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Hi Mr. PeakT !!

Yes, the short story is:

The car wreck I had, which almost killed me. I suspect it crashed my HPT axis, but none of the doctors were trained-up on this
damage shutting down the HPT axis. Heck!! They didn't even know what that phrase meant....The ER crash team was amazed
I made it to the ER alive....

The list of damage:

Neural trauma of my heading punching a hole in the rear glass windshield, the steering wheel trying to castrate me
(crushing trauma to right testicle, right side of penile shaft at base, right side of groin, right spermatic cord and associated
Cremaster musculature), and the seat belt digging into my right hip, the right rise and crown of the pelvis.

After that, 8 weeks of excellent oral pain medications, immobilization, and then two corrective surgeries. Later on, more
corrective procedures by a Urological Specialist to get rid of imbedded infection, then tissue inflammation and partial
blockage of right spermatic duct.

Ongoing: chronic pain in right back and hip, right groin and testicle, left side of neck from whiplash.

There are more fascinating details, but not pertinent. 6 months of anti-depressants are in this messy time.

Getting back to the original Q: My androgen system shut down. When my current Urologist finally got me in 2007, he
immediately started treatment, gave me the Rx referral to a Male Urological specialist, and finally "Hope shown bright
over the distant Horizon!!"...

Then, SottoPelle in 2010, and Life has been getting Sweeter and Sweeter as time goes on....

Cheers! - Sam D.

G'Day, Jman,

Depending on which TRT or HRT method you choose, will dictate how difficult it is to find a Dr. to do the procedure and
ongoing maintenance work on you.....

I chose Sottopelle implanted T pellets, and you can find a physician on their website, hopefully close to you. I have two
doctors within an hour drive for me, so, yes I am very lucky.

From the many reports from our members, it is very difficult to find a single specialist who will believe you and the agony
you suffer, knows the validity of the blood labwork, agrees to prescribe it, can understand and use the serum values to
treat you, and prescribe the the follow-on medications you must take.

A warning I have to give you, be prepared to pay a lot (if not all of the costs) out of your own pocket. My medical insurance
only covers the LabCorp blood work. Everything else costs me about $3,000 a year.

I have reported this in previous posts, the American medical insurance companies will not pay a cent, because they follow
the AMA BS decree that HRT/TRT and support meds are ineffective and unproven, and potentially health threatening.

And, if you could fill-in your Forum Profile and any medical/personal information with which you are comfortable, it would help
us in our discussions with you. Geographical location is a big plus. You might get a response from someone who is close by you.

Cheers! And have an enjoyable weekend !! Go do something FUN !!

Luvin' it down hee-ahh in Flah-ridder !! Sam D.

Good Day, Y'All !!

Haven't been here for a while, BUT everything is fine, life is good, our sex life is fun and refreshing !! And !! It's Springtime in Florida!!!

I'm working from memory, but I do remember before I started Total HRT in 2010, I was miserable. I remember the E2 number
was WAY too high, up around 90 ng/dL or better.

The symptoms I suffered were muscular weakness and body wasting (I was way too thin and lean at 140 pounds);
cranky-old-guy demeanor; tired a lot and not good sleep; difficulty with erection and completion even with vardenafil.

My lover had been on SottoPelle HRT for a year, and the changes in her vitality and youthful energy were amazing. She was
responding so well, I finally admitted I could not keep up with her in bed.

So, I decided to take the plunge.

Her gynecologist is trained as a SottoPelle provider, and he took me in as a new patient. Since then, I have not had one
problem with the SottoPelle HRT and the maintenance drugs. All my serum hormone levels are about a healthy mid-30's male.

Our sex life is awesomely enjoyable and satisfying. We look forward to our weekends together and alone and not interrupted.

Our day-to-day life is vigorous, fun, challenging, rewarding, just plain good to see the sunrise in the morning.

I hope everyone is doing well, and you have something FUN planned this weekend.

Luvin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder !! Cheers! - Sam D.


 For the last three and 1/2 years my T has been steady at 1,050 to 1,150 pg/nL, and we finally got my E2 controlled to 20 - 25 pg/mL.

