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Gmng, my friends ! Saturday !!  !!

thank you to Mr. PeakT for starting this as a new thread. I hope it is of use to the members.

Yes, PeakT is correct in that I have worked-up a protocol, VERY carefully over 4 years now. Actually, my lover and I,
and our doctors have done so. We always talk with our doctors before we do something. And, yes, we are
lucky to have supportive and understanding doctors. They are 'illness prevention' oriented, which is amazing to have found them.

I just had my 62nd birthday in July. Weight is stable at 158 pounds, no meds for diabetes, cardiac, vascular......

I am in my fourth year of Total HRT, she's in her 5th year of HRT. We both use the SottoPelle method, and I take Anastrozole
weekly and hCG injections sub-q Monday through Saturday. We also have a vitamin supplement course we take, again
suggested by our doctors and what we have found through our own research.

Both of our PCP doctors are totally supportive of our HRT protocol, they say they have never seen anyone our age,
who is as healthy as we are. And, they are amazed we are so sexually active.

The short story is that I am on this HRT protocol for life. I think, due to the severe groin and head trauma injuries I suffered
in the car wreck, and then the six months of anti-depressant therapy I had, my HPT system crashed.

Everything I have done has been directed at getting my HPT system back on-track. And, if the side benefits include
resurrecting my sex drive and physical systems, then so be it. I feel healthy and masculine, and our sex life is awesome.
My lover's HRT response is amazing, she looks and acts like a healthy 50 year old. It's tough for me to keep-up with
her demands  :)  :D

OK !!  got stuff to do, and fun to have. We're grillin' and chillin' this weekend. Weather will probably keep us indoors.

Y'All go out and do something FUN this weekend ! Cheers ! Sam D.

Good Day, my friends!

Thought I would provide my experience with a daily dose of l-Arginine and l-Citrulline.....
It works for me, YMMV, always consult a Doctor, an expert, Mr. PeakT, anybody but me....  ;)

I have had no bad side-effects, no oral herpes, no upset stomach, no gastro-intestinal irregularities, no headaches, no
dermal problems, no itchies, or any unexpected pregnancies...

I have been consuming 1.5 gram per day of each since February 2014. Weekends with my lover, I may go to 2 grams of each per day.
This is done via 500 milligram capsules, taken during the day.

Although Liver enzymes and Hepatic function weren't tested, blood lab work in March and June 2014 showed no bad numbers, in fact
my Dr was very surprised with my good, unmedicated HDL, LDL, and cholesterol numbers.

Also, I take 500 mg of each with Vardenafil when my lover and I are having a night together. The effect is stunning, I guess there is a
synergy with the three compounds. Without getting too colorfully descriptive, I can perform like I'm 35 years old again...

As I said, this works for me, it might not for you.

Well, gotta go get ready for the weekend. Hope Y'All have FUN, do something to make yourself laugh...

Cheers! - Sam D.................................I smell grilling meat and a Guinness in my Future !!!

Official Most Cheerful Peak Testosterone Forum Poster for the month of August!

Hi Jaydogg,

My apologies!! I spoke out of turn as I just found your other thread, which details your blood lab numbers.

Sorry to hear that your Dr./Endo isn't considering AI therapy. I really can't believe the hCG therapy is going to work, as that might
throw more endogenous testosterone into your blood, which will undergo aromatization and increase your E2 numbers.....

I might suggest you get a second opinion from another doc, try a Urologist or another Endo.

Good Luck! Cheers! - Sam D.

Good Morning, Jaydogg,

If I may throw my .02 in the mix...You did not provide a value for E2 or your T numbers, which I think is your next step to test.

You and your doctor will then be able to carefully consider hCG therapy. Please, if you have a good doctor/Endo, work with
them and carefully choose medications. This stuff can be dangerous.....

FYI, I am doing the HRT Trifecta of TRT pellets, AI anastrozole, and hCG sub-q, and it WORKS beautifully for me.

