed-back loop in our body that has somehow gone seriously off-kilter...

I cannot speak to the use of Clomid, check PeakT's site for any thoughts. But I gotta completely
support hCG. It has worked miracles with me, and I have an awesome sex-life now. I  think I'm
happier now than my late 30's. JMHO...

Y'All take care !! Do something FUN this weekend !!

Luvin' it down hee-ahh in Flah-ridder !! Cheers !! Sam

are you taking an oral aromatase inhibitor such as Letrozol or Arimidex?

Are you taking Arginine or l-Arginine or another variation? All act differently in the body as they are stereo-isomers,
and may have other vitamins/chemicals mixed into the OTC pill....

Also, you probably 'ramped-up' way too fast. I took over 6 months to get up to 2 grams a day. No problems at all,
including 2 grams of l-citrulline and 1 gram of niacin per day, spaced over four even doses.

It works wonders as a NO source for serum NO support of erections, and potential vascular endothelial repair/healing.

Cheers! - Sam D.

Good Afternoon to Y'All!

Hi Mr. PeakT,

Please, you have no reason to apologize or to be concerned, you and the other members here have been nothing
but gracious regarding my activities on the Forum. Thank you for allowing me to play on your forum.

The good news is, I am feeling better and better. I firmly believe between HRT and the support drugs, vitamins,
amino acids, my companion's love and whole-hearted support, and exercising/working on her property, that I
am in better shape now, than I was 20 years ago. (Of course, the physical trauma excepted)....

For any members living in the Tampa FL area, I would be happy to give you the names of the physicians (off-line
emails naturally) who have helped me, and enabled me to get my "T Game ON".

These doctors are really A-Class, they understand us and our problems, and they will work The System to find a
way to help me/you/us.

Well, Y'All take care! Have a safe and fun weekend. Do something FUN with your life !!

Lovoin' it down hee-ah in flah-ridder !! Cheers! - Sam D.

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