Just curious, how is your hematocrit at that level?

Anytime I get close to 700 my hematocrit goes over range.

Hi Mr. Osprey,
I found the blood lab results I needed, and here are the numbers:

For the one year period ending October 2013 (I received new pellets then),
October 2013 blood work:
Red Blood Cell count = 4.81 million/microLiter     of range 4.20 to 5.80 Million/microLiter
Hemoglobin  = 15.3 grams/deciLiter                    of range 13.2 to 17.1 gtrams/deciLiter
Hematocrit   =  44.7%                                         of range 38.5 to 50.0 %

Then April 2014 I received new pellets,

Then , to the next one year period ending October 2014 (I received new pellets then),
October 2014 blood work:
Red Blood Cell count = 5.03 million/microLiter     of range 4.14 to 5.80 Million/microLiter
Hemoglobin  = 15.4 grams/deciLiter                    of range 12.6 to 17.7 gtrams/deciLiter
Hematocrit   =  46.1%                                         of range 37.5 to 51.0 %

and, noting that the 2013 labs were done at Quest Diagnostics (see their ranges), and the 2014 labs were done at LabCorp,
(see their ranges).

I hope that answers your question.

OK, heading home! Cheers! Y'All have a good upcoming weekend. Guess what I'm going to have ??
Yes! I'm going to have FUN with my lover !!!

Lovin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder! - Sam D.

Hi Mr. SumTingWong,

I cannot emphasize this too much, so


Get a complete work-up, including dilation and retinal scan. Have them check for retinal field vasculature occlusions,

Have an air-puff ocular pressure test done.

If the doctor can image the optical nerve cup, do so. Have them snap an image and maintain in your records for future comparison.

My lover and companion is a technician specialist at a very good Optometrical doctor. He is also a good friend of mine.
I hear horror stories all the time of irreversible deterioration of the patient's eye sight, which could have been treated
if the patient had gotten to them in time.

Floaters are a first sign something is WRONG, as it is something floating in the vitreous humor mostly, sometimes in the
aqueous humor of the cornea and lens structure.

Whatever the floater is, it should not be there, and something is shedding cells into the humors.

Please Please get your eyes checked ASAP !!!

Keep us posted as to your eye exam results.

Best regards, Sam D.

PS. I have been on total HRT (testosterone pellets) for over four years now, and have never had eye problems.
Something unusual is happening to you....JMHO

Hi Folks!

Just checking the post, after lunch break. Thank you for the questions, guys!

Qu: PeakT:...You're talking peak here with the pellets, right?

Sam: Well, not quite, this last value is from the (25 June 2014) blood work done at 10 weeks post insert. By the 24 week point or thereabouts, blood work shows the Free T value has sloped
down to about, oh, 750 pg/mL. Yeah, I really have to update the numbers in my Signature Block.

I'm working from memory here on earlier years blood numbers, but the couple of times in the beginning, I had blood drawn within 2 to 3 weeks after the pellet insert, Free T was
already sitting nicely around 1,050 to 1,150 pg/mL. The 'spike' you would expect wasn't there. So, my TRT doctor said we can go to 12 week and 24 week blood work.

I cannot explain it, but I suspect that the very slow leaching and entrant effect of the pellet chemicals from the adipose tissue into the blood capillary system mitigates against a significant spike.

Qu: OSPREY: Just curious, how is your hematocrit at that level?

Sam: Again, I am working from memory, I don't remember the HC number, but all my blood tests have come back mid-range or a little higher, and my Doctor and I weren't concerned
with "the Number". I'll post it here when I get to my labs paperwork.

And, I shall repeat again, as Mr. PeakT has said, everybody is going to have a different matrix of numbers in the beginning, while you are fighting to regain Inner Balance, and when
you finally have it 'dialed-in' and are enjoying your masculinity and health again. (Yes, happened to me, even at my doddering, decrepit, falling-apart old age...)

Y'All have a good day! Do something FUN this weekend.

Cheers! - Sam D.

