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Yes thank you. I have been warned!!!

I apologize for flooding the forums with questions but my mind is racing at this point. My dr. Also wants to treat my thyroid. Which I never would have considered until I read peakT's thread on the relation to testosterone. My levels weren't off by The labs reference range but my doctor advised my levels are sub optimal and believed some treatment may help with my issues.

Has anyone had any positive results in increasing testosterone levels by treating the thyroid on it's own?

So I got my cream today. I'm not even 100% it's bio identical. I just assumed because it came from a compounding pharmacy. Now it's very tempting to start it to see if I feel like the old me, but I'm just not ready to commit to it yet.

Yes. If I decide to go ahead with my TRT it will be bioidentical hormone replacement. My family dr. Won't helps so I went to an integrated medicine dr. as they seem to be well versed in hormones. Just wondering if anyone has any experiences to share?

Hey has anyone had any experiences with BHRT? Or both BHRT and traditional HRT?

Short answer. From my understanding FREE testosterone is circulating in your blood freely, for the body to use wherever it may need. Most of the testosterone in the blood is bound to a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Testosterone that is not bound ("free" testosterone).

My family dr. Checked my total which was in the low normal range. My integrated medicine dr. Says free testosterone is a more accurate analysis. If you go by my Total testosterone(low 400's), I'm low normal which my family dr. Refused to even look any further. But based on blood tests of my free testosterone which is a 24, I'm low which would explain my symptoms.

I hope this helps a little.

 Has anyone had bloods before and after cpap with dramatic results?

Thanks a million guys.... I really appreciate the reply's. I am going to see a fertility specialist for the wife tomorrow so I will see if he adds any input to my current situation.

I did forget to mention I was diagnosed with sleep apnea (mild - average 16 episodes per hour) about two ,months ago. Which I know i have had since I was in my mid twenties. I have the CPAP machine but I am having a lot of difficulties getting used to it.

I did have my vitamin D checked which I will add to my chart. My Dr. has also put me on some thyroid medication and has just bumped up the dosage as we didn't see much results from the initial dose. 

As for my weight, Im usually about 10 - 15% body fat. I do work out a lot. But my energy and endurance has been in the gutter lately. Another issue.

I am scheduled to have my Prolactin checked with my next set of bloods. I will also request the SHBG as well. Im paying for this outta pocket so the Dr. will check anything I want to pay for. Sucks to pay since I have free health care as I live in Canada but my family doctor who is free always says " Your Fine!"

Do my LH and FSH seem ok? I thought they were kind low but Dr. says they are good. Any opinions?

And PeakT, thanks for the links....and I really appreciate your site. I been looking at it for months now. There is so much helpful information.

Thanks for the reply's. I truly appreciate any info. I haven't actually started yet. I was prescribed gel/cream from a compounding pharmacie. It should be delivered in a few days. I had a semen test in November and my sperm production is very high. The biggest issue with getting pregnant is that I really have no libido. My dr. Suggested I go on and we monitor my sperm counts. I had brought up the idea of HCG mono therapy but my dr. didn't seem to think it was the answer to help my T levels. I really wanted to avoid the trt if possible but I don't see how to avoid it.

Hello all... hopefully i can get some help here. After lots of tests and thought I agreed to TRT but I am a little nervous I have made the right decision. I am a pretty fit 35 year old male. Started having serious libido issues, then some ED, some depression and brain fog and lack of overall motivation and low energy. My diet is very clean. I workout 4 - 5 times a week. My total test has been in the low/normal for years. Finally found a doc to test my "free" test which came in low. Currently trying to make a baby so fertility is a big issue. I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do before I embark on this permanent journey of TRT. I would like to bring my testosterone up without being on TRT. Thanks in advance. I will put my bloods in below.

Total test = 450
Free Test = 24 (normal = 31 - 94 pmol/L)
LH = 3 (2 - 9 IU/L)
FSH 3 (2 - 12 IU/L)
DHEAS = 9.3 (2.41 - 11.6)
TSH = 2.69 (0.35 - 5.00)
FREE T3 = 4.4 PMOL/L
B12 - 1302 PMOL/L
Vitamin D = 122 nmol/L
Zinc = 11.3 umol/L
iodine plasma = 0.43 umol/L

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