If you can get your E2 checked via a blood test using the Ultra-Sensitive (SIEMENS) LC/MS/MS test, you will get a number that
will then guide your next decision. Your doctorand you MAY consider an Aromatase Inhibitor such as Anastrozole (Arimidex).
You DO NOT need a large dose, e.g., I am using .25 milligram per WEEK and have got my E2 sitting nicely at 27 pg/mL now. It
took me almost a year with my doctor to get me stabilized. We were at 1.0 milligram per week, then .5 milligram per week
at which time the SIEMENS test showed 4 pg/mL in March 2014. So, my doc reduced the Anastrozole to .25 milligram per week,
and my June 2014 blood work showed 27 pg/nL. I seem to be very sensitive to this AI therapy.

And, I feel great right now. My male life is FUN (got to control my enthusiastic descriptions here  ::) ))....

Though I haven't published the whole blood lab report, Mr. PeakT said that if I could hit 20 to 30 pg/nL, that would be a
wonderful range. I shall post the blood lab numbers within a few days. I have to find the old post that I started.

Good luck, keep working on this. You will find an answer that'll get your mojo flowing.

Cheers! - Sam D. .....Weekend is coming !!!!!  WWwwwhhheeeeeeeeee !!!!

Good Morning, PeakT!

Thanks for the award of Most Cheerful P.T.F. Poster for the month of August!!

I really work at maintaining my best positive attitude, and it does come across in the structure and content of my posts,
and it does affect my outlook on my total life and my performance and enjoyment of my sex life.

I now know that a positive mental attitude is key for everything else to work. And, yes, my Lover is an absolutely
wonderful woman who keeps my fun attitude going. I cannot help myself, I am having FUN in life now. Not so years ago....

Cheers! Y'All have a good day out there. Weekend is coming !!! - Sam D.

Good Day, my friends!

Quickly stated, my personal results with Testosterone HRT via the SottoPelle method are AWESUM !!
(I cannot go into the colorful details, but my lover and I have hit new high points on intimacy and physical
enjoyment. She is also on SottoPelle HRT). I am in my 4th year with SP HRT.


With due respect to Mr. PeakT's rules, , see the "Hot Topics" sub-forum for my posts, please.

Adjunct medications are:

1. Anastrozole .25 milligram once a week (usually on Thursday)

2. hCG injection (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) 250 IU sub-q every day except Sunday.

And have a list of other vitamin supplements I am taking daily or EOD.

I have had NO problems with this SottoPelle method.

No infections, no abscesses or cysts, no pellets 'popping out' of my skin, no post-procedure pain or problems. OK, some discomfort
for maybe 48 hours post-insertion. Both the doctors who have done the pellet inserts are surgeons and highly trained-up in this
SP method. They know how to use sterile-field procedures, a scalpel, and a trocar port.

Downside: Every penny of this work is paid by me 'out-of-pocket'. The US medical insurance, FDA, and the AMA do not recognize the
procedure as a..." proven, valid treatment, and in fact carries significant historical risk, and no objective patient outcomes."

That last quote is from my medical insurance service rep, when I first tried to get coverage and payment.

So, I am paying over USA$2,000 per year for the  procedures, medications, and accessories.

Would I stop doing this? Absolutely NO WAY !! I am enjoying my physical life in ways that I did not, when I was 35 years old.
(Yep, I just had my 62nd birthday last July).

OK, let's see some more contributions here.

Enjoy life !! Do something FUN this weekend !! Cheers and Best Regards - Sam D.

Good Day, my friends!

Wanted to post this earlier, but just got back from a July 4th mini-cation to Tennessee.

I got some partial numbers from my Dr, from the blood draw on 25 June 2014.

I have an appointment for my three month review at the end of July, and I shall get the entire detailed lab report.
Sneak peek, the numbers are awesomely good.....(Mr. PeakT, you're going to love these !)

On the 25th June blood draw, which is 10 weeks after the SottoPelle insert procedure, (drum roll please)

Serum T is 1,165 ng/dL  ;D

Estradiol E2 (via Ultrasensitive) is 27 pg/dL  ;D   ;D

So, my doc hit the right dosage for Anastrozole at .25 mg per week, 250 IU of hCG sub-q 6 times a week, and the
T pellets every six months. She really has a good feel for handling this TRT lifestyle. 'Cause, that's what this is, a lifestyle.