QUOTE: [HouKN98: After 2 months on being on this forum, consider me jumpstarted!  I've wasted almost 3 years with ineffective TRT gels and creams and at the same time trying to stay within
my insurance network.  Kicking myself for that.]

Good Morning, HouKN98,

Yes, it is a total 'lottery event' trying to find doctors who will treat "The You" and not some "least common denominator", Bell Curve patient population with which they are
comfortable doing 'recipe treatment of symptoms'.

Took me over 5 years of different doctors before I found my current A-Team. My TRT doctor is a trained specialist in SottoPelle HRT, and has me on self-injection hCG
and oral Letrozole. For the last three and 1/2 years my T has been steady at 1,050 to 1,150 pg/nL, and we finally got my E2 controlled to 20 - 25 pg/mL.

My urologist is an A-class guy, understands and supports what I want, keeps track of my urological health, and he was the first doctor to recognize my original problems and got that
treated by a specialist, and then keeps me on-track with my ED med vardenafil. My last check-up mid-November was trouble free, he was amazed at my physical condition (lean
muscle mass) and my sex life with my lover. He wishes the rest of his male mid-60's patients were as driven and healthy as I am.
My morning erections are daily, hard and reliable. On the weekends my lover and I have our private time together, and we try to have at least one booty call per week.

Now, I am not pissing and moaning here, but I have to tell you to be prepared to pay a LOT of $$$ for stuff that your medical insurance will not cover. My insurance
will pay for the LabCorp tests, and the aromatase inhibitor. BUT, the office visits, office pellet insert procedure, the compounded pellets, and inj hCG and needles are all
my out-of-pocket expenses.

Right now that comes to about $3,200 per year, no help from my insurance. They are basically droning the Greek Chorus of the AMA and FDA regarding the futility and unproven
value, and potential outright hazards to health that HRT is.

OK, so I'll get off my soap box. All I can advise is to stick with the doctors you have a gut feeling to trust, and then live The T Program to get "Your Man On". It'll be a long journey
but the results are awesomely worth it.

Hope Y'All have a good day out there! Plan something FUN this weekend ! LIVE !!!

Cheers, and lovin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder. - Sam D.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Does Stendra Work?
« on: November 19, 2014, 10:58:02 pm »
Thanks Peak, read that thread.

Anyone else care to share how it compares to the other three drugs?

Good Evening, Roadglide!

There isn't a lot of experience with Stendra by the board members, at least as I have read....My experience comes from the Vivus
Stendra/Placebo Trials I did in St. Petersburg FL in October 2012 (?)...... where has the time gone? !!

I use Avana-100, as procured from an off-shore source. Can't provide details here....

As I have said in prior posts, the Avana-100 is for Plan B, a short-notice booty call for sex with my lover. With a mostly empty
stomach, a glass or two of wine, and my lover's attentions, the Avana-100 works in 30 to 45 minutes. Sometimes, it has
kicked-in by 15 to 20 minutes. I don't have any of the side effects of the other three pills.

I am still in love with Levitra 20 mg as Plan A. And, yes, I do take the dose 4 hours or so before we meet, and it works just fine.
I am having a totally fun time with Vardenafil-20 mg, been working for me for over 7 years.

OK, gotta go! Y'All take care out there, do something FUN this weekend. Me, I'm cutting tree limbs and burning wood.
(Insert chest thumping sound here). And, the obligatory Guinnesss and grilled meat  :D  :D

Cheers! - Sam D.

G'day, Tfan!

Though it's off subject.....I believe E2 control is one cornerstone of successful HRT therapy and battling ED.

 in MY PERSONAL battle with ED, my Dr and I finally got a stable E2 level at 16 to 25 pg/mL after 2+years of careful
blood tests and Anastrozole dosage (now at .25 mg/week). Also, all the reports I have read from doctors I believe,
 indicate E2 in that range is 'good', and satisfies the aging adult male's body needs for health, sex, optimum psychological
balance, and generalized feelings of well being.

Now for me: (this is totally subjective, and strictly all about me...)

When I have my E2 in control, I feel physically, psychologically, and sexually happy and functional. Even as low as 4 - 6 pg/mL and
as high as 40-ish pg/mL, I felt great. But, Mr. PeakT cautioned me that 4 pg was too low, osteoporosis being all too possible.