I am going to be on this for the rest of my life due to the car wreck and the SSRI crash. And, I am paying for all
this out of my pocket except for the Quest lab work and Anastrozole. My med insur company won't pay a cent elsewise.
But, that is another fuming rant for another time.

By the way, we had some AWESOME loving on vacation, gotta be the clean mountain air and water  8)  8)

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day weekend!

Cheers! - Lovin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder!!  - Sam D.

Wellx you always have a great attitude!

What is your target e2?  20?

Good Morning !!

Thank you Mr. PeakT ! Attitude is everything. Our psychological state of mind affects EVERYTHING and all systems in our body. I don't
mean to sound pompous, but our attitude is the first thing we have to improve in our fight against ED. And, I can speak from personal
experience that it is a difficult task. My lover is my first line of offense in that battle.....(Then, good drugs, good chemicals, excellent foods)...

In a few weeks, I hit birthday #62. And, I have never felt this healthy and horny and enjoying life and loving since my early 30's. I have
hard morning erections almost every day, my belt size dropped from 35 inch waist to a 32 inch waist (weight 158 pounds), my chest is
up to 44 inches ( I am not a big framed guy), and I crave sex with my lover as if we were in our 30's again. Wow is all I can say.

!! OOoooooppsss! Better reign-in my enthusiasm! Don't want to be to colorful on this forum  :D

My e2 target is in the 15 to 20 range, and we are still working on it to find a balanced level. I can say that I respond VERY well to
anastrozole. Prior anastozole doses were 1mg/week, and then .5 mg/week, and now .25 mg/week.

In three years, Serum e2 levels went from 60+ (IIRC, I don't have the papers here), down to 4 (1 mg/week and then .5 mg/week),
and at .25 mg/week, this next blood test will tell us how my body responds to .25 mg/week.

For right now, I am convinced that the Zoloft 6 month period in 2005 was the trigger that crashed my male hormone system.
Extremely elevated e2, extremely depressed testosterone, felt miserable, and just "going through the motions" of existing in Life.
Could not erect at all, lost interest in sex for over a year.

I'm sure I could summon a good rant on the dangers of SSRI's. But, It did get me out of my mourning depression.

OK!! Gotta go. Hope something good happens to everyone today. Go do something FUN this weekend.

Lovin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder!! Cheers! - Sam D.

4 could lead to osteo if its true

Good Day, Mr. PeakT,

Apologies for taking a bit of time to respond.....

Yes, the reading was 4 pg/mL from the 28 March 2014 blood tests, which tested Ultrasensitive Estradiol as LC/MS/MS - Quest Diag Labs.

The Dr. was concerned about the low reading, and she reduced my Anastrozole from .5 mg to .25 mg once a week. I take that dose on
a Thursday morning.

I have the three month blood tests scheduled at the end of June, and will see what that E2 reading is...That will be a 7AM draw with fasting
from 8 PM the prior night.

And, I shall post readings of the other main test results.

Hope everyone has some fun planned for the weekend !!

Luvin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder!   Cheers! - Sam D.

Congrats on feeling good.  Hey, so do those pellets go into the hip area?  And how many pellets do you usually get?

The pellets usually go in the upper part of the gluteus max, below the hip/belt line so the belt doesnt rub against the incision.
I usually get 8 or 9 pellets inserted, based on the bloodwork 2 to 3 weeks before the procedure. When I had blood labs done 4 weeks
or so later, my Serum T usually registered 1050 ng/dL. The Dr and I are satisfied she hit the correct recipe, so I get blood work
done at 3 months point now.

As my sig block shows, after 6 months I still had serum T of 819 !

gotta go! enjoying a beauty weekend in FL !! Mmmmm, grilling meat. Yeah!

Cheers Y'All !! -Sam

Good day, my friends,

Quickly, here is my status now, bloodwork as of March 2014:

Age: 61 (hit 62 in July, and LOVING it !! )
Total HRT program: SottoPelle Testosterone Pellets every 6 months, 250 IU hCG daily, .25 mg Anastrozole once weekly.