When my levels were way high (60-ish or lots more), I flat felt miserable. Sexually, I just did not have that hunger and zest for a
Good roll-in-the-hay. I could and we did, but the red-hot Zing wasn't there. Also felt tired, mentally foggy, just not 'living the life' ....

And generally,
The last 2 years with E2 where we want it (and, of course HRT and good diet) my BMI dropped to 16, waist size is 33 inch, weight
Is 158 lb (and I can't seem to gain weight no matter what I eat), and my physique is going 'cut' and broad shouldered.  My Lover
definitely loves it and approves; my sex drive, hunger, functionality is like my mid-30s all over again. Also weirdly, my hair has recovered from snow white to an iron-grayish color.

I hope this answers your question with sufficient details.

Cheers Y'All!! do something FUN this weekend ! -Sam D.

Good Day, Y'All !!

Been away for a while, we have been enjoying the great Fall weather down here. Life in general, sex life in particular, Everything is working FINE.
My lover and I just got back from our week in the TN mountains, what a sexy week of isolation and pure adult fun that was...

But, to the matter at hand: Mr. PeakT asked me to post my lipids numbers. My SottoPelle Dr. put me on Niacin last July 2014 to start getting my lipids
numbers down. It took about 7 weeks to get up to 1,000 milligrams of niacin a day, and I have been taking 2 grams of l-Citrulline, and 2 grams of
l-Arginine, and 5,000 IU D3 daily since last February under her watch. That's for NO supply to the vasculature, makes for better erections and has
endothelial healing capabilities.

Now, this is only 90 days so far, and I have another blood draw for mid-cycle monitoring in mid-January 2015. That should show even better numbers.

I have my HRT dialed in, my E2 is in control, and the LabCorp lipid panel shows 3 months of Niacin intervention has my

HDL raised from 43 to 58 mg/dL;

triglycerides dropped 144 to 85 mg/dL;  (My Dr was stunned at this drop in numbers)

LDL stayed the same at 100 mg/dL;

total cholesterol dropped to 180 mg/dL;

Estradiol (via Roche ECLIA method) is 16.1 pg/mL....(but that is due to use of AI anastrozole .25 mg/week)....
And, yes I definitely feel that E2 control in the 20 to 35 range is CRITICALLY important. I'm definitely sure I feel and function better
when my E2 is somewhere between 15 to 25 pg/mL. That's another thread, though....

The Niacin I use is plain old niacin, 250 mg capsules from a local real health and sports nutrition store. Sometimes, I get a good flush
but it doesn't bother me. Sometimes I take the big dose when my lover and I get together. The niacin flush during sex is mind-blowing.

I am working my way up to 1,500 to 2,000 mg per day per my Dr. direction. She is a firm believer in vitamin supplementation for health,
but will give an Rx as needed. She draws from both worlds to help her patients. She is just wonderful in her attention to monitoring my condition.

OK, that's the short story.

Comments and questions are welcome. I shall try to answer as quickly as I can.

Hope Y'All are doing well, go do something FUN this weekend !! Yes, we are grillin' and chillin' on the back porch, as we usually do.

Cheers! - Sam D.

(Oh, and Ja! Lovin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder!! )

G'Day Y'All !!

Hi golfboy307!

Thanks for the kind words. If you, or any of the members are ever in the Tampa FL area, I'd enjoy meeting
you for a beer and chat.  I'm sure we've got a lot in common for experiences and solutions.

Just PM to me through the site, and we'll try to meet. Oh, yeah, please do try to bring your 'Significant Other'
with you, as my Lover has some incredible insights into the female aspects of dealing with us guys, and can
speak with authority on the aspects and benefits of Female HRT.

We've got some good microbreweries and other restaurants here.

As a side note, please consider filling out your Forum Profiles, so we can get to know you better. And, the
physical health information is invaluable for us to make suggestions to you.

Cheers! !! Have a good weekend, do something FUN! For me, yep, still have the gunshow, grilling, and Guinness
on the 'to-do' list.