28 March 2014 blood work: Serum T: 819 ng/dL (six months since LAST pellet insert procedure);
                            Free Testosterone: 94.8 pg/mL
                            Estradiol (ultrasensitive): 4 pg/mL
                            PSA (Siemens CL): 2.6 ng/mL
                            D3: 110 ng/dL

15 April 2014: got new pellets inserted.

I have started my 4th year with Testopel HRT as done by the SottoPelle method. I have had absolutely no problems/infections/discomfort with the drugs or the procedures or the maintenance meds. The pellets
 have not popped out of my skin.

Both my doctors are surgeons, and know exactly how to insert the pellets.

The only complaint I have, is that I pay every cent of the costs, except blood labs. My med insur takes care of that.

OK !! Hope you have a great weekend! Lovin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder!

Cheers! Sam

Good Morning, Y'All !!

To answer Mr. PeakT's question, 'NO' I was not given a CVD workup when my urologist prescribed Vardenafil for me in 2007.

However, I was already being monitored by my PCP, and had done two prior Cardiac Treadmill tests before and during my
wife's bout with cancer and after her death.

Another CVD treadmill test in October 2009 and April 2014 all show clear, no indications of CVD, and remarkably short recovery
time to baseline HR and BP. The April 2014 treadmill test post-test recovery showed resting BP got to 118/72 and HR was 78.

The cardiologist was very happy to see a 61 year old male with no problems. (I was, too  ;D  ;D )

IF I had any say in the matter, no PCP of any specialty would issue an iPDE5 scrip until the male completed a CVD treadmill test.
If you can't take a 5 to 8 minute treadmill test, you probably aren't ready for a good healthy session of lovemaking.


Cheers! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Lovin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder !! - Sam D.

I was 21 when I went to the doctor 30 years ago and he immediately prescribed Viagra. Now i'm just told there is nothing that can be done. I have never
been overweight and always active. Always had good blood pressure and cholesterol and no history of any medical problems in my family. I'm thinking
that if my ED was heart related I would have had symptoms or problems by now. But I could be wrong

I do not mean to be contradictory, but I think your math/memories might be off. Viagra was patented in 1996, approved for use in erectile dysfunction
by the FDA on March 27, 1998, becoming the first oral treatment approved to treat erectile dysfunction in the United States, and offered for sale in
the United States later that year.
reference: Kling J (1998). "From hypertension to angina to Viagra". Mod. Drug Discov. 1: 3138. ISSN 1532-4486. OCLC 41105083.]

I'm curious what you mean by your statement, "...Now I'm just told there is nothing that can be done.". Are you having mixed to poor results with
any of the iPDE5 medications, or other health problems?
Thank you! Cheers! - Sam D.

Good Day, my friends!

Basically, I am just curious if anyone has found Stendra aka avanafil anywhere in the US. I have posted my success stories with
generic avanafil in the "Hot Topics". I am using avanafil I have procured from other sources.

My urologist is a good guy, very knowledgeable and 'hands-on' both book learning and surgery.
He started me on Vardenafil in 2007, knows my condition and is very supportive of my sexual health.

He will write a scrip for Stendra/Avanafil/whatever. But, I cannot find a local drug store that can fill it. Most of them have not heard of it.

Also, my medical insurance will not pay for it, as it is not listed on their Schedule of Authorized Prescription Drugs. So, I would
have to pay for it out of my pocket.

Any information is most appreciated. Thank you.

Cheers! - Sam

[MODERATOR:  For those int'd, here is SamD's Stendra thread: https://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=3796.0 . ]

Good Day, Mr. PeakT !

Yes, I shall do that. thank you for the suggestion.

And, yes, I shall keep it low key and be careful wording my question.

Basically, I am just curious if anyone has found avanafil anywhere in the US. My urologist is a good guy, he started me on
Vardenafil in 2007, and will write a scrip for Stendra/Avanafil/whatever. But, I cannot find a local drug store that can fill it.

Y'All take care! Hope you had a great weekend and good loving.

Luvin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder !! - Sam

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