- Sam D.

Hi Mr. PeakT,

That's great, thank you for splitting the thread....

I very much apologize, I did NOT mean to say (or imply) you would delete a thread. I should have said posted in "Hot Topics"..,...

I hope more of the members will ask their doctor about Niacin supplementation, I think it is a viable alternative to the X-statin lipid reducing drugs. And, it does have a lot of other good effects  ::)   ::)

When I get my lab numbers in mid-October, I shall post them here.

Y'All take care. Have a fun weekend. Yeah, PeakT has it right, I have a three G weekend planned: Gunshow, Grilling, and Guinness !! My God yes! I have a good life.

Cheers! Sam D.

Before the recent data loss there was an interesting post on the wonderful erection-enhancing effect of vitamin B3 one member experienced.
I logged back in to re-read it, and reply, but it was it was gone.  And I now only vaguely recall what he said.   I think a doctor also said it
was better than statins for improving cholesterol levels.

Good Day Y'All!

Hi! That was me who posted the thread on my use of niacin (B-3) per my doctor's recommendation. I had wondered where it went!!
I thought I  had stated things a bit too colorfully and it was deleted.....

The short story is, my doctor put me on oral Niacin to bring the HDL up and LDL down, and triglyceride and cholesterol control
without going to a statin-type drug. My numbers are good, but she wants them better. (She's like that, she says I can always BE
better. She's my SottoPelle doctor...)

I have blood work about the 1st of October for my next HRT pellets insert. And, I shall post the HDL, LDL, trigs and Chol numbers
when I get the lab results in mid-October. Mr. PeakT seemed to be very interested in that.

As a completely unexpected side-effect, one Sunday morning with my lover, I took my Niacin dose with our in-bed morning coffee,
and we eventually became intimate. (FYI, Sunday mornings are our absolutely "no one interrupts us" private time.)

I had a full-on "niacin flush event" during sex, and the orgasm was mind-blowing !! She was amazed and wanted to know what
the Heck got into me. (Other colorful questions and answers occurred, but I shouldn't post them here... 8)  8)    )...

Oh, yeah, I should mention that I do take vardenafil-generic at 20 milligram dose for my ED.

Currently I am taking 5 each tablets of 100 milligrams per day. My doctor said I should get to 1,000 milligrams per day. This is
plain old Niacin, not time-release or no-flush. Those formulations do not work for you.

I have repeated the Niacin experiment with vardenafil and it still works. Sexy, sweaty, orgasmically fun. Now, she tries it too.

More to come, just wanted to post this reply. Data loss, eh? That is very unfortuante.

Y'All be good, do something FUN this weekend!! Me, I have a gunshow and grilling on the porch to do. Oh, and Guinness !!!

Cheers! - Sam D.

Hi Mr. PeakT,

Oh, wow! Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with your cycle of the pellets.

Yes, they do work for me, and work Wow-nderfully !!

But, as you have advised over and over again, here on the board, we should find that process which works for us
and stick with it. Then, tweak it to optimum performance as you get to feeling and performing better and better.

My case in point, it took almost a year to get my E2 level to a number with which my Dr and myself are happy, and
it does all the right things for my health and sexuality.

Right now, my E2 is hovering around [27 pg/mL ] with a once a week dose of .25 milligram Anastrozole. That is in
the range of 20 to 30, which has been mentioned on the forum as a probably acceptable range.

I really am looking forward to Member Kiekegardde's E2 Poll/Analysis. I shall gladly submit my data for that one.

Y'All take care, and have a FUN weekend. Rainstorms in the forecast, but I have plenty to do indoors  :D  ;),
maintenance and playtime  ;D  ;D  ;D.

Cheers! - Sam D.

Hi Everyone!!

Hey! I just saw that a second person added to the Poll, and he/she is using a pellet method !! Now I don't feel so alone.  :D  :D

If that person would post some details of their pellet experience, I would love to hear about it. Also, I'm sure the rest of the members
would like to know.

Cheers! Gotta go play in traffic, heading home. Y'All take care. Weekend's coming !!

Best, Sam D